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16th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship
Paranaque women dominates Masters finals

24th November, 2002: Paranaque city dominated the masters event of the 16th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship ending with a 1-2-3 finish. Cecilia Yap won the Gold medal ahead of first day leader Liza Clutario who took the Silver while Liza del Rosario settled for the Bronze. Tamuning's Duane Camacho emerged the Men's champion.

16th Asian Intercity C'ship logo

Cecilia Yap, who won the Women's Doubles Gold medal banked on big games in the second block of the masters event to finish ahead of first block leader and teammate, Liza Clutario. She had games of 201, 234, 235, 212, 214, 278, 256, 265 for a composite total of 3691 to lead Clutario who ended with 3562. Liza del Rosario, winner of the Women's All Events Gold finished third with 3550. The 1-2-3 finish cemented Paranque City winning the Shinzo Sato Overall Challenge Cup with a total 42 points.

Hung Shu Chun scored 1 point for Taipei finishing in fourth with 3398 while Vannesa Fung of Hong Kong took fifth spot with 3387. Janet Lam (Hong Kong - 3289), Jenny Ho (Hong Kong - 3185), Rita Lai (Shah Alam - 3105), Lin Shu Chung (Taipei - 3003) and Penny Lai (Victoria - 2991) finished sixth to 10th respectively.

Women Masters Champ
Cecilia Yap lead the 1-2-3 finish in the Women's Masters

In the men's division, Duane "Big Daddy" Camacho finally won Tamuning's only Gold medal of the competition when he scored 3767 to snatch the Men's Masters title from the challenges of the Dae Gu men who finished 2-3-4. Duane, who won the Silver medal in the Men's Singles, lead in the first block finals yesterday with 1997 and scored a lowly 1770 to hang on to the win. Triple Gold medalist, Nam In Chul of Dae Gu took the Silver with 3749 while his teammate, Lee Tae Ju settled for the Bronze with 3703.

Yoon Dal Young missed the medal in fourth with 3623 followed by Paranque's C.J. Suarez in fifth with 3616. Oh Young Ki (Uiwang - 3561), Chester King (Paranaque - 3523), Dong Sang Gon (Dae Gu - 3501), Yang Tae Bum (Uiwang - 3470) and Lee Sang Hun (Uiwang - 3381) completed sixth to 10th places.

Men Masters Champ
Duane Camacho winning Tamuning's only Gold in the competition

Paranaque City for the third consecutive time, won the Shinzo Sato Overall Challenge Cup of the 16th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship held at the Union Bowling Center in Taipei City. The 1-2-3 finish in the women's masters, Paranaque amassed a total of 42 points, way ahead of second place finisher Hong Kong with 20 points. The city of Tamuning, Guam came in third with 15 points.

Paranaque likewise won the women's Overall title collecting a total of 34 points, dominating over second place finisher Hong Kong. They also emerged as the most bemedalled city of the event ending with 5 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals.

On the other hand, Dae Gu city from Korea retained the men's Overall champion for the second consecutive year and collected a total of 23 points over Tamuning with 14 points and Paranaque with 9 points.

Overall Champion
Paranque City's team emerging as Overall Champions

The 17th edition of the Asian Intercity will be hosted by the city of Paranaque at the Pearl Bowling Center in November 2003. Detailed scores: Women's Masters and Men's Masters.

Story and photos by Dr. Danny Santos

Paranaque set to retain Overall title and the Shinzo Sato Cup

22nd November, 2002: Liza Del Rosario claimed another gold medal for Paranque in the All-Events to help retain the Shinzo Sato Overall Championship trophy with the Top 16 Masters Event remaining to be contested in the 16th Asian Intercity Bowling Championships being held in Taipei while Nam In Chul took the Men's All Events Gold.

16th Asian Intercity C'ship logo

Del Rosario led the Women's All Events with a 3891 total with sets of 1233, 1403 and 1255 followed by Vanessa Fung of Hong Kong, China (3859), Cecilia Yap (3674) and Liza Clutario (3529) both of Paranaque. The 25 year-old business management student, who won the Doubles Gold Medal yesterday in record-breaking scores, maintained her consistency in the Team event to win the Silver medal for Paranque.

Janet Lam (Hong Kong - 3444) finished fourth followed by her teammate, Jenny Ho (3439) in sixth place. Lin Shu Chung (Taipei - 3429), Hung Shu Chun (Taipei - 3414), Fleda Lau (Victoria - 3377), Penny Lai (Victoria - 3283) took eight to tenth places respectively.

