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Championship Title
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Sports School youth captures title

19th June, Singapore: Top seed, Muhd Jaris Goh of Singapore Sports School needed the second match in the stepladder finals to defeat challenger, Muhammad Aizudeen of Malaysia to capture the Under-18 Masters title of the 5th Singapore Sports School International Bowling Championship.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

Muhd Jaris started cautiously in the first match against challenger, Muhammad Aizudeen of Megalanes, Malaysia with two spares but reeled in three consecutive strikes to take a 16 pin lead.

But Aizudeen rallied back with another double strike in the fifth and sixth frames after his earlier double in the second and third frames to narrow the gap to just 5 pins. The Malaysian then managed to spare a split in the seventh frame to keep the match alive.

Muhd Jaris then threw away a single-pin spare in the seventh frame to trail Aizudeen in reverse. The challenger then closed out the match with a turkey to beat Muhd Jaris, 212-202 and force the match into a decider.

2010 Champion
Muhd Jaris Goh beaming with joy as champion

The Sports School youth started the second match stronger this time while Aizudeen found difficulties in getting any connection strikes. An opened frame from Muhd Jaris did not matter much as the youngster was on a roll, striking home from frame seven to end the match with a superb 234.

Muhd Jaris has brought the title back to Singapore after Dechochai Tinjiratip of Thailand and Leo Tse of Hong Kong have won it for the past two years. Ng Chiew Pang was the other Singapore youth who had won the title in 2008 after Hong Kong's Michael Tsang claimed the inaugural crown in 2007.

Aizudeen finished the match with just 187 to settle for first runnerup position. The Malaysian, who finished third after the earlier 12-games finals, ousted No. 2 seed, Tay Kun Long of PBC, Singapore, 212-185 to face the top seed.

The champion ended the Masters finals with 2554, 38 pins ahead of Tay Kun Long with 2516 and Muhammad Aizudeen making the stepladder cut in third with 2511.

Top qualifier, Marie Alexis Sy of the Philippines missed the cut after finishing fourth with 2477 with Nu'Aim Syukri of Sports School completed the top 5 with 2469.

Top 3 Winners
Top 3 winners, Aizudeen, Muhd Jaris and Tay Kun Long

Guest of Honour, Mr Mervyn Foo, Technical Director of SingaporeBowling was on hand to present the prizes to the winners. Muhd Jaris won S$5,000 as champion, with Aizudeen taking home S$2,000 and Tay $S1,000.

Mr Mike Lam, General Manager of Sports School Bowling Academy, presented tokens of appreciation to the many participating teams and countries.

Seventy-two youths took part in the Under-14 division which saw Sports School's Charmaine Lim clinching the title. Ninety youths participated in the Under-18 division making a total of 162.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Filipina powers to the top

18th June, Singapore: Marie Alexis Sy of the Philippines powered to the top of the overall qualifying standings after ending the third block of the 5th Singapore Sports School International Bowling Championship on Saturday.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

Marie Alexis, who was second after the second block, shot a lower 6-game series in the third block with 1189 (1237 plus handicap) for an 18-game aggregate of 3804 and managed to emerge as overall leader as well as the final squad.

"I didn't bowl as well as yesterday but I managed to grind out a fairly consistent scoreline throughout the six games," said the slightly surprised Marie Alexis after hearing she had finished as overall leader.

"I didn't make as many good shots as in the second block and when I did, I couldn't get enough carry and I left many pin 10s. But I'm still happy and I hope I can take my form into the finals tomorrow."

U18 Squad B Blk3 Leader
Marie Alexis Sy emerging as the new overall leader

Malaysians youth made a strong rally in the second half to end the block and taking up six of the top 10 places. Muhammad Aizudeen shot the highest game of the squad with 267 to storm home into second position with 1313 and a total of 3741.

Fatin Amirza retained third spot with 1162 (1210 plus handicap) and a total of 3628. Amir Din Imran socred 1278 to tie fourth spot with overnight leader, Muhd Jaris Goh of Singapore Sports School on a total of 3717.

The opening squad of the third block saw Singapore's Jarvis Lim Jia An topping Squad C with 3598 ahead of Filipino, Enrico Hernandez recovring from a poor weaker second block to finish second with 3470.

Chinese Taipei's Chang Cheng, who took third spot with 3462, tied in 24th position with Singapore's Tay Hui Wen and will have a one-game roll-off tomorrow morning to break the tie.

