2018 CGSE Million Tinkle World Men Championships
Korea tops Squad 3 for fifth overall
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29th November, Hong Kong: Korea's second trio of Park Jongwoo, Koo Seonghoi and Kim Kyungmin finished fifth overall despite topping the third squad of the Trios preliminaries at the 2018 CGSE • Million Tinkle World Men Championships.

The Korean trio got off the block with brilliantly with 679 in their opening game to lead the second Danish trio of Jesper Agerbo, Carsten Warming Hansen and Thomas Larsen by 52 pins. The second Chinese trio was third and Costa Rica fourth.

Park, Koo and Kim followed it with a strong 658 in their second game to extend their lead to 111 pins. Scotland's second trio of Kenny Jamieson, Mark McQueen and Steven Gill moved up to second as Denmark, China and Costa Rica managed only 571, 524 and 574 respectively.

Korea needed a minimum of 647 or better to clinch fourth overall but managed only 634 in their third game to end in fifth overall with 1971, missing by 13 pins to fourth-placed Team USA. The second Japanese trio and Scotland tied second spot with 1839.

Overall leader after the first block and Sweden's second trio of Mattias Wetterberg, Jesper Svensson and Martin Larsen remained in the lead with 2029.

Park Jongwoo, Koo Seonghoi and Kim Kyungmin missing the top four by 13 pins

Squad 1 leader of Billy Muhammad Islam, Hardy Rachmadian and Ryan Lalisang also remained in second with 2001. The Dutch trio of Johnny Spil, Jord van Weeren and Xander van Mazijk retained third place with 1997 while Team USA's EJ Tackett, Kyle Troup and Andrew Anderson also retained fourth spot with 1984. Korea settled for fifth. The players will resume with the second block of three games tomorrow and the top four will qualify for the Semi-finals championship round, sheduled to take place on December 3.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong, China.

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