19th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships
Singaporean tops first block by a huge margin
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7th October, Taichung: Two gold medallists, Quek Lu Yi of Singapore B topped the Girl's Masters first block of the 19th Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships by a huge margin of 175 pins and poised to capture her third gold medal.

Quek got off to a brilliant start when she defeated compatriot, Fiona Yew of Singapore A, 259-166 plus 10 pin bonus for the win to lead the field of 16 finalists. Doubles gold and All Events silver medallist, Alena Dang also won her opening match against Arianne Tay, 242-170 to trail in second.

Ivy Dickinson of Australia A and Erina Ishimoto both won their opening matches with 226 and 225 respectively to take up third and fourth positions. Two silver medallist, Emily Johnston, who lost her first match with 213 but won her second with 225, took over the running as Quek lost her second match with a low 169.

Johnston remained in the lead despite winning her third match with just 176 while Quek also won her third match with 180 to continue to trail in second albeit reducing the gap from 10 to six pins.

Quek Lu Yi topping the first block with a huge margin

A second Australian, Amu Shoesmith, who won two matches out of three, moved into third spot. Quek then blazed the lanes at Da Chung Bowling Centre with a stunning 266 win in the fourth match to regain her lead. Philippines A's Grace Gella, who had a poor start, recovered with three straight wins to take over second spot.

Johnston slipped down to third despite winning her fourth match with 203. The Singapore leader won her fifth match with another sizzling 268 to stretch her lead from 54 to 117 pins. Gella remain in second while Johnston kept her third spot.

Although Quek did not win her sixth match and saw her lead reduced to 94 pins, she bounced back with back-to-back 238 in her seventh and eighth matches to lead the field with 1879 from a total of six wins.

The Filipina won her sixth match, lost her last two matches but remained second with 1704 from four wins and 175 pins behind the leader. Singles bronze medallist, Akari Yasuda of Japan stormed home three wins and a draw in the second half of the block to snatch third position with 1651.

A fourth Australian and All Events bronze medallist, Jamie Phelan won her last three matches to finish fourth with 1650 while her compatriot, Shoesmith completed the top five with 1622. Arianne Tay of Singapore B and Johnston took sixth and seventh positions respectively.

Top 3 finishers, Grace Gella, Quek Lu Yi and Akari Yasuda

The players will resume competition with their second block of seven matches and a position-round match tomorrow to determine the top three with the highest pinfalls plus bonus to proceed to the stepladder shootout finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Taichuing.

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