The top 16 in the All Events standings will qualify for the Masters finals which will be played over the next two days at Union Bowling Club.

Women All Events Champ
Liza Del Rosario winning the Women's All Events Gold
with a score of 3891

In the men's division, Nam In Chul of Dae Gu, Korea won the his third gold from the Men's All Events with a total score of 4094. Nam, who also won the Men's Doubles Gold yesterday anchored his team to win the Men's Team event on day 3 of the competition in Taipei. Silver medal went to Duane Camacho of Tamuning, Guam with a score of 4060 while Eric Lau of Hong Kong, China took the Bronze with 3904. Sinlges Gold medalist, Chester King finished fourth to add one point for Paranque's lead in the Overall Medal standings while Uniwang's Lee Sang Hun took fifth spot.

C.J. Suarez (Paranaque - 3830), Yoon Dal Young (Dae Gu - 3823), Dong Sang Gon (Dae Gu - 3817), Park Yoon Hwan (Uiwang - 3789) and OH Young Ki (Uiwang - 3758) completed the top 10 from sixth to 10th respectively.

Men All Events Champ
Nam In Chul winning his second Gold Medal from the Men's All Events

Paranque streches its lead the Overall Medals Standings with 32 points followed by Hong Kong on 21 points in second and Dae Gu, Korea taking third spot with 17 points. The top 16 in the All Events standings will contest the Masters Finals on Saturday and Sunday.

Story and photos by Dr. Danny Santos

Hong Kong claims first Gold Medal winning the Women's Team event

22nd November, 2002: Vanessa Fung, Jenny Ho, Janet Lam and Cookie Lee claimed Hong Kong's first Gold medal of the 16th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship in Taipei by winning the Women's Team event while Dae Gu, Korea's won the Men's event.

16th Asian Intercity C'ship logo

The quartet from Hong Kong snatched the Women's Team event today scoring 4515, just 32 pins from the strong Paranque's Liza Del Rosario, Lucy Cheng, Singles Gold medalist - Liza Clutario and Doubles Gold medalist Cecilia Yap. The Paranque ladies settled for the Silver medal with 4483. Taipei's Chou Yueh Yun, Lin I Chen, Lin Shu Chungand Hung Shu Chun took the Bronze medal with 4461.

Penny Lai, Gigi Lee, Bonnie Loo and Fleda Lau of Victoria scored one point by finishing fourth with a score of 4231.

Uniwang (4087) took fifth spot followed by Manila (3988) in sixth while Baguio (3965) and Shah Alam (3842) finished seventh and eighth respectively.

Women Team Champ
Hong Kong won their first
Gold medal by capturing the Women's Team event

In the men's division, Dae Gu, Korea banked on Nam In Chul's 1459 series to claim the Mens' Team event Gold medal. Nam and Yoon Dal Young, winner of the Men's Doubles Gold together with Dong Sang Gon and Lee Tae Ju scored an impressive 5106 for the win. Uiwang's Lee Sang Hun, Park Yoon Hwan, Oh Young Ki and Yang Tae Bum came in second for the Silver with 5032 while Paranaque's Chester King, C.J. Suarez, Frederiek Ong and Johnson Cheng was third with 4975 settling for the Bronze.

Hong Kong' Eric Lau, Rocky Hui, Chung Him and Sunny Hui score one valuable point finishing fourth with 4734. Tamuning (4703), Taipei (4624), Manila (4616), Capital Hill (4561), San Juan (4501) and Victoria (4634) completing fifth to 10th in that order.

Men Team Champ
Dae Gu, Korea emerging the
Men's Team champion

Detailed scores: Women's Team and Men's Team.

Story and photos by Dr. Danny Santos

Paranaque women sets new records winning the Doubles

21st November, 2002: Paranaque continued their bid for a third consecutive title with a shattering performance by the ladies duo of Liza Del Rosario and Cecilia Yap setting three new Asian Intercity Bowling Championship records in the 4th game set of 564 from Del Rosario's 266 and Yap's 298 to claim the Gold Medal.

