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New leaders Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong

30th November, Las Vegas: Asians dominated Squad 3 of the Trios event with Chinese Taipei women and Hong Kong men taking over the lead after the second block at the 2017 World Bowling Championships with Indonesian women and Korean men occupying second spots.

Korea's second trio of Choi Bokeum, Hong Haesol and Park Jongwoo got off the second block with 600 in the fourth game to move ahead of overnight Dutch leader, Johnny Spil, Yorick van Deutekom and Jeffrey van de Wakker by 16 pins.

Doubles silver medallist, Eric Tseng led his team-mates, Wu Siu Hong and Michael Mak to a stunning 699 effort in the fifth game to add to their 582 fourth game to take over running. The Korean trio shot 597 to trail Hong Kong by a massive margin of 70 pins.

With a benchmark of 3868 set by Japan's Daisuke Yoshida, Shogo Wada and Shusaku Asato in the earlier Squad 2, Hong Kong needed 709 or more in their sixth and final game to overhaul the leader. Tseng, Wu and Mak missed by 60 pins when they shot 649 to lead the squad but finished second overall with 3808.

Wu, Mak and Tseng having a chance to make the semi-finals

Korea finished second to Hong Kong with 3680, 178 pins off the pace. The Dutch trio took third spot in this squad with 3623. With one squad left to complete their second block, Japan still topped the standings with Hong Kong second and the Canadian trio third with 3749. Denmark is placed fourth with 3682.

In the women's division, Pan Yu-Fen, Su Shu-Wen and Chou Chia-Chen of Chinese Taipei snatch pole position in Squad 3 in their fifth and sixth games. The Taiwanese trio got off well with 654, then added a sizzling 705 before ending off with 628 to lead with 3721.

Overnight leader of Putty Armein, Sharon Limansantoso and Tannya Roumimper of Indonesia rolled 579, 593 ad 569 to settle for second with 3704 after leading in the first two games of the second block. Squad 2 leader of Rikke Holm Agerbo, Britt Brondsted and Mai Ginge Jensen is third with 3675

Malaysia's first trio of Natasha Roslan, Syaidatul Afifah and Siti Safiyah still occupied fourth with 3661. Germany's Nadine Geissler, Janin Ridguth and Birgit Poeppler, who trailed Indonesia earlier, slipped to fifth overall with 3655.

New overall leader, Pan Yu-Fen, Su Shu-Wen and Chou Chia-Chen

With the women's benchmark at 3721 set by the Taiwanese, threats could come from Squad 1 in which the stronger Team USA's Shannon O'Keefe, Danielle McEwan and Kelly Kulick could pose. The first German trio of Janine Gabel, Tin Hulsch and Patricia Luoto also could come into the frame with a top four finish.

The third semi-finals contender could even come from a first Chinese Taipei trio of Wang Ya-Ting, Tsai Hsin-Yi and Huang Chiung-Yao. The three trios have 2567, 2488 and 2445 total from the first block of three games under their belts.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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