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PBAP Bevida-Storm International Classic | 2002 Results |

We take pleasure in inviting the members of your congress/association to participate in the PBAP Bevida-Storm International Classic which will be held this 25th - 29th July, 2003 at the Pearl Bowling Center, Paranaque, Manila.

Should you have any inquiries or clarification regarding the tournament, please don't hesitate to call us. Hoping for your participation in this tournament.

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Tournament Rules and Regulations

  1. The entry fees are as follows:
    1. P7,000 (open division only)
    2. P6,000 (classified division only)
    3. P8,000 (classified and open division)
    4. P2,000 (youth division only)
    5. P8,000 (youth and another division)
    6. P9,000 (youth, classified and open division)
  2. There are (4) four divisions in this tournament:
    1. Open division: open to all certified foreign and local bowlers of ABF-WTBA. Women will get an 8 handicap per game.
    2. Classified division: open to all foreign and local bowlers with a certified average of less than 191.
    3. Youth division: open to all certified foreign and local youth bowlers of ABF-WTBA born January 1, 1980 and after. There will be only one division. Bowlers may opt to just exclusively join the youth division (for a fee of P2,000) or bowl youth and any one of the divisions (open or classified) where they are qualified to join. Scratch scores will be taken from the respective divisions that the participant bowled in. The youth masters fee is P500.00.
      The following handicap will be applicable:

    Boys Girls Handicap
    181 - 190 191 and above 0
    171 - 180 181 - 190 5
    161 - 170 171 - 180 10
    160 and below 170 and below 15

    The top 16 bowlers for the youth division will advance to the finals where they will bowl another 8 games with the last game as position round.

  3. Bowlers will be bowling 24 games in the qualifying round divided into 3 blocks of 8 games in three days. The top 24 in both the open and the classified division will advance to the Semifinals in which another 8 games will be bowled. The top 6 bowlers will advance to the Final Round. The masters fees for the open and classified division is P2,000.
  4. Bowlers in 4th, 5th and 6th position will bowl in a one game shoot out. The winner will bowl the 2nd and 3rd position bowler also in a one game shoot out. The winner of this match will bowl the top qualifier in a beat twice format.
  5. In case of a tie 6th spot in the Finals, a one game roll-off will be bowled.
  6. In case of a tie in the positions in the final ranking for the open and classified for the 7th to the 12th place, prize money of tied position will be combined and divided among the winners.
  7. The classified division will have the following handicap:

    Male Female Handicap
    181 - 190 191 and above 0
    171 - 180 181 - 190 5
    161 - 170 171 - 180 10
    160 and below 170 and below 15

  8. All averages must be certified and will be based on the country's current bowling averages.
  9. The format for the open and youth open divisions is scratch total pinfalls.

Pearl Bowling Center
c/o Rizal Memorial Sports Complex
Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street
Malate Manila, Philippines
Office: (632) 852-3535, 852-3557
Fax: (632) 833-7452

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