31st Asian Intercity Bowling Championships
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10th November, Yancheng: The first Paranaque pair of Dennis Ho and Johnson Cheng picked up their second gold medal at the 31st Asian Intercity Bowling Championships after snatching victory in the sixth and final game of the Men's Senior Doubles event.

Host city, Yancheng set course for more glory as the men led the first block of the Team of 4 event at the 31st Asian Intercity Bowling Championships while Suzhou sprang a surprise lead in the Women' Senior division.

Doubles gold medallist, Qi Wangkang and Xu Chen teaming up with Wang Zhiyong and Singles gold medallist, Yang Wei got off the block like a bullet train with 893 opener to lead Macau's Ho Man Lok, Leong Chou Kin, Chan Chi Kwan and Singles bronze medallist, Tam Tsz Sun by 60 pins.

Hong Kong's James Lui, Michael Li, Jimmy Cheung and Ernest Kwok followed in third with 810. Beijing and Wuhan was fourth and fifth.

The Yancheng quartet rolled another superb 854 to extend their lead to 117 pins. Hong Kong added 820 in their second game to moved up into second, just two pins ahead of Macau with Wuhan in fourth, one pin behind.

Block 1 leader, Xu Chen, Wang Zhiyong, Yang Wei and Qi Wangkang of Yancheng

The leader rounded off in the third game with 831 to lead the first block with 2578. Macau recovered to snatch second spot with 2474, 104 pins adrift. Wuhan's Xie Chenhjie, Chen Jiaqing, Yu Changhong and Mi Zhongli stormed home with 789 to clinch third spot with 2425.

Pasay City ended in fourth with 2399 as Hong Kong suffered a set back with 731 in their third game to slip down to fifth position with 2361. Qi Wangkang took over the lead of the Men's All Events standings with 3305.

Xu Chen also improved up to second with 3272 while overnight leader, Yang Wei slipped down to third after managing only 600. Mi Zhongli of Wuhan and Rudolfo Tan Jr. completed the top five with 3227 and 3169 respectively.

In the Women's Senior division, Suzhou's Cai Aiping, Zhang Junying, Zhu Guihong and Ji Zhongbao upset the favourites, Yancheng to lead the first block with 2077 after ending with a strong 791 third game. Jia Wenxia, Zhang Ping, Zhu Qin and Li Guanghui finished second for Yancheng with 2047.

Women's Senior division leader, Suzhou
Paranaque's Nyriam Hernandez, Angela Lao, Amy Cheng, Tess Agu came home thid with 1962 while Kuala Lumpur's Poziah Atan, Shirley Burnett, Helen Tan and Wendy Ong took fourth position with 1919. Yangzhou finished fifth with 1880.

The Women's and Men's Senior division will contest their first block of the Team of 4 event after lane maintenance. The secnd block of three games will resume tommorrow. The top 16 men, top 16 women, top 16 senior men and top 8 senior women based on their 18-game All Events total will qualify for the Masters Finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Yancheng, China.

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