16th Asian Intercity C'ship logo

Del Rosario's record-breaking set includes games of 233, 247, 213, 266, 225 and 219, while Yap bowled games of 204, 185, 199, 298, 198, 210 which added 5 more points to their team total to lead the overall Shinzo Sato Cup table with 18 points. Vanessa Fung and Jenny Ho of Hong Kong took the silver medal with a 2461 total while teammates Janet Lam and Cookie Lee bagged the bronze medal with a 2352 total.

For their performances, Del Rosario moved into first place in the All Events standings with a 2636 total followed by Vanessa Fung of Hong Kong, China (2600), Yap (2562) and Liza Clutario (2398).

Taipei's Hung Shu Chun and Lin Shu Chung scored one point for finishing fourth with a combined total of 2248.

Women Doubles Champ
Paranque's Liza del Rosario and Cecilia Yap capturing the Women's Doubles Gold

In the men's doubles event, Nam In Chul and Yoon Dal Young of Dae Gu, Korea stole the show and ran away with the gold, bettering the first squad leaders from Tamuning, Guam, Duane "Big Daddy" Camacho and John Duenas by 108 pins, (2678 - 2570) who settled for another silver. Eric Lau and Chung Him of Hong Kong, China won the bronze medal with a 2559 total.

Uiwang's LeeSan Hun and Park Yoon Hwan scored one point for finishing fourth with a combined total of 2533.

Camacho leads the Men's All Events with a 2720 total followed by Gan (2666) and Young (2650). Paranque leads the Overall Medals Standings with 18 points followed by Hong Kong on 8 points in second and Dae Gu, Korea taking third spot with 7 points.

Men Doubles Champ
Nam In Chul and Yoon Dal Young winning the Men's Doubles Gold Medal for Dae Gu, Korea

Action continues today with the Team Event at the Union Bowling Center in Taipei, Taiwan with the top 16 Masters Finals being contested on Saturday and Sunday.

Detailed scores: Women's Doubles and Men's Doubles.

Story and photos by Dr. Danny Santos

Paranque strikes double Gold with Chester King and Liza Clutario

20th November, 2002: Team Paranaque's run at three consecutive titles in the Asian Intercity Bowling Championships kicked off with sensational performances in the Singles Event when Chester King and Liza Clutario set the pace for Paranque's run, topping their respective fields, while Cecilia Yap added additional hardware to their 2003 collection.

16th Asian Intercity C'ship logo

In the men's division, King outpinned Duane "Big Daddy" Camacho of Tamuning, Guam by 14 pins to claim the gold medal. Camacho set the pace in the first squad, with games of 237, 208, 269, 187, 246 and 225 for a 1372 total. With Camacho on the sidelines, only time would tell whether competitors in the second squad would match up to his performance.

Dong Sang Gon of Dae Gu, Korea was an early threat to surpass Camacho, bowling games of 256, 255 and 226 for a total of 737, while King's consistency on the lanes placed him within striking distance with games of 235, 244 and 219 for a 698 set. In the end, King managed to squeek pass Camacho with games of 217, 236 and 235 for a 1386 total, while Gon settled for the bronze after a three-game set of 206, 192 and 210 for a total of 1345.

Chester King
Paranque's Chester King snatching the Gold Medal in the Men's Singles

Paranaque's dominance in the women's division became more evident, as Clutario, Yap and Liza Del Rosario finished 1st, 3rd and 4th respectively. Clutario's set of 1295 included games of 228, 203, 258, 212, 193 and 201 in the first squad, and was only threatened by members of her own team. The last game became the deciding factor to determine whether Paranque would sweep the medal stand and who would be atop the standings. But as fate played on, both Yap and Del Rosario hit road blocks bowling 178 and 176 respectively, thus settling for the bronze and fourth place.

Vanessa Fung of Hong Kong, China, squeezed in 2nd place with a 1275 set for the silver medal. Yap's six-games set of 1268 included games of 211, 235, 236, 175, 233 and 178; while Del Rosario's bowled games of 193, 227, 186, 227, 224, and 176 for a total of 1233.

Liza Clutario
Liza Clutario scoring the Women's Singles Gold medal with 1295

Other members of the team representing the city in this year's event are Johnson Cheng, CJ Suarez, Frederick Ong and Lucy Cheng. The Championship now in it's 16th edition is being contested in Taipei, Taiwan and will be hosted in Paranaque next year. Action continues today with the doubles event.

Detailed scores: Men's Singles and Women's Singles.

Story and photos by Dr. Danny Santos

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