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Titles to Singapore and USA

14th November, Mexico: Jasmine Yeong-Nathan took an historical victory for Singapore in a high-scoring Women's finals of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup as Derek Eoff retained the Men's title for USA in Hermosillo on Friday evening.

44th AMF World Cup logo

Jasmine, who became the first Singapore women to make the stepladder finals and nearly recorded another perfect game, demolished defending champion, Ann-Maree Putney of Australia, 263-222 and 298-215 in the finals.

In a high-scoring women's finals, topseed, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan of Singapore wasted no time in her attempt to stop the defending champion and challenger, Ann-Maree Putney of Australia retaining the title.

The leader of the Top 24 rounds and the quarterfinals struck nine consecutive strikes and had a split in her last frame. But it did not matter as she had easily took the game, 263-222 in the first match.

Women Champion
Jasmine Yeong-Nathan lifting the cup

The Singaporean, already with a perfect game to her credit during the preliminary round, looked set to score her second after 11 consecutive strikes in in front of a TV telecast but left two pins standing in her final throw.

Putney mounted her challenge but went down galantly with a score of 245 to Jasmine's 298 giving the title to the topseed and its first-ever for her country.

"I just tried to throw the best ball I could and if that meant a 300, then that is what it meant," said the 20-year-old media and communications student and newly-crowned champion. "I've been having some psychology sessions before coming here and concentrating on my refocusing plan, coping with setbacks. These sessions have really helped me. I'm very happy and honoured to bring back the World Cup title to Singapore for the first time."

Jasmine paid tribute to her coach, Mervyn Foo. "He was in our national team for many years and it is great to have a coach who understands what a major tournament is all about."

This is the first time that Singapore has ever won the Bowling World Cup in either the men's or the women's section. "I've been keeping in touch with home by texting my family on my i-phone," Jasmine said. "I know there is a lot of interest in what I have done here but I don’t know what to expect when I get home."

Putney had earlier ended the hopes of debutant and third-seed, Zara Glover of England when the Aussie defeated Glover, 246-219 and 248-202 to meet the topseed and a chance to become the first Australian to successfully defend the crown.

In the men's section, Derek Eoff retained the men's title for USA when he beat challenger, Martin Larsen of Sweden in the finals. But the victory was hard fought after being forced into the third and deciding game.

The topseed was edged, 221-229 in the first game and tied at 279 in the second strike-fest game. A 9 and 10 frame roll-off decided the second game in fovour of the American, 59-37. The Swede ran out of steam as Eoff rolled strikes after strikes to take the third game and the title.

"This is by far my biggest win ever, way ahead of anything else. I knew I would be up against some great players and I kept looking at the QubicaAMF web site to see who would be playing here," said the 28-year-old Eoff, who works for the USBC in the Sport Bowling programme.

Men Champion
World Cup champion, Derek Eoff of USA

"I was very lucky to have Jeri (Edwards) as my coach here. She has so much experience of previous World Cups and really helped me here this week."

In the first match, Martin Larsen of Sweden defeated third-seed, Zulmazran Zukifli of Malaysia, by two games to one, 203-187, 180-237 and 249-187 to advance into the finals against Eoff.

Eoff went to University in Nebraska, attracted there by their bowling programme, and studied for a degree in business management. He plays other sports, notably baseball, soccer and softball, but his key way to keep fit is to take his rescue dog, Reeses, for a walk.

The top country award went to Sweden, Martin Larsen having come second and Helen Johnsson 4th. The award for Sportsman and Sportswoman of the tournament will be presented at the farewell dinner and party later in the evening.

Photos courtesy of Hero Noda and QubicaAMF.

American, Singapore seals topseed

13th November, Mexico: Team USA's Derek Eoff and Singapore's Jasmine Yeong-Nathan sealed their stepladder final spots as topseed for the finals of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup showdown at Bol 300 in Hermosillo.

44th AMF World Cup logo

he top three to advance to the stepladder finals was more or less settled even before the position round matches were played. It was overnight leader, Derek Eoff who came out top again winning five matches and losing 3. Eoff's 40-games total plus 150 bonus points earned took him to 9369.

Sweden's Martin Larsen got the better of Malaysia's Zulmazran Zulkifli winning seven and losing just one match to amassed 9343 total to take second spot. Zulmazran, who shot the tournament's fifth perfect game yesterday, clinched the final stepladder spot with 9201, also winning seven and losing one match.

