About International Bowling Federation

The International Bowling Federation (formerly known as World Bowling) is the world governing body of the sport of tenpin bowling. It consists of three Zones, namely: the American Zone (with 27 member countries), the Asian Zone (with 37 member countries) and the European Zone (with 41 member countries) - 98 countries in all.

The primary role of the International Bowling Federation is to regulate, popularize and promote the sport of tenpin bowling. It does this by sanctioning equipment and lane conditions and by establishing and monitoring the rules under which the sport is played in each of its National Federations. It also assists with the structure and development of its member Federations, helping to provide skills development and elite athlete pathways, coaching and officials accreditation and generally upgrading the skills of bowlers of all ages.

International Bowling Federation is administered by the Presidium which is made up of the following members:-

  • President (elected during the Congress every four years)
  • 1st Vice President (elected by the Congress every four years)
  • 2nd Vice President (elected by the Congress every four years)
  • Secretary General (appointed by the President)
  • Presidents of the three Zones
  • One Delegate from each of the Zones (nominated by the Zones)
  • There are several Sub-Committees appointed by the President and the Presidium to take care of Marketing and Development, Technical, Tournament, Coaching, Women in Bowling, Rules and World Ranking. These committees and the Presidium meet three to four times a year, often via electronic communication.

    World Standard Practices
    Tenpin bowling has the greatest respect for fair play amongst all competitors and applies Doping Control procedures that are identical to those of the IOC in all its major Championships. All the Country members of the international body are also subject to these controls, by means of our global Doping Policies and are strongly encouraged to incorporate these policies within their own national regulations.

    You can download Statues and Playing Rules (February 2019) and Anti-Doping Rules (Based on the 2009 World Anti-Doping Code). For more details of International Bowling Federation, please visit https://bowling.sport/.

    International Bowling Federation Executive Board
     Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah
     Kuwait Bowling Federation
     Tel: +965 2262 0113 - 4
     Fax: +965 2262 0112
     Email: president@worldbowling.org
     First Vice President  Second Vice President
     Mr. Martin Faba
     Pan-American Bowling Confederation
     Tel: +506 2245 6000
     Fax: +506 2283 3700
     Email: presidente@acobol.com
     Mr. Marios Nicolaides
     Cyprus Bowling Federation
     Tel: +357 996 19350
     Email: marios@worldbowling.org
     Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)  Secretary General
     Mr. Andrew Oram
     World Bowling
     Tel: +41 79861 2456
     Email: andrew@worldbowling.org
     Ms. Vivien Lau, SBS, JP
     Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress
     Tel: +852 2893 6039
     Fax: +852 2893 6290
     Email: secgeneral@worldbowling.org
     Executive Board Members
     Dr. Danny Santos
     Asian Bowling Federation
     Tel: +965 2262 0113
     Fax: +965 2262 0112
     Email: danny@worldbowling.org
     Ms.Suwalai Satrulee
     Thai Tenpin Bowling Association
     Tel: +662 321 2310
     Fax: +662 321 9624
     Email: suwalaisatrulee@hotmail.com
     Mr. Addie Ophelders
     European Bowling Federation
     Tel: +31 318 559 343
     Fax: +31 318 559 349
     Email: ao@etbf.eu
     Mr. Valgeir Gudbjartsson
     European Bowling Federation
     Tel: +45 86 22 99 90
     Email: vg@etbf.eu
     Mr. Martin Faba
     Pan-American Bowling Confederation
     Tel: +506 2245 6000
     Fax: +506 2283 3700
     Email: presidente@acobol.com
     Mr. Jorge A. Franco
     Pan-American Bowling Confederation
     Tel: +571 250 1525
     Fax: +571 225 1941
     Email: jfsistemas@une.net.co
     Mr. Michael Seymour
     Oceania Bowling Federation
     Tel: +61 7 3262 4455
     Fax: +61 7 3262 5544
     Email: mikeseymour@tpg.com.au
     Mr. Farouk Haridi
     Bowling Federation of Africa
     Tel: +20 12-210 2768
     Fax: +20-2 643 0642
     Email: fharidi@link.net

    Last update: 5th May, 2021
    An introduction of Asian Bowling Federation, its charter and activities in the Asian Zone. 
    Executive Committee
    Executive Committee of Asian Bowling Federation and its staff members including mailing address and contact. 
    International Bowling Federation
    Consists of the three geographical zones - America, Europe and Asia. Detail of its Presidium Members is also available. 
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