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Championship Title
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Korea ends with Masters double

14th June, Andong: Host nation Korea closed out the 25th East Asian Pacific Bowling Championship with Park Geun-Woo and Kim Yu-Min winning the Men's and Women's Masters gold medals on Tuesday.

25th East Asian Pacific C'ship logo

In the all-Korean Men's title match, third seed, Park Geun-Woo needed three games to beat compatriot and top seed, Choi Min-Hyuk, 295-200, 209-240 and 202-176 to win the gold medal. The champion also had to work doubly hard in all his matches en-route to the final.

Park edged No. 6 seed, Zhang Peng of China, 2-1 in the semi-finals, took out another team-mate, Kim Jin-Hyuk with another 2-1 victory in the quarter-finals and Tse Chin Yin of Hong Kong, 2-1 in the Round of 16 finals.

His team-mate and top seed, Choi sailed pass China's Du Jianchao, 2-0 in the Round of 16, and another 2-0 victory over team-mate Kim Byung-Suk in the quarter-finals but needed a third game to edge Cheng Hsing-Chao of Chinese Taipei, 2-1 in the semi.

Men's Masters Winners
Men's Masters winners with their medals

The champion finally nailed the gold medal after settling for a silver in the 5-player team and bronze medals in the Singles, Doubles and All Events. Cheng and Zhang settled for the Masters bronze medals as losing semi-finalists.

Meanwhile, top seed Kim Yu-Min defeated No. 4 seed and challenger, Ishimine Kanako of Japan, 2-1 to give Korea the double in the Masters event. Kim lost the first game, 183-234 but bounced back with 234-223 and 242-213 victory in the next two games.

Kim ousted No. 7 seed, Tsai Hsin-Yi of Chinese Taipei, 2-1 in the semi and breezed through the quarter-finals with a 2-0 victory over team-mate and No. 8 seed, Kim Ji-Hyun.

Ishimine prevented an all-Korean final after she beat No. 3 seed, Kim Hee-Jung, 2-0 in the semi-final after she knocked out team-mate and No. 5 seed, Matsuda Haruka, 2-1 in the quarter-finals.

Women's Masters Winners
Women's Masters winners with their medals

The Taiwanese and a second Korean settled for the bronze medals as losers in the semi-finals. Kim Yu-Min had won her first gold medal in the Trios event and her individual gold in the All Events before winning her second gold.

Korea's double victory in the Masters event earned them the overall champion title with a medal haul of 6-4-8. Japan, who led before the Masters finals, settled for second with 4-6-5.

Chinese Taipei and China were the two other countries to have picked up a gold medal. Chinese Taipei's men won the Doubles gold while China's men won the Trios. Six countries participated in the week-long championship.

Photos courtesy of Korean Bowling Congress.

Grand double for Japan

13th June, Andong: Japan took a grand double victory in the 5-player Team event of the 25th East Asian Pacific Bowling Championship after their men finally won their first gold medal while the women claimed their third on Monday.

25th East Asian Pacific C'ship logo

Top seed Sasaki Tomoyuki, Teshima Daichi, Takahashi Toshihiko, Wada Shogo and Masatoki Yoshinao edged favourite and host nation, Korea 1098-1070 in a thirlling final match to win their first gold of the championship.

The Japanese men, who had played second fiddle winning four silver medals in the Singles, Doubles, Trios and All Events finally nailed their gold.

Japan, who led the first block by 147 pins over the pursueing Korea, ended the second block over the long oil pattern with a comfortable 329 pins margin and sailed pass No. 4 seed, Chinese Taipei, 1146-938 in the semi-final.

Men's Team Gold
Japanese men winning their first gold medal

Korea's Choi Min-Hyuk, Park Geun-Woo, Lee Cheol-Soo, Kim Jin-Hyuk and Jung Jae-Hoon easily beat No. 3 seed, Hong Kong 1148-1063 in the other semi but were denied the victory by Japan in the final.