Canada's Jack Guay missed the cut despite winning four and losing four

Derek Eoff
Derek Eoff making the stepladder as topseed

matches. His total of 8890 was 311 pins off the pace of the Malaysian. UAE's Hussain Al-Suwaidi suffered the worst defeat winning only just one match and losing seven to drop from fourth to seventh.

Larsen will face off with Zulmazran in a best-of-three match semi-finals match which will be televised. The winner will meet the topseed in the finals.

Meanwhile, the women's division first two spots were also firmed up before the position round matches. Jasmine Yeong-Nathan of Singapore assured herself in the stepladder finals as topseed with four wins and four loses.

Her total was 9114, just 31 pins ahead of Aussie and defending champion, Ann-Maree Putney, who took second spot with 9083. The last spot was a more closely fought battle between England's Zara Glover and Sweden's Helen Johnsson.

There were just two pins separating Johnsson Glover with one game to go and they were playing each other in the position round. Glover opened the first frame and Johnsson opened the fourth.

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan
A first-ever stepladder finals appearance by a Singapore women

Then both women started striking. The Englishwomen left a single pin in the tenth and spared it, then struck, meaning that the Swede had to strike with her first ball. She left a single pin, finishing with a 225 game to Glover's 237, giving Glover the coveted last spot in tomorrow's stepladder final.

Zara said afterwards: "I feel sick. I'm shaking so much. I really thought I had blown it with that nine count in the tenth frame, as Helen lined up so well and I was sure she would strike. I can't believe it - I had a good first day but I had to come from so far behind to make the finals. It’s brilliant!"

Glover will face Putney in the semi-finals tomorrow with the winner meeting the Jasmine in the finals. Malaysia and Singapore have never won the World Cup either in the men's or the women's division. The two players will surely be trying to change that tomorrow.

Both finals will be live on Mexican TV and the men's final will be live on Eurosport, the women's being recorded for transmission on Saturday.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF and by Terence Yaw.

Overnight leaders leads Top 24 round

13th November, Mexico: Overnight leaders, Derek Eoff of Team USA and Jasmine Yeong-Nathan of Singapore continued to lead the field of Top 24 to advance into the Top 8 quarterfinals of the 44th QuabicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Hermosillo on Thursday.

44th AMF World Cup logo

Derek Eoff was again too good for the field of 24 as he shot 1903 in the eight-game round giving himself a 32-game total of 7403 to take pole and comfortably advanced into the round-robin quarterfinals.

Malaysia's Zulmazran Zulkifli continued to trail the American despite shooting the tournament's fifth perfert game in the second game of the eighth-game block. The Malaysian totaled 7230 but has narrowed the gap from 107 pins to 73.

Swede, Martin Larsen claimed third spot with 7213 ahead of UAE's Hussain Al-Suwaidi and Canada's Jack Guay in fourth and fifth spots. Luis Rodriguez of Puerto Rico and Leonidas Maragkos made the cut in sixth and seventh positions.

Derek Eoff
Derek Eoff led the Top 24 round

The most unlucky was perhaps Finland's Sami Konsteri, who was edged out by just 1 pin by Ireland's Paul Stott, who took the last spot with a total of 6988. France's Francois Sacco, who was sixth before the last game dropped to ninth.

In the women's round of 24 played earlier, Singapore's Jasmine Yeong-Nathan advanced into the next round with a 32-game total of 7259 but saw her lead of 107 reduced to just 49 pins from defending champion, Ann-Maree Putney of Australia.

Putney claimed second spot with 7210 ahead of Helen Johnsson of Sweden in third with 7171. England's Zara Glover moved up two notches to finish fourth with 7048 by posting the highest 8-game series of 1852.

Zulmazran Z
Zulmazran Zulkifli shooting the fifth perfect game

Finland's Krista Pollanen, Netherlands' Liasanne Breeschoten and two-time champion, Shanon Pluhowsky of USA took fifth to seventh positions while Canada's Jennifer Park edged France's Isabelle Sacco by 8 pins to clinch the final top 8 spot with 6798.

"I was lying 13th last night so my aim today was simply to make the top eight. I knew it might be close, but I didn’t realise it would be that close, so I'm really very happy to be in there for the semi finals," said the delighted Jennifer.

The top 8 men and women will return to Bol 300 in the afternoon for the eight games round-robin with 30 pins bonus for a win. The finals will be played on Friday and will be live on television.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF and by Terence Yaw.

