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Championship Title
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Philippine scores fabulous double

20th June, Manila: National bowlers, Liza Clutario and Chester King scored a fabulous double when they clinched the Women's and Men's Open Masters titles of the 39th Philippines International Open which ended Sunday evening.

39th Philippine Open logo

Chester King, who topped the earlier 8-game Round 2 finals in pole position with 1723, defeated Joonee Gatchalian of MTBA, 210-198 in an all-Filipino finals to break a five-year title drought and win his second Philippine Open crown.

King had a slight lead over his challenger, Gatchalian in the title match but a split in the eighth frame from the top seed provided a slim chance for Gatchalian to force a sudden-death decider.

Fortunately, King kept his cool to roll a turkey from frame nine ending with 210 which forced Gatchalian needing to strike out for a tie and a ninth and tenth frame roll-off. But Gatchalian failed to capitalise ending with 198.

Men's Open Champion
Chester King ending a five-year title drought

"It's been a tough finals and my opponent had his large supporters behind him," said the relieved Chester King. "I'm glad I hung on for this victory. I've been bowling well especially after the third game.

Gatchalian ousted fifth-seed Cha Ji Hyun of Uiwang, Korea and second-seed, Zaid Izlan of Malaysia, 194-187-192 in the second match to advance to the finals. Cha defeated two Filipinos No. 6 seed, Jeff Carabeo and No. 4 seed and Round 1 leader, Jumar Jumapao, 204-185-157 in the first match.

Meanwhile, top seed Liza Clutario clinched the fabulous double for her country when she edge challenger, Lara Posadas of PBAP-Bowlmart in a low scoring finals, 160-151 to win the Philippine Open for the first time.

Clutario, whose last title was back in 2002 winning the Penang Pesta Open title in Malaysia, had finished in pole in the earlier Round 2 finals with 1660.

No. 4 seed, Lara Posadas took the first match by defeating fifth-seed, Lovella Catalan of MTBA and sixth-seed, Putty Armein of Indonesia, 225-179-162 to advance to the second match. Posadas then edged third-seed Rachelle Leon and second-seed, Sin Li Jane of Malaysia, 176-163-154 in the second match.

Ladies' Open Champion
Top 3 winners, Posadas, Clutario and Sin Li Jane

Chester King won the top prize of 250,000 peso (approx US$7,500) as champion while Liza Clutario won 100,000 peso (approx. US$2,500). The first runnerups took home 100,000 peso and 40,000 peso respectively.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

Top spot for Youth champion

19th June, Manila: Newly-crowned Youth Boys Masters champion, Jumar Jumapao outclassed a top field of thirty-three to claim top spot in Round 1 of the Men's Open Masters finals at the 39th Philippines International Open on Saturday evening.

39th Philippine Open logo

Jumar Jumapao of BTA-Prima, who won the Youth Masters crown for the second time two days earlier, set a blistering pace with a superb opening game of 237 to lead Hall of Famer and 7-time winner, Paeng Nepomuceno of PBC-Nutrilite by 7 pins.

Japanese veteran, Tadashi Fujita fired 223 in his first game and then a scintilating 278 in his second to take over the running as RJ Feria of MBA-RP surged into second spot, 47 pins adrift.

Jumapao bounced back with another superb 269 to move back up but was contend with second spot as Fujita continued with a good game of 224. A poor game from the Japanese in the fourth allowed Jumapao, who shot 254 to regain pole midway through the round.

Jumar Jumapao
Jumar Jumapao finishing strongly for pole

The 20-year-old showed a clean pair of heels to roll 205, 234, 192 and easing up with 174 to claim top spot with 1767 and a comfortable 67 pins margin ahead of Qatar's southpaw, Khalid Al-Doseri, who stormed home to snatch second with 1700.

Hong Kong's Carlos Lai Ka Long did extremely well to take up third spot with 1657 followed by Philippines' Asian Games training squad member, Collins Jose in fourth with 1650.

But the limelight was stolen by Uiwang's Won Jong Yoon after he shot th tournament's first perfect 300 in his final game to round up the top 5 with 1644. Won will pocket the 50,000 peso if no one else can acheive the same feat.

Early front runner, Tadashi Fujita slipped down to seventh behind MTBA's Joonee Catchalian in sixth position. Jeff Carabeo and RJ Bautisa tied in 12th position and had a roll-off to break the tie and make the next round.

Won Jong Yoon
First perfect game from Won Jong Yoon

Carabeo beat Bautista, 193-171 in the tie breaker to join the top 12 who will advance to Round 2 together with the top 6 seeded local and top 6 seeded overseas qualifiers for another 8 games. The top 6 will make the cut for the stepladder finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

Filipinas dominate Round 1

19th June, Manila: Filipinas dominated the first round of the Women's Open Masters finals of the 39th Philippines International Open by occupying the top 4 positions with Lovella Catalan of MTBA taking pole position on Saturday.