The champion totaled a massive 6739 pinfalls followed by Korea with 6410. Hong Kong improved from fourth after the first block to third with 6174 while Chinese Taipei advanced with 6074 in fourth.

Korea did come away with their second gold medal after Choi Min-Hyuk topped the Men's All Events with 5561 to take the gold. Singles silver medalist, Takahashi Toshihiko again had to settle for the silver with 5503 and Park Geun-Woo took the bronze with 5496.

Meanwhile, No. 1 seed Japan had a bye in the semi-final to advance straight into the final match where they trashed Chinese Taipei, 1131-971 to join their male counterpart in celebrating a grand double victory.

Sasaki Natsuki, Totsuka Rie (replacing Harigaya Junko in the second block), Asada Rina, Matsuda Haruka and Ishimine Kanako had topped the 6-game 5-player qualifying round with 6086.

Chinese Taipei, who finished second with 6076, defeated Korea, 982-932 in the other semi-final match but found the Japanese women too strong and had to settle for the silver medal. Korea, who came away with the bronze medal, took third position with 6041.

Women's Team Gold
The Japanese women joining the celebration with their victory

The host nation did win themselves a gold and bronze medal in the Women's All Events after Kim Yu-Mi and Kim Hee-Jung totaled 5076 and 5042 respectively. Harigaya Junko of Japan took the silver with 5061.

Japan's victory in team event put them back in front of the overall medal tally with 4 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze medals. Korea sat in second with 4 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze medals.

The top 16 men advanced into the Masters shootout finals (best of 3 matches) where the winners will proceed into the quarter-finals. The top 8 women will start from the quarter-finals stage.

Photos courtesy of Korean Bowling Congress.

First gold for China

12th June, Andong: Zhang Peng, Mi Zhongli and Du Jianchao gave China their first gold medal of the 25th East Asian Pacific Tenpin Bowling Championship with victory in the Men's Trios while the Korea won the gold and silver in the women's division.

25th East Asian Pacific C'ship logo

Singles bronze medalist, Zhang Peng teamed up with Mi Zhongli and Du Jianchao to easily beat the second Japanese trio of Wada Shogo, Teshima Daichi and Muroi Suguru, 673-572 to win their first gold medal in the competition.

The second Chinese trio, who was seeded fourth, narrowly edged top seed and the second Korean trio of Choi Min-Hyuk, Park Geun-Woo and Kim Jin-Hyuk, 626-622 in the first semi-final.

Wada, Teshima and Muroi eliminated No. 2 seed and team-mates, Sasaki Tomoyuki, Takahashi Toshihiko and Masatoki Yoshinao, 683-632 in the second all-Japanese semi-final match to advance to the final.

Men's Trios Gold
Trios gold medalist, China with their medals

But the Japanese trio just could not repeat the splendid form they showed against their compatriot earlier to settle for the silver medal. The Korean men, who had finished as top seed in the two previous event, again failed to progress and eliminated in the semi.

Korea had ended the second block on short oil pattern in the lead with 4190 followed by the first Japanese trio on 4129 in second spot and the second Japanese trio third with 4010. China made the cut in fourth with 3803.

Meanwhile, the top seed again failed to win in two events. The first Korean trio and No. 3 seed Kim Ji-Hyun, Kim Ji-Hye and Kim Yu-Mi defeated compatriots, Lee Da-Hye, Kim Hee-Jung and Jo Ye-Seul, 576-551 in the all-Korean final to take the gold.

The Korean women had won a silver and bronze medal in the opening Singles event but failed to make the knockout finals in the Doubles event on the second day.

The third seed ousted the first Japanese trio of Matsuda Haruka, Asada Rina and Ishimine Kanako, 663-639 to advance to the final while the second Korean trio knocked out the second Japanese trio of Harigaya Junko, Sasaki Natsuki and Totsuka Rie, 640-628 to assure themselves either a gold or silver.

