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Asian Bowling Federation (formerly known as FIQ-WTBA Asian Zone) was formed to promote and foster interest in amateur tenpin bowling tournaments and competitions, especially in Asia and bowlers from other zones of the WTBA.

Asian Bowling Federation is a member of the World Bowling (formerly known as FIQ) and World Tenpin Bowling Association and is recognized by the Fédération International des Quilleurs (FIQ) since 1979 as the Asian Zone governing body for the sport of tenpin bowling. In that capacity, the Asian Bowling Federation is autonomous in administering the sport and is responsible to:

  • Promote the development of tenpin bowling throughout the Asian Zone.
  • Promote the Olympic movement.
  • Contribute to the achievement of the goals set forth in the Olympic Charter.
  • Establish rules for the the uniform practice of tenpin bowling throughout the Asian Zone.
  • Ensure that official bowling activities meet the requirements of the Olympic Charter.
  • Asian Bowling Federation has member federations located in 37 countries throughout Western Asia, Asia, and Pacific-Rim. Asian Bowling Federation regulates tenpin bowling discipline and sanctions numerous regional championships for men, women, and youth.

    ABF Tournament Sanction
    To apply for ABF sanctioning of your tournament, please download this Tournament Application Form and send to ABF.

    You can view or download the amended Constitution dated 14th October, 2017.

     Honorary Life President
     Ms. Vivien Lau, BBS, JP
     Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress
     Tel: +852 2893 6039
     Fax: +852 2893 6290
     Email: vivienLcc@biznetvigator.com
     Honorary Advisors  Honorary Presidents
     Mr. Kyohei Akagi
     Dr. Abdulla Kareem Al Reyes
     Dr. Nat Indrapana, IOC Member
     Dr. Wu Ching-Kuo, IOC Member
    Executive Committee
     Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah
     Kuwait Bowling Federation
     Tel: +965 2262 0113 - 4
     Fax: +965 2262 0112
     Email: shktalal@qualitynet.net
     Vice Presidents
     HRH Abdulhakim Al-Saud
     Western Region
     Saudi Bowling Federation
     Tel: +966 2682-7968
     Fax: +966 2691 6473
     Email: amalsaud@gmail.com
     Mr. Choi Jang-Kyu
     Far East Region
     Korea Bowling Congress
     Tel: +82-31-718-3421
     Fax: +82-31-718-3420
     Email: jkchoi@voithkorea.com
     Ms.Suwalai Satrulee
     South East Region
     Thai Tenpin Bowling Association
     Tel: +662 321 2310
     Fax: +662 321 9624
     Email: suwalaisatrulee@hotmail.com
     Mr. Michael Seymour
     Oceania Region
     Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd
     Tel: +61 7 3262 4455
     Fax: +61 7 3262 5544
     Email: mikeseymour@tpg.com.au
     Executive Committee Members
     Mr. Bandar Al-Shafi
     Qatar Bowling Federation
     Tel: +974 550-3885
     Fax: +974 494-4866
     Email: qatarbowlingfederation@gmail.com
     Mr. Seng Ma Chi
     Macau China Bowling Association
     Tel: +853 299 2888
     Fax: +853 963 305
     Email: menachoi@macau.ctm.net
     Mr. Farouk Haridi
     Egyptian Bowling Federation
     Tel: +20 12-210 2768
     Fax: +20-2 643 0642
     Email: fharidi@link.net
     Mr. Alexander S. Lim
     Philippine Bowling Federation
     Tel: +63 8828 7888
     Fax: +63 8828 8111
     Email: philbowlingfed@gmail.com
     Dr. Kaoru Kitagawa Ph.D.
     Japan Bowling Congress
     Tel: +81 3 3452 4501
     Fax: +81 3 3452 4504
     Email: bowling@japan-sports.or.jp
     Honorary Secretary General  Honorary Auditor
     Ms. Emba Leung
     c/o Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress
     Tel: +852 2893 6039
     Fax: +852 2893 6290
     Email: embal@netvigator.com
     Mr. Winston Chan
     Macau China Bowling Association
     Tel: +853 299 2888
     Fax: +853 963 305
     Email: menachoi@macau.ctm.net
     Mailing Address
     President/Honorary Secretary General
     Room 2004, Olympic House
     1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
     Tel: +852 2893 6039
     Fax: +852 2893 6290
     Email: hktbc@netvigator.com

    Last update: 10th March, 2020
    An introduction of Asian Bowling Federation, its charter and activities in the Asian Zone. 
    Executive Committee
    Executive Committee of Asian Bowling Federation and its staff members including mailing address and contact. 
    World Bowling
    Consists of the three geographical zones - America, Europe and Asia. Detail of its Presidium Members is also available. 
    Tournament Application
    To apply for ABF sanctioning, please download this ABF Tournament Application FormDetails...
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