39th Philippine Open logo

2008 Masters champion and national bowler, Krizziah Tabora got off to a good start with an opening game of 203 only to lead Bettina Bayani by a single pins as fifteen finalists took to the lanes at Paeng's Midtown Bowl at the busy Robinson's Place shopping mall.

But Krizziah's lead was short-lived as newcomer, Patricia Tao of TBAM-Prima took over the running after firing two consistent first two games of 200 and 205 followed by Lovella Catalan of MTBA.

Patricia kept a constant pace to lead and remained in front till the halfway mark when Krizziah recovered with 225, 194 and 209 to regain the lead, 7 pins ahead of Patricia and Lovella a further 48 pins aways in third.

Lovella Catalan
Lovella Catalan ending the first round in pole

The pair enganged is a fierce battle and were lock together to share the lead after the seventh game with nothing between them as Lovella reduce her gap to the leading duo to just 4 pins.

Lovella finished the strongest of the trio to clinch pole position with 1518 as Krizziah settled for second spot with 1510. Patricia failed to maintain her pace slipping down to third with 1497.

Two-time Philippines Open champion, Liza Del Rosario finished fourth with 1485 to give Philippines the top four positions while defending champion, Fatin Syazliana of Malaysia completed the top 5.

The top 12 finalists advanced into the second round starting from scratch to be joined by the top 3 seeded local and top 3 seeded overseas qualifiers for another 8 games in tomorrow's Round 2 contest. Missing the cut by just 5 pins was Youth Girl's champion, Alexis Sy of TBAM-Prima-RP.

Ladieds O Round 1 Top 3
Top 3 finishers, Krizziah Tabora, Lovella Catalan and Patricia Tao

The men will contest their Round 1 finals over 8 games later today and the top 12 finishers will also be joined by the top 6 seeded local and top 6 overseas qualifiers for their Round 2 finals on Sunday.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

Champs up for the challenge

18th June, Manila: Philippine national bowler, Raoul Miranda and Fatin Syazliana of Malaysia are up for the challenge to defend the Men's and Women's Open Masters titles when the 39th Philippines International Open finals get underway tomorrow.

39th Philippine Open logo

Raoul Miranda, who is bound for the Men's World Championship in Munich this August, is hopeful that successfully defending the Men's title will certainly give a timely boost his confidence.

However, Raoul will have to get through the first hurdle when he bowls in the Round 2 finals after having rolled a 6-game aggregate of 1379 to finish fourth in the local pool. The top 6 will automatically advance into Round 2 finals.

2008 champion, Benshir Layoso of MTBC-Henrich-RP headed the local pool with 1416 followed by Richie Poblete of TBAM-Prima in third with 1395. Frederick Ong, Chester King and Gypo Poblete made up the top 6 for byes into Round 2.

Raoul Miranda
Raoul Miranda to defend the men's title

Hong Kong's Michael Chan remained in front of the overseas pool with 1371 followed by Uiwang's Cha Ji Hyun, who improved from tenth to second with 1356. 2009 ABF Tour Macau leg champion, Michael Tsang also improved from second in the mixed pool to third with 1346.

Malaysia's Kang Bo Long took up an impressive fourth place with 1333 while early leader, Tomokatsu Maeda of Japan finished sixth to earn automatic berths in Round 2 finals.

Meanwhile, Fatin Syazliana, who just arrive Manila today after her participation in the Malaysian Games in which she won a silver medal in the Girl's Masters event, will take to the lanes to complete her doubles and trios before her attempts.

She certainly has the credentials to make the top 3 in the overseas pool to earn a bye. Her team-mate and newly-crowned Singapore Open champion, Sin Li Jane topped the pool with 1332 ahead of Putty Armein of Indonesia in second with an improved 1320.

Hong Kong's Tan Shun Yee in third with 1204 will be easy for Fatin to beat so that she can secure the bye. Hong Kong's Ho Sze Yui finished fourth with 1200.

Fatin Syazliana
Women's defending champion, Fatin Syazliana

The top 3 positions in the local pool remained unchanged with Liza Clutario of PBC-RP leading with 1258. Newcomer, Lingling De Guzman of MTBA-RP and 2008 Philippine Open champion, Krizziah Tabora completed the top 3 with 1251 and 1244.

Other qualifiers will contest the 8-game Round 1 finals tomorrow where the field will be cut to the top 12 men and top 12 women. A desperado squad will be held at the end of today's qualifying round for the top 4 to join the finals too.