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan
Another impressive run by Jasmine
American cements pole position

12th November, Mexico: Team USA's Derek Eoff cemented his pole position after another superb final block of six games in the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup at Bol 300 in Hermosillo on Wednesday.

44th AMF World Cup logo

The 28-year-old Eoff posted games of 257, 185, 218, 255, 235 and 194 for a 1344 final block to maintain the men's lead for the third consecutive day. He ended with 5500 after 24 games, an average of 229.17.

Zulmazran Zulkifli of Malaysia finished second with 5402 posting the highest six-games series of 1437. First block leader, Martin Larsen of Sweden was third with 5326. It took an average of 207.83 to make the top 24 in the men's division.

"I feel great, and I actually feel like I bowled better today than I did yesterday, even if the scores don't reflect that," said Eoff, a two-time Team USA member and first-time World Cup participant.

Derek Eoff
Derek Eoff comfortably making the next round

"I'm throwing the ball well and making my spares, and I think my shotmaking has gotten better each day. Hopefully, my reaction will be the same tomorrow, and I will try to get as many pins as I can heading into match play."

Canada's Jack Guay and current Asian Ranked No. 1, Hussain Al-Suwaidi of UAE made up the top 5 with 5281 and 5276 respectively. Three bowlers, Choi Won-Young of Korea, Jonathan Hocsman of Argentina and Marek Przezpolewski of Poland tied in 24th positions on 4988 to make the cut.

The tournament now moves to the quarter final stage, and the women will bowl again tomorrow morning (Thursday). They will play eight games

Zulmazran Z
Zulmazran Zulkifli crusing into the next round

before the cut to the top eight and the top eight will then bowl a further eight game round robin with bonus pins for winning.

Photos courtesy of Hero Noda.

Singaporean cruises into next round

12th November, Mexico: Overnight leader, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan of Singapore cruised into the Women's Top 24 round of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup as pole sitter at the end of the 24-games preliminary round.

44th AMF World Cup logo

The Singaporean, who took over the lead after scoring the tournament's third perfect game in her second block series, moved into the next round with a 24-game total of 5477, 107 pins ahead of defending champion, Ann-Maree Putney of Australia.

Jasmine, who competed in the the 2006 World Cup in Caracas and also made the Top 8 quarterfinals only to be knocked out and eventually finished seventh, looked much more stronger this time round.

Putney, who had a poor start in her first block, made up grounds in all her three subsequent blocks, remained second with a total of 5370. Sweden's Helen Johnsson shot the highest six-games series of 1415 to snatch third spot with 5364.

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan
Jasmine Yeong-Nathan comfortably taking pole position

Finn Krista Pollanen and second perfect gamer, Sara Vargas of Colombia rounded up the top 5 with 5345 and 5212. Katrien Goossens of Belgium squeezed into the final 24th place pipping the unlucky fourth perfect gamer, Cookie Lee of Hong Kong in 25th position.

All the top 24 women averaged over 200 and the overall average for all 63 women is 192.5. The tournament now moves to the quarter final stage, and the women will bowl again tomorrow morning (Thursday). They will play eight games before the cut to the top eight and the top eight will then bowl a further eight game round robin with bonus pins for winning.

Photos courtesy of SingaporeBowling.

American extends his lead

11th November, Mexico: Derek Eoff of USA extended his lead in the Men's division after the third block of the 44th QubicaAF Bowling World Cup ended at Bol 300 in Hermosillo on Tuesday evening.

44th AMF World Cup logo

The overnight leader posted 1366 to give himself a total of 4156 to lead Jack Guay of Canada by 103 pins. Guay, who totaled 4053 finished ahead of Hussain Al-Suwaidi of UAE in third on 4030. Jack had today's highest set of six games with 1397. First block leader, Martin Larsen of Sweden moved back up from sixth to fourth place on 4005.

Denmark's Jimmy Mortensen played well today, shooting 1385 to move up from 18th to eighth. George Frilongos of Australia also did well with a 1354 series which propelled him up from 22nd place to 12th.

The overall scoring has been high with the 82 men in the competition posting a joint average of 199.46. There are only six games more to play and the competition to be in the top 24 is fierce.

