2018 CGSE Million Tinkle World Men Championships
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4th December, Hong Kong: Sixteen Masters qualifiers positioned 9 to 24 contested the best-of-3 Masters elimination Round 1 finals of the 2018 CGSE • Millin Tinkle World Men Championships where the field was cut to eight for Round 2 on Wednesday.

2008 World Ranking Masters champion and 13th-seed, Jari Ratia of Finland was the standout averaging 245 when he dispatched Shogo Wada of Japan, 2-0 with 214-203, 277,216 to advance to the next round. Canadian Mitch Hupe averaged 211 bnut had to go into the third deciding match.

Hupe took the first match, 221-201 against Yannaphon Larpapharat of Thailand but lost the second match, 184-194. The Canadian bounced back with a superb 258-224 in the decider for a 2-1 win. Trios silver medallist, Ryan Leonard Lalisang of Indonesia had the third higest average to advance to the next round.

The Indonesian took the first match 246-204 against Colombia's Manuel Otalora and 205-170 in the second match for a 2-0 victory. Joining Lalisang in the second round is compatriot, Hardy Rachmadian took out Pontus Andersson of Sweden with a 2-1 encounter.

The sixteen Masters Round 1 finalists lined before their knockout matchplays

Trios bronze medallist, Mattias Wetterberg of Sweden survived with a 2-1 win over Oliver Morig of Germany. Defending Masters champion and a second Canadian, Francois Lavoie breezed past Nicola Pongolini of Italy, 2-0 to join Hupe in the next round.

A third Canadian and two-hander, Zach Wilkins had to work hard to beat 2017 World Championships two gold medallist, Tommy Jones of Team USA, 2-1 while the eight spot for the next round went to Marco Moretti of Costa Rica who beat Antonio Fiorentino of Italy, 2-0.

Three Canadians, two Indonesians, one each from Costa Rica, Finland and Sweden will meet the top eighth seeded Masters qualifiers from the All Events standings in Round 2 to be staged tomorrow, December 5. The winners in Round 2 will be gaurenteed a medal when they advance to the Semi-finals and subsquently the Final championship round.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong, China.

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