2019 Storm U22 China International Youth Bowling Open Championship
Top three unchanged in Squad B Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

27th July, Shanghai: Top three positions in Squad B remained unchanged after the completion of the second block of qualifying rounds at the 2019 Storm U22 China International Youth Bowling Championships with Yuma Haraguchi of Japan in the lead.

Haraguchi continued where he left off starting with 234 in his fifth game to extend his lead over Boco Wong of Hong Kong from three to 25 pins as Wong managed only 212. Abner Loo of ABAS, Malaysia also started well with 235 to stay in third.

2019 Asian School Doubles silver medallist, Keith Mark Siu Ki posted a stunning 267 to leapfrog into fourth position. The Japanese up his pace with a sizzling 267 to stretch his lead even further to 69 pins after the sixth game.

Wong and Loo continued to give chase staying in second and third while Mark added another massive game of 262. A 246 game in the seventh appeared to allow Haraguchi to retain his stronghold but he stumbled to a poor 164 in his final game.

Squad B Top 3, Boco Wong, Yuma Harguchi and Abner Loo

Haraguchi was lucky to end the squad in the lead with a second four-game series of 911 for a grand total of 1891. Wong reduced the gap to just 20 pins to stay in second with 1871 while the Malaysian also stayed third with 1836.

Mark finished fourth with 1821 while Christopher Tiong of ABAS, Malaysia completed the top five with 1767. After two squads, Squad A leader, Dylan Teoh Zi Jun of Singapore moved into the overall lead with 1895 followed by Jeremy Breitenstein of China in second with 1894.

Haraguchi, who led overall in the first block, slipped down to third. Two Singapore youths, Javier Lim and Marcus Tan rounded out the top five by sharing fifth positions with 1872. The last the remaining Squad C will end the qualifying rounds later today. The top 44 with the highest pinfalls from the combined squads will qualify for the Round of 16 Knockout finals scheduled for July 28.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Shanghai, China.

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