Derek Eoff
Derek Eoff leading Jack Guay by 103 pins

Currently in 24th place is Jonathan Hocsman of Argentina, though Chris Vandamme of Belgium is just 5 pins off the pace. Chris finished fifth when the tournament was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The fourth and final round of qualifying will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) and is expected to finish at about 8pm local time.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

Singaporean stretches lead

11th November, Mexico: Jasmine Yeong-Nathan of Singapore consolidated her lead in the Women’s division of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Hermosillo on Tuesday after the third block of six games.

44th AMF World Cup logo

The 20-year-old 2005 National champion bowled consistently with lines of 245, 244, 223, 227, 211 and 244 for a six-games total of 1394 to give the Singaporean a 18-game total of 4210.

Defending champion, Ann Maree Putney of Australia, continued to make up grounds with 1366 and a total of 4013 from fourth to second with Krista Pollanen of Finland in third on 3982.

Cookie Lee of Hong Kong became the third woman to shoot a 300 game of the tournament to haul herself up into 22nd place overall. Cookie, who played in the Bowling World Cup in South Africa in 1993 finished 38th.

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan
Jasmine Yeong-Nathan taking over the lead

"I've had four perfect games before this one, but never at an event as important as this. Even so, I was not nervous in the 10th frame at all," said the proshop operator in her native country.

The women now have just one set of six games to play before the cut to the top 24. At the moment the cut is 3589, a 199.3 average, with Michelle Ayala of Puerto Rico. Just off the pace is Nina Burmistrova of the Ukraine who has 24 pins to make up to catch up.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

Cookie Lee
Cookie Lee scoring the third perfect game
Singaporean shoots third perfect game

10th November, Mexico: Jasmine Yeong-Nathan of Singapore, shot the tournament's third perfect game of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup en-route to claiming pole position after the second block of six games was contested on Monday.

44th AMF World Cup logo

After a superb start in the first block yesterday when she trailed England's Zara Glover by 44 pins, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan set the lanes at Bol 300 in Hermosillo ablazed with lines of 238, 208, 276 and 232 to move to the front of the field with 2816.

The Singaporean suffered a slight setback with a lowly 182 in her fifth game allowing Finalnd's Krista Pollanen to move ahead of Jasmine. But the 20-year-old national kegler bounced back in style reeling off 12 consecutive strikes to score her first perfect game.

Jasmine, who competed in the 2006 World Cup in Caracas and finished seventh, became the third bowler to acheive the magical 300 and the second female to do so. Colombia's Sara Vargas was the first to shoot the perfect game in yesterday's first block.

Jasmine Yeong-Nathan
Jasmine Yeong-Nathan taking over the lead

"I'm so glad that I can compete in the AMF World Cup for the second time and to score a perfect game is just simply amazing," said the delighted Jasmine. "I set myself a target to make the top 8 cut before I arrive here but to lead this world class field just after two days of bowling is quite hard to believe.

Finn, Pollanen settled for second with 2739 followed by two-time champion, Shanon Pluhowsky of USA third with 2650. Defending champion, Ann-Maree Putney of Australia posted the highest six-game series of 1443 to haul herself up from 20th to fourth on 2647.

The bowlers will contest the third block on Tuesday and the final block on Wednesday for the field to be cut to 24.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

Asian shines in second block

10th November, Mexico: Current Asian Ranked No. 1, Hussain Al-Suwaidi of UAE led Squad B to surge into second spot behind new leader, Derek Eoff of USA after second block of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup was contested on Monday.

44th AMF World Cup logo

Asian Championship All Events gold medalist, Hussain Al-Suwaidi, who is debuting in his first World Cup, shot a superb 1369 to give himself a 12-game total of 2659 and moving up from 12th overnight to second position.

Derek Eoff of the USA, who shot the highest six-games series of 1450, took over the lead with 2790 with Luis Rodriguez of Puerto Rico and Jack Guay of Canada in joint third a further three pins behind on 2656. Zulmazran Zulkifli of Malaysia rounded up the top 5 with 2653.

The high spot of the day was the first men's 300 of the tournament, bowled by 20-year-old Nikita Koshilev of Russia. Nikita said afterwards: "This is just awesome, unbelievable. I never thought I would bowl a 300 in such a prestigious tournament as this. I feel I can fly!"

Hussain Al-Suwaidi
Hussain Al-Suwaidi leading Asia's charge

Overnight leader, Martin Larsen of Sweden, dropped to sixth place, 159 pins off the lead. Edmunds Jansons of Latvia is just five pins off the cut at this stage in 25th place.

