Jaya Ancol Singles Championships 2018
Sarawakian tops opening squad
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1st May, Jakarta: 2013 Asian Youth Singles gold medallist, Chong Jun Foo of Sarawak, Malaysia topped the opening squad of the first block of qualifying rounds at the inaugural Jaya Ancol Singles Bowling Championships 2018.

Indonesian national bowler and a member of the organisizing committee, Tannya Roumimper got off the block brilliantly with a splendid 256 to lead compatriot, Hardy Rahmadian by 10 pins followed by two more Indonesians, Diwan Rezaldy and Sharon Limansantoso in third and fourth.

Limansantoso added 224 to her second game to leapfrog into the lead as 2006 Doha Asian Games Doubles gold medallist, Hassan Alshaikh of Saudi Arabia trailed in second, just 2 pins adrift. Chong fired a stunning 265 to take up third with Roumimper slipping down to fourth.

The 25-year-old Chong added another superb game of 230 to remain in the lead. Hassan stayed close in second, 4 pins away while Roumimper bounced back to take up third and Limansantoso following behind.

Top 3 finishers, Sharon Limansantoso, Chong Jun Foo and Mohammed Al-Saud

Limansantoso rolled a stunning 263 to take over the running after the fourth game. The Saudi continued to trail in second while Chong slipped down to third despite posting a good game of 234. Chong ended the strongest amongst the front-runners with 257 to earn top spot in the squad woith 1172, avwraging an impressive 234.4. Limansantoso was Indonesia's best finisher in second with 1149, thanks to a 6-pin handicap she receives competing against the men.

2014 ABF Tour Egypt leg champion, Mohammed Alsaud of Saudi Arabia snatched third spot with 1121 after two games of 267 and 226 in the fourth and lsst game. Hassan settled for fourth position with 1095 while Muhammad Azizi of Malaysia completed the top five with 1069.

Early pace-setters, Rachmadian and Roumimper took sixth and seventh positions with 1063 and 1056 respectively. Bowlers in Squad A will continue their second block tomorrow and third block on May 3.

Squad B, C and D will take to the lanes for their first block later today. Bowlers bowl 3 blocks of five games each and the top 36 qualifiers together with the four spots allocated to the top 4 Indonesians outside the top 36 (positioned 37 - 40) and a top women qualifier (positioned 41) and four from the one-game desperado squad (positioned 42 - 45) will contest the 10-game finals on May 5.

Squad A first block leader, Chong Jun Foo

The top 7 after the finals will advance to the stepladder shootout finals. There is also a Classified division for bowlers averaged below 200 with the same number of qualifying format and numbers as the Open division. Their finals will be held on May 4.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

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