Women's Trios Gold
Trios gold medalists, Kim Ji-Hye, Kim Ji-Hyun, and Kim Yu-Mi

The champion qualified as No. 3 seed with 3813 pinfalls after the second block of three games over short oil. The other Korean trio topped the block with 3813 ahead of the second Japanese trio with 3824.

The final knockout spot went to the first Japanese trio with a total of 3666. Kim Hee-Jung of Korea topped the All Events standings after three events with 3853 while Choi Min-Hyuk led the men's division with 4217.

Japan and Korea tied top spot in the overall medal tally with 2 gold each but Japan has 3 silver medals to Korea's two. China is third with a medal haul of 1-1-1.

Competition resumes with the Five-Player team event over two blocks of three games on short oil in the first block and long oil in the second. The top 16 men and top 8 women in the All Events will advance to the Masters Elimination shootout finals.

Photos courtesy of Korean Bowling Congress.

Japan wins second gold

11th June, Andong: Matsuda Haruka and Ishimine Kanako won Japan's second gold medal at the 25th East Asian Pacific Tenpin Bowling Championship after defeating China in the Women's Doubles finals while Chinese Taipei won their gold in the men's division.

25th East Asian Pacific C'ship logo

Japan's first pair of Matsuda Haruka and Ishimine Kanako, who was seeded fourth, defeated China's Chen Dongdong and Zhang Yuhong, 457-430 to win their second gold medal. Matsuda posted a superb 257 to add to Ishimine's 200 to wrap up the title.

Both Chen and Zhang shot identical 215 but found the Japanese pair too strong and had to settle for the silver medal.

The champion ousted the top seed and Chinese Taipei's third pair of Chien Hsiu-Lan and Tsai Hsin-Yi, 425-399 in the first semi-final while China edged another Chinese Taipei's pair of Pan Yu-Fen and Wang Ya-Ting, 368-358 in the other semi.

Women's Doubles Gold
Ishimine Kanako and Matsuda Haruka with Japan's second gold

Chien and Tsai had earlier topped the 6-games Doubles qualifying round over long oil pattern with 2614 followed by China's Chen and Zhang in second with 2445. Pan and Wang finished third with 2406 while the champion squeezed into the knockout finals in fourth with 2401.

Meanwhile, Chinese Taipei won their first gold medal after No. 2 seed, Cheng Hsing-Chao and Hung Kun-Yi beat No, 4 seed, Wada Shogo and Masatoki Yoshinao of Japan, 425-384 in the Men's Doubles final.

Cheng scored 196 with Hung posting a splendid 229 in the final to beat the Japanese pair. The champion had beaten another Japanese pair of Sasaki Tomoyuki and Singles silver medalist, Takahashi Toshihiko, 451-407 to advance.

Wada and Masatoki reached the final after eliminating top seed, Kim Byung-Suk and Choi Min-Hyuk of Korea, 443-436 in the other semi to face the Taiwanese pair.

Men's Doubles Gold
Doubles gold medalist, Cheng Hsing-Chao and Hung Kun-Yi

The Korean first pair topped the 6-game qualifying round with 2691 ahead of the champion in second with 2651. Both the Japanese pair finished third and fourth with 2627 and 2590 to make the knockout final.

Singles gold medalist, Kim Jin-Hyuk and Choi Min-Hyuk occupied one-two in the Men's All Events with 2763 and 2760 after two events ahead of Singles bronze medalist, Zhang Peng of China third with 2731.

Japan topped the medal standings after two events with 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze ahead of Korea second with 1 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals. Chinese Taipei is third with 1 gold and 2 bronze medals.

Asada Rina of Japan topped the Women's standings with 2602 despite not winning any medals yet. Singles bronze medalist, Kim Ji-Hye finished second with 2597 while Doubles bronze medalist, Tsai Hsin-Yi occupied third with 2559.

Photos courtesy of Korean Bowling Congress.

Good start for host nation

10th June, Andong: Kim Jin-Hyuk gave host nation, Korea a good start with a victory in the Men's Singles at the 25th East Asian Pacific Tenpin Bowling Championship while Harigaya Junko of Japan denied Korea a double by winning the Women's Singles gold.

