PBF 4th Philippine International Open 2023
Malaysia sweeps Youth Masters titles
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19th May, Manila: 2022 Asian Junior Masters silver medallist, Syabil Azam and Nurul Anis Nabila gave Malaysian team a double celebration after sweeping the Youth Boy's and Girl's Masters titles of the PBF 4th Philippine International Open 2023 on Friday evening.

Azam, who completed the earlier 8-games finals in second position behind topseed, Marc Custodio of Philippines, edged team-mate and third-seed, Danial Abu Samah, 199-171 in the all-Malaysian first match to set up the title match with the Filipino.

Custodio had a great start in the match with four strikes-in-a-row while the 19-year-old Azam rolled three consecutive strikes to trail by 11 pins. The challenger also suffered a set back after a split in the fourth frame.

The Filipino also encountered a split in the fifth frame giving Azam an advantage as he bounced back with three addition stikes. Custodio had another open frame in the seventh and although Azam had an opened frame in the ninth and Custodio suffereing another split in the tenth frame, Azam went on to seal victory, 221-181.

Top 3 winners, Custodio, Azam and Abu Samah

Meanwhile in the Youth Girl's division, Nurul Anis Nabila of Malaysia, who was also seeded second in the stepladder finals, ousted third-seed, Danielle Escolano of Philippines, 165-143 in the first match to face topseed and team-mate, Nur Hazirah.

Haziarh had a nightmare start failing to spare both her opening frames whilst Nabila spared her first frame and then had a double strike in the second and third frames to lead by 34 pins. Both title contenders settled down and made no mistakes until Harizah suffered another open frame in the ninth.

Although Hazirah recovered with a double in the tenth frame, it was too little too late as Nabila ended the match, 194-168 to win her first-ever international youth title. The 20-year-old Nabila won 30,000 Philippine peso (approx. US$530) as champion with Hazirah and Escolano settling for 15,000 and 10,000 peso respectively.

Azam pocketed 40,000 peso as champion in the Youth Boy's division leaving 20,000 to Custodio and 10,000 to Abu Samah.

Top 3 winners, Hazirah, Anis Nabila and Escolano

There will be three more qualifying squads left for this evening and will end around 11.30pm. A one-game Desperado squad will be held to allow 3 Men's Open, 2 Women's Open, 3 Men's Grade A and 2 Women's Grade A to qualify for the masters finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

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