The men will be joined by the top 6 seeded local men and top 6 seeeded overseas qualifiers for Round 2. The women will be joined by the top 3 seeded local and top 3 seeded overseas qualifiers for Round 2.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

Malaysian takes over lead

17th June, Manila: Newly-crowned Singapore Open champion, Sin Li Jane put in a superb performance at th 39th Philippines International Open to take over the Women's Open Masters qualifying table on Thursday.

39th Philippine Open logo

Fresh from capturing the Women's crown of the Singapore Open two weeks ago, backup squad member, Sin Li Jane of Malaysia took to the lanes at Paeng's Midtown Bowl, Robinson's Palace for her first attempt.

The 18-year-old from Perak rolled 220, 177 and 236 for a total of 633. In her second subsequent attempt, Li Jane set the lanes ablazed with lines of 254, 234 and 211 for a score of 699.

Li Jane's two best attempt thus far gave her a six-games aggregate of 1332 propelling her into the front of the Women's Open Masters qualifying standings. Her pole position also earned her an automatic entry into Round 2 finals.

Sin Li Jane
Sin Li Jane taking over the lead

Overnight leader, Putty Armein of Indonesia settled for second with 1296 from attempts of 699 and 597. Putty may regain the lead with an improved second best score of 597. Hong Kong's Tam Shun Yee tool third spot in the overseas pool with 1204.

Liza Clutario of PBC-RP maintained her lead in the local pool with 1258 followed by 2008 Philippines Open champion, Krizziah Tabora in second with 1244 and two-time champion, Liza Del Rosario third with 1205.

In the Men's Open division, overnight veteran Tomokatsu Maeda of Izakawa, Japan slipped down to second in the overseas pool with 1319 after Hong Kong's youngster, Michael Chan improved his total of 1371.

The 19-year-old tourism undergratuate two best series of 674 from his fourth attempt and 697 from his sixth attempt helped secure his Round 2 finals as pole-setter. Qatar's Abdulla Haroon finished second with took second with 1297 followed by Uniwang's Cha Ji Hyun of Korea improving to third with 1274.

The top 6 men fro the overseas pool and top 6 men fro the local pool will automatically advance into Round 2 finals.

Michael Chan
Michael Chan improving to claim pole position

The local pool's top spot went to 2008 champion, Benshir Layoso of MTBC-Henrich-RP with a total of 1416. He led ex-national Richie Poblete of TBAM-Prima in second and Frederick Ong third with 1395 and 1391.

Qualifying will end tomorrow, June 18 with the Masters finals to be staged over two days, June 19 and 20. The men's champion will stand to take home the top prize of 250,000 peso (approx. US$5,500) and the women's top prize is 100,000 peso (approx. US$2,500).

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

National youth claims first win

16th June, Manila: National youth Alexis Sy of TBAM-Prima claimed her first international title after she triumphed in the Youth Girls Masters finals of the 39th Philippines International Open on Wednesday evening.

39th Philippine Open logo

The 17-year-old did not have the best of starts, managing only 181 and 174 in her first two games as Alyssa Corpuz of UAE-ADFBC and another nationa youth, Kim Lao of TBAM-Prima-RP led the first two.

Kim downed 203, 207 and 228 for a superb 638 series to open up a gap of 68 pins over Lara Posadas of PBAP-Bowlmart in second. Kim continued to lead the field with Anne Ramirez od PBAP-Bowlmart homing in to second spot after the fourth game.

Alexis Sy began to gradually recover from her slow start to trail Kik midway through the 10-game finals by 34 pins. Two superb 242 and 237 in Alexis' sixth and seventh games saw the Asian Schools-bound taking over the running 27 pins ahead of Kim.

Youth Girls Champion
Alexis Sy with her first international title

But Kim fought back with 233 in the ninth game to regain the lead as Alexis slipped down to third behind Anne Ramirez moving up into second spot.

Alexis ended with 184 to clinch the victory with 2002 while the front runners suffered bad games to throw away the chances. Kim managed 169 to hang on to second spot with 1950 while Anne Ramirez downed 147 to slip down to third with 1933.

Meanwhile, former national youth Jomar Jumapao of BTA-Prima won his second consecutive Youth Boys Masters crown after totaling 2013 in the 10-game finals. Kevin Custodio and Kevin Cu had battled for the lead in the early stages, but it was the 19-year-old Jomar who finished strongly toward the end to take the victory.

Kevin Cu of TBAM-Prima settled for second with 1986, 27 pins adrift while Ederick Florencio stormed home to snatch third spot with 1971. Jayson Tubid finished fourth with 1931 ahead of LJ Laderas rounding up the top 5 with 1901.

