2018 PBA-WBT Busan Cup International Bowling Tournament
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24th May, Busan: KPBA's Lee Myeonghun of Kyunggi-do and overnight leader, Kim Seongmin of Gyeongnam City finished one-two in Squad A of the qualifying rounds at 2018 PBA-WBT Busan Cup International Bowling Tournament.

First block third-placed, Oh Sanghyeon of Cheonan took over the lead at the start of the second block to leader Kim by 11 pins. But his lead lasted only one game as Lee Woochang of Korea took over the running with 248 and 264 in his first two games.

Kim continued to trail in second, 18 pins away with perfect-gamer, Lee Yeonji of Korean National team following in third. Lee Woochang kept the lead for another game before Kim posted a superb game of 255 in the ninth to regain his lead.

The 42-year-old Lee Myeonghun, who was third after the eighth game, fired a sizzling 266 to move into second spot, 12 pins behid Kim. Lee Woochang slipped down to a distant third while KPBA's Kim Sujin and Oh Sanghyeon made in roads for fourth and fifth positions.

Lee Myeonghun ended the second block with 225 to win the squad with 2333. Kim settled for second with 2317 and Lee Woochang took third spot with 2281. Oh and KPBA's women pro, Park Jinhee completed the top 5 with 2273 and 2260 respectively.

KPBA's Lee Myeonghun winning the squad to advance to the final round

The only American PBA pro who made the cut in this squad was Darren Tang of San Francisco, Cal., who ended strongly to finish ninth with 2219. Overnight joint-third, Syaffique Ikhwan of Malaysia struggled in this block to end up in a disappointing 16th.

Also missing the cut were Kyle Troup of Taylorsville, N.C., Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill., and Mika Koivuniemi of Finland. Squad D and C will complete their second block later today after lane maintenance.

The top 11 from each of the four squads totalling 44 finalists will make the cut for the final round on May 25. They will bowl 6 games from scratch to determine the top 4 advancing to the Stepladder shootout finals on May 26.

The Stepladder finals will be held at two specially constructed lanes at the outdoor Arena @ Busan Metropolitan City complex and will be telecast LIVE by SBS Sports, Korea.

Overnight leader, Kim Seongmin settling for second position

Photos by Terence Yaw in Busan, Korea.

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