2019 World Bowling Women's Championships
USA strikes first gold
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29th August, Las Vegas: 2018 WBT-PBA World Bowling Tour Thailand winner, Danielle McEwan picked up Team USA's first gold medal at the 2019 World Bowling Women's Championships after defeating Shannon O'Keefe, 259-193 in an all-American Singles final.

McEwan got off to a great start with a double strike in her first two frames as O'Keefe marked her first and rolled a strike in the second frame. McEwan stucked again in the third while her compatriot sufferd a big split to trail McEwan by 44 pins.

And when McEwan added two more strikes, the tie was more or less in the bag for McEwan. By the eighth frame, O'Keefe was still 46 pins behind. McEwan ended full of confidence striking out to take a convincing victory for her first invidual gold medal.

The champion breezed past topseed, Le Nayoung of Korea, 256-173 in the first semi-final match to reach the final while O'Keefe dispatched third-seed, Sandra Andersson of Sweden, 213-183 to face her team-mate in the final.

Danielle McEwan with USA's first gold medal

McEwan barely made the cut for the semi-finals on the opening day of competition when she clinched the fourth and last semi-finals spot with 1371. Lee, who settled for the bronze medal, topped the combined Singles preliminaries with 1410.

Andersson, who took home the bronze medal, finished second with 1401 to qualify as second-seed while O'Keefe, who added a silver medal to Team USA, was third in the preliminaries with 1392.

The Doubles semi-finals will follow shortly after a lane maintenance break and the Trios semi-finals thereafter. Mr Kevin Dornberger, CEO of World Bowling was on hnad to present the medals and mascot to the winners.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, USA.

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