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28th May, 2002: After a successful World Ranking Masters 2002 held in Aalborg, Denmark where the top 8 men and women from the three zones battled for world supremacy, the World Tenpin Bowling Association has revised a series of points allocation for various types of tournaments that can be earned by participating bowlers worldwide.

In order to qualify for the World Bowling Masters 2003, the following championships will apply.

Championships to be considered for Asian Zone Ranking

  1. World Level Championships
    a) FIQ World Championship             (every 4 years)
    b) World Games                        (every 4 years)
    c) AMF Bowling World Cup              (every year)
  2. Asian Zone Level Championships
    a) Asian Tenpin Bowling Championship  (every 2 years)
    b) Asian Games                        (every 4 years)
    c) Asian Bowling Tour Grand Slam      (every year)
  3. Regional Level Championships
    a) South East Asian Games             (every 2 years)
    b) East Asian Games                   (every 2 years)
    c) GCC Tournament/GCC Championship    (every 2 years)
  4. Open Championships
    a) Annual sanctioned Open             (every year)
       Championships in the Zone
       with minimum participants
       from 3 countries
    b) Asian Bowling Tour's Masters Cup   (every year)

To check out the Ranking System, you may download these files:

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