Jomar won 20,000 peso for his victory with Kevin Cu and Ederick taking home 10,000 and 5,000 respectively. Alexis won 15,000 peso as the girl's champion.

Youth Boys Champion
A second consecutive Youth Masters crown for Jomar Jumapao

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

Filipino eying to regain title

16th June, Manila: Filipino Benshir Layoso of MTBA-Henrich-RP is eying to regain the title he won in 2008 after topping the Men's Open Masters qualifying table of the 39th Philippines International Open underway at Paeng's Midtown Bowl.

39th Philippine Open logo

In only his fourth attempt, the 40-year-old Benshir fired and sizzling 710 thee-game series to add to his earlier best series of 669 for a 6-game aggregate of 1379 putting him firmly pole position.

Benshir, a member of the Philippine national team and a sales representative of a leading cosmetic company in Manila, will be hoping that a return in form and capturing the title would earn him a place in this year's World Men's Championship in Munihc and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

Benshir created history when he also captured the ABF Tour Philippine leg follwing his triumph in the open championship in 2008. Ex-national, Richie Poblete of TBAM-Prima did well to take up second spot

Benshir Layoso
2008 champion, Benshir Layoso leading the table

with a respectable 1416 ahead of Frederick Ong of TBAM-Prima-RP third with 1395.

Chester King, 7-time champion, Paeng Nepomuceno and Biboy Rivera rounded up the top 6 local qualifiers who will earn bye into Round 2 finals. Japan's Tomokazu Maeda topped the overseas pool with 1319.

Qatar's Abdulla Haroon and Khalid Al-Doseri finished second and third positions with 1267 and 1251 respectively followed by three Hong Kong youths, Micahel Tsang, Law Kwun Ho and Carlos Lai Ka Long completing the top 6.

Meanwhile, top title contender for the Women's crown will undoubtedly be the in-form, Liza Clutario after posting 1258 from two of her best three-attempts. Clutario, who won a bronze medal in the Singles event at the 2002 Asian Games, will also be hoping that a return to form will boost her confidence for this year's games in Guangzhou.

Clutario, who has just graduated as a nurse, has taken a year's break to concentrate on her preparation for the games before practising her trade. 2008 champion, Krizziah Tabora of TBAM-Prima-RP finished second with 1244.

Rachelle Leon of TBAM-Prima-RP took third spot with 1198 which will earn her a bye into Round 2 finals. Hong Kong's Tam Shun Yee led the

Liza Clutario
Women's title contender, Liza Clutario

overseas pool with 1204 followed by Indonesia's Putty Armein in second with 1102 and another Hong Kong youth, Ho Sze Yui third with 1000.

Malaysia's Fatin Syazliana, who will arrive on June 18 to defending the women's title, is currently competing in the Malaysian Games which will end tomorrow. Raul Miranda is the men's defending champion.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

Hall of Famer shows old sparks

15th June, Manila: International Hall of Famer and 9-times Women's champion, Bong Coo showed her old sparks to bag the Women's Senior Masters crown of the 39th Philippines International Open at Paeng's Midtown Bowl, Robinson's Place.

39th Philippine Open logo

Bowling under the banner of MBA-Timberpro-Prima, Bong Coo opened accounts with a splendid 214 to lead Carmen Talosig of PBA by 27 pins. But a lowly second game cost her the lead which went to Jingay Facuri of MBA-Timerpro, 10 pins ahead.

The 62-year-old Bong Coo was still able to display her usual fighting spirit to bounch back with 190 and 188 to regain the lead only to lose it again thereafter to Nelia Santos of PBA.

As Nelia continue to lead the field, Bong Coo was steadily making up grounds to reduce the gap between herself and the leader. Bong Coo was 25 pins behind going into the final game and she finished strongly with 230 to snatch the victory with 1947.

Women's Senior Champion
Women's Senior champion, Bong Coo with her trophy

The victory was Bong Coo's second triumph in the senior division. She took the same title two years ago at SM Bowling Center. Nelia Santos settled for second with 1921 while Jungay Facuri took third spot with 1831.

Meanwhile, Lito Santarinala of SLETBA-Fil Estate clinched the Men's Senior Masters title with a total of 2037, just 2 pins ahead of Hilton Hernando of PTBA in second with 2035 and Ceasar Muere of AMBA third 2032.

Tadashi Fujita of Japan missed the podium with a fourth place finish with 2021 while Lino Diamante, who was battling for the lead with the champion most of the way, fizzled off in the final stages to end up in fifth position.

The Youth Boys and Youth Girls finals will be held tomorrow at 8.00pm while qualifying for the Open, Graded and Associate division continued until June 18. The Open Masters finals will be staged on June 19 and 20.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Manila.

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