Pual Stott of Ireland, Zilvinas Perminas of Lithuania, Adrian Judd of New Zealand and World Championship Singles bronze medalist, Francois Sacco of France completed the top 10 positions in a field of 83 men.

The tournament is now half-way through the men's qualifying and the cut for the top 24 is currently a 207.0 average, Jonathan Hocsman of Argentina. The competitors will contest another six games tomorrow (Tuesday) with the final six on Wednesday before the cut to the top 24.

Derek Eoff
New leader, Derek Eoff of USA

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

Debutant leads first block

9th November, Mexico: World Cup debutant, Zara Glover of England topped the Women's division at the end of the first block of the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup at Bol 300 in Hermosillo on Sunday.

44th AMF World Cup logo

Zara Glover set a scorching pace with a 278 opening game of the six-games first block qualifying rounds to lead two-time World Cup champion, Shanon Pluhowskey of USA, who downed 263.

Netherland's Lisamme Breeschoten over the early lead at the halfway mark after knocking down 236, 234 and 278 as Colombia's Sara Vargas shot the tournament's first perfect game in the second game.

Another 278 from Glover followed by a 240 in her final game giving the English debutant a total of 1424 to lead the field of 63 bowlers. Singapore's Jasmine Yeong-Nathan stormed home in the second half to claim second spot with 1380.

Zara Glover
Zara Glover thrilled to be leading the first block

"In the middle three games my timing went off so I had to try to get it back and it really worked with two good games to follow," said Zara Glover. "This is my first World Cup and I'm so excited to be here.

"Everyone has told me what a great tournament it is and I've come second in our qualifying twice. I've been trying to get through to the World Cup for 10 years so to be on top is especially thrilling for me, even if it is only after six games."

Zara was not the only star. Sara Vargas of Columbia thrilled the big crowd when she hit the magic 300, becoming the seventh woman to roll a perfect game in the history of the Bowling World Cup.

Sara was only able to play in the tournament as the original winner of the Columbian qualifying was unable to come. Sara commented: "I'm so lucky to be here and I'm so grateful for the chance to play. And then to bowl a 300! I can just imagine my parents' faces when they look on the internet!"

"I’ve been working in Saudi Arabia for two years, coaching the children so although I've not bowled many games myself, my game has actually been improving. I did wonder about my mental game, but I guess it’s OK!"

Pluhowskey finished fourth with 1346 behind Finland's Krita Pollanen, who shot 1373. Sara rounding up the top 5 with a total of 1334.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

Swede takes early lead

9th November, Mexico: Martin Larsen of Sweden took an early lead in the 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup after the first squad and remained in pole when the second squad completed their first block at Bol 300 in Hermosillo.

44th AMF World Cup logo

Martin hit 1372 over his six games, an average of 228.6, putting him 32 pins ahead of second placed Derek Eoff of the USA with Squad B leader, Jack Guay of Canada just three pins further back on 1337. Larsen shot consistent games of 234, 237, 234, 228, 241 and 198.

"I know the World Cup is a very long format and I wanted to focus on throwing a good ball, not chasing strikes but making my spares. And then I missed a single pin in the very first frame! After that, it went well and I'm very pleased with my game today," said the World Championship doubles silver medalist, Larsen.

Ireland's Paul Stott dropped to fourth overall with 1335 after the two squads were combined ahead of Malaysia's Zulmazran Zulkifli, who was second in Squad B. The Malaysian's 1323 put him fifth overall.

Martin Larsen
Martin Larsen leading after first block

High game of the tournament so far goes to Nikita Koshelev of Russia with 278. After a further three block of six games totaling of 24, the field will cut to the top 24 which is currently being occupied by Pithakvarakorn Phiriyahbhoon of Thailand on 1255.

Yesterday the tournament got off to a magnificent start with an opening ceremony and welcome party featuring local music and dances. The Governor of the State of Sonora, Eduardo Bours, who was a leading figure in supporting the bid to bring the Bowling World Cup to Bol 300, was present to officially open the championship.

ne highlight of the opening was a presentation to Fernando Gutierrez, owner of the host centre Bol 300, by Jack Guay. Jack played in the Bowling World Cup in 1994 when it was last in Hermosillo and became the first player ever to shoot a perfect game. He presented Mr Gutierrez with the very ball he had used and a picture to commemorate the achievement.

he tournament will finish on Friday 15th November and the finals will be live on Mexican television and on Eurosport in Europe.

Photos courtesy of QubicaAMF Worldwide.

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