2018 CGSE Million Tinkle World Men Championships
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3rd December, Hong Kong: Team USA hauled themselves up from third in the first block with 1077, 1074 and 1031 to end the second block of the 5-player Team event to qualify for the Semi-finals of the 2018 CGSE • World Men Championships as topseed.

EJ Tackett, Jakob Butturff (alternated by Chris Barnes). Kyle Troup, Andrew Anderson and Tommy Jones got off the block with 1077 in the fourth game to take over the lead from overnight leader, Germany, who slipped to second with 1018.

France stayed in third position with 1059 and Indonesia remaining in fourth position with 1086. Singapore, who was tenth in the first block, posted the highest fourth game of 1105 to hail themselves up to fifth spot.

Whilst USA continued setting the pace with 1074 in the fifth game, Canada's David Simard, Zach Wilkins, Mitch Hupe, Francois Lavoie and Dan MacLelland rolled a sizzling 1132 to leapfrog from sixth to second.

Team USA advancing into the semi-finals as topseed

France was lucky to remain in third as others were unable to make headway. Indonesia also remain in fourth position with Singapore in fifth and Germany dropped out of contention with a disastrous 848.

With over 140 pins advance over Canada, the Americans ended with 1031 to finish as topseed with 6373. Canada came home with 1042 to claim second spot with 6242. Intaly's Marco Reviglio, Pierpaolo De Filippi, Nicola Ponggolini, Erik Davolo and Antonio Florentino, who was 98 pins behind Indonesia, posted 1044 to secure third spot with 6132.

Indonesia needed at least 946 or more to make the cut but suffered a heartbreaking 927 and failed to qualify for the semi-finals in fifth position by 17 pins. Singapore managed 958 to clinch fourth position with 6130.

France also miss out of the top four with a poor 918 in their final game. USA will meet Singapore in the first semi-final match to be played in the best-of-three Baker's format. Canada will square off with Italy in the other semi. The winners of the semi-finals will advance to the championship match.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong, China.

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