25th East Asian Pacific C'ship logo

Top seed, Kim Jin-Hyuk ousted No. 4 seed and team-mate, Park Geun-Woo 224-180 in the semi-final to advance to the title match as No. 2 seed, Takahashi Toshihiko of Japan edged No. 3 seed, Zhang Peng of China, 225-209 to face the Korean.

Takahashi was simply no match for Kim as the Korean cruised to a comfortable victory of the Japanese, 224-198 to give host nation, Korea their first gold medal. Takahahsi settled for silver while the losing semi-finalists took home a bronze medal each.

The champion had ended the 6-game Singles played over short oil pattern earlier with 1459 thanks to a back-to-back 279s in games four anf five. Takahashi, who led at the halfway mark, finished second with 1405.

Men's Singles Gold
Kim Jin-Hyuk with his first gold medal for Korea

Zhang Peng and Park made the knockout finals in third and fourth positions with 1404 and 1403 respectively. Hong Kong's Leo Tse Chn Yin missed the cut by 5 pins after finishing fifth with 1398.

Korean almost ended the opening day with a double but was denied by Harigaya Junko of Japan when she narrowly defeated No. 4 seed, Jo Ye-Seul of Korea, 206-194 in the final. The third seed trashed second-seed, Lee Da-Hye of Korea, 227-183 in the first semi-final.

Top seed, Kim Ji-Hye of Korea lost to team-mate Jo, 216-231 in the all-Korean second semi-final match. Jo settled for the silver medal while the other two Koreans took a bronze medal each.

Lee had set the pace for two games during the earlier Singles qualifying but was overtaken by Kim, who ent on to end the 6-games with 1413. Lee finished second with 1371 followed by Harigaya and Jo in third ans fourth.

Women's Singles Winners
Women's Singles winners with their medals

Ishimine Kanako of Japan missed the cut by 3 pins after finishing fifth with another Japanese, Asada Rina in sixth, a further 1 pin away.

Photos courtesy of Korean Bowling Congress.

Simple ceremony kicks off EAP

9th June, Andong: A simple opening ceremony will kick off the 25th East Asian Pacific Tenpin Bowling Championship commencing June 10 to 14 at Andong Bowling Center, Andong City 191 km south-west of the capital city of Korea, Seoul.

25th East Asian Pacific C'ship logo

Over 80 bowlers and team officials from six countries were at Andong Bowling Center for the official opening ceremony graced by the Guest of Honor, the Mayor of Andong City. Participaing countries are China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Chinese Taipei and host Korea.

Mr Chi Joong-Sup, president of the Korean Bowling Congress was on hand to welcome participants and officials to the championship after the opening speech by the mayor of Andong City.

The distinguished guests, participants and officials also witnessed the Korean traditional dance performed by the Arts and Cultural Group of the city.

Korean Traditional Dance
Korean traditional dance performed during the opening

Members from the host took the players' oath in front of Mr Chi Joong-Sup immediately after the traditional dance performances.

Earlier in the day, bowlers went through their official practices divided into two squads trying out the short and long oil pattern which will be used for the week-long championship.

The team managers' meeting was held at 10.00am in the morning in which Mr Kim Eun-Young, technical delegate conducted. Mr Kim also conducted the lane draw for all the events. Delegates also attended the East Asian Pacific Bowling Congress general assembly held yesterday.

The championship comprises of Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team of Five and Masters. The top four finishers in each of the event will make the cut for the semi-finals elimination round with the losers winning a bronze medal each.

Mayor of Andong City Speech
Mayor of Andong delivering his welcome speech

The winners will advance to the final for the gold and silver medal. The top 16 men in the All Events standings will advance to the Masters knockout rounds in the best of 3 matches.

The top 8 women in the All Events standings will also advance to the Masters quarter-final knockout rounds together with the winners of the top 16 round.

Photos courtesy of Korean Bowling Congress.

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