2017 PBA-WBT World Bowling Tour Thailand
American PBA pro stamps his mark
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3rd October, Bangkok: 2015 DHC Japan Invitational and 2014 QubicaAMF World Cup champion, Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas stamped his mark to move into second spot of the 2017 PBA-World Bowling Tour Thailand qualifying standings.

Barnes, 47 registered three stunning 3-games series of 770, 730 and 723 to leapfrog into second position with 2223 aggregate total, 21 pins behind first perfect-gamer and current leader, Ryan Lalisang of Indonesia on a total of 2244.

Lalisang's compatriot and 29th SEA Games Team silver medallist, Hengki Susanto, who was in the top 7 bracket and had dropped out into tenth position, notched up an improved 2191 to back up to third position.

2016 PBA Wolf Open winner, Tom Daugherty of Tampa, Fla, USA, who was 19th overnight, posted a splendid 761 series to crack into the top bracket in fourth position with 2158. The top female finisher and 2016 PBA-WBT Qatar Open champion, Diana Zavjalova of Latvia took up fifth position with 2157.

Chris Barnes leapfrog into second spot

A third Indonesian, Hardy Rachmadian slipped down from second overnight to sixth position with 2155 while 5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games Singles Gold medallist, Annop Arromsaranon of Thailand held the seventh and last top bracket spot with 2154.

Fellow-countrymen and 2014 Asian Games Singles gold medallist, Yannaphon Larpapharat earned the eighth spot reserved for the top local qualifier outside the top 7 with 2142. The top 8 earned two byes and would automatically advance to Round 4 finals.

Ninth spot reserved for the next best Thai bowler was 29th SEA Games Trios Gold medallist, Sithiphol Kunaksorn with 2052, who will head the 16 qualifiers of the second bracket into Round 3 Finals with one bye. Three-time PBA Player of the Year, Mika Koivuniemi of Finland missed the top bracket by 19 pins with 2135 in tenth position.

2017 Webber Cup winning members, Stuart Williams of England and Martin Larsen of Sweden made the cut in 12th and 16th positions respectively. The cut in 24th position at the bottom of the second bracket went 29th SEA Games Doubles silver medallist, Adrian Ang of Malaysia with 2078.

29th SEA Games Team Gold medallist, Syaidatul Afifah of Malaysia headed the third bracket with 2077 in 25th position. Top Japanese pro, Shota Kawazoe finished 28th with 2073, 2017 Webber Cup winning captain, Dominic Barrett of England finished 35th with 2059.

Tom Daugherty cracking into the top bracket in third

2015 Thailand Open champion, Surasak Manuwong is the cut at 37th position with 2051 (averaging 227.89) while positions 38 and 39 reserved for local qualifiers were held by Kim Bolleby and Phumin Klanbida with 2021 and 2019.

Last year's cut was much lower but because this year's response is much better with up to 145 registered players, the cut could go up to as much as 2100 or 300 over. Qualifying will end tomorrow at the 9.00pm squad. The one-game desperado squad will be held immediately to add three additional qualifiers.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Bangkok.

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