2019 Storm U22 China International Youth Open Championships
Singapore youth takes over lead
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27th July, Shanghai: 2019 Asian School Team bronze medallist, Dylan Teoh Zi Jun of Singapore Sports School took over the lead of Squad at the end of second block qualifying rounds at the 2019 Storm U22 China International Youth Bowling Championships.

Jeremy Breitenstein of China, who was second in the first block of four games, got off to a cracking start in the fifth game with 253 to take over the running. Javier Lim of Singapore moved into second spot with 247.

A third Singaporean youth, Althea Dang also moved up third with 230 while Block 1 leader, Chi Mingyu struggled with 189 to slip down into fourth, just one pin ahead of Teoh. Breitenstein continued to set the pace with 240 in the sixth game.

Lim remained in second after adding 225 in the seventh game while a third Singapore youth, Owen Wong fired a massive 278 to share fourth spot with Teoh. Another good game of 240 from Breitenstein allowed the 16-year-old to retain the lead.

Dylan Teoh taking over the lead of Squad A

Teoh posted a sizzling 278 to moved up to second and just 13 pins adrift. Another SIngapore youth, Marcus Tan Wei Hao rolled 289, 278 and 263 to leapfrog into third spot and going ahead of Lim, who dropped to fourth.

It was Teoh who ended the Squad A qualifying round the strongest with 246 to snatch top spot with a second block of 1001 and an 8-game total of 1895. Breitenstein settled for second with 1894 despite a decent 232 in his final game.

Tan, who posted the highest four-game series of 1084, shared third spot with Lim on 1872. Ryan Toh of Singapore completed the top five with 1799. Chi and Dang finished seventh and eighth positions with 1794 and 1747 respectively.

Squad B and Squad C will be completing their second block of qualifying rounds later today. The top 44 with the highest pinfalls from the combined squads will qualify for the Round of 16 Knockout finals scheduled for July 28.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Shanghai, China.

New top 3 of Squad A, Jeremy Breitenstein, Dylan Teoh and Marcus Tan

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