The second squad A had a much higher scores than Squad C. National youths, Ilma Nur Jannah and Keith Saw Hui-Xun occupied the top 2 positions with 3710 and 3674. Ilma shot 1241 and Keith posted a superb 1307. Sports School's Alexander Tan finished third in the squad with 3653.

Muhd Aizudeen and Fatin Azmra
Malaysians, Muhd Aizudeen and Fatin Azmira in second and third

With the scores combined with the two other squads bowled earlier, Marie Alexis, Muhammad Aizudeen and Fatin Azmira finished as overall top 3. The trio led Amir Din Imran, Tun Ameerul Ashraf, Muhammad Firdaus, Nur Shaira and Filipino, Enrico Hernandez to make up the top 8 overseas qualifiers.

Muhd Jaris Goh led the top 8 local qualifiers ahead of Ilma Nur Jannah, Keith Saw, Alexander Tan, Jevarn Li-Jun, Tay Kun Long, Jarvis Lim and Brandon Lee.

Singapore youths almost took up all the top 8 qualifiers slot in the mixed pool. Ng Chiew Pang, Marcus Leong, Nicholas Lee Bing Tat, Joel Tan, Joy Yap, Jovi Ang, Nu'aim Syukri were the seven qualifiers with the eighth to be decided in the tie-breaker.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Higher scores in second block

17th June, Singapore: Higher scores were posted in the second block qualifying rounds of the 5th Singapore Sport School International Bowling Championship with the top 3 finishers in Squad B, Sports School's Muhd Jaris Goh, Filipina Alexis Sy and Malaysia's Fatin Azmira occupying the overall top 3 spots.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

Overnight leader, Muhd Jaris Goh shot another stunning 1338 to take his 12-game tally to 2591 as he led the second day opening Squad B. Marie Alexis Sy, who was tenth yesterday, posted a higher 6-game series of 1353 to move into second position with 2567.

Malaysian Open Youth champion, Fatin Azmira of Megalanes, Malaysia remained third with 2518 from two blocks. All the top 3 finishers of this squad ended the second day as the top 3 overall leaders as well.

"I used a sanded ball during the warm up and it work well so I decided to start off with this ball and I had a good 239 in the first game," said Muhd Jaris Goh. "But then the ball was just tooo strong in the back end after two games.

U18 Squad B Blk2 Leader
Muhd Jaris Goh remaining in pole position

"Again coach auntie Catherine Kang and I discussed and we decided that I should change to a ball that I ended yesterday. The decision paid off and I'm glad that I can keep the lead."

Singapore's Jarvis Lim Jia An, took over the lead in the second squad of the day with 1305 and a total of 2486 followed by two Taiwanese youths, Chang Cheng in second with 2374 and yesterday's leader, Tseng Wei-Hao slipping down to third with 2360.

But the highest 6-game series of the day belong to PBC's Tay Kun Long after the Singapore youth fired 1356 to haul himself up from 13th position in the first block to top the final squad of the day with 2467.

Two national youths, Ilma Nur Jannah and Brandon Lee did well to finish second and third with 2421 and 2405 respectively.

Muhd Jaris Goh led the top 8 local pool with Jarvis Lim in second and Tay Kun Long third. Ilma Nur Jannah, Brandon Lee, Alex Tan, Marcus Leong and Keith Saw completed the top 8 local qualifiers.

Marie Alexis Sy topped the overseas pool ahead of Fatin Azmira and Tun Ameerul Ashraf in second and third. Amir Din Imran, Muhammad Aizudeen, Chang Cheng, Tseng Wei-Hao and Muhammad Afnan made up the top 8.

Javier Tan led the top 8 qualifers of the mixed pool with Ryan Wee, Jevarn Li-Jun, Joy Yap, Jannie Mascardo, Enrico Hernandez and Yumi Marina.

U18 Squad B Blk2 Second
Marie Alexis Sy leading the overseas pool

Nicholas Lee Bing Tat of Singapore and Nur Amirah Auni of Malaysia tied the last position with 2297, an average of 191. The bowlers will end the qualifying rounds with the third block tomorrow and the 24 who made the cut for the Masters finals will bowl another 12-games on Sunday, June 19 with the top 3 advancing to the stepladder shootout finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Sports School youth snatches pole

16th June, Singapore: A stunning second half rally by Muhd Jaris Goh allowed the Sports School youth to snatch the overall lead in the Under-18 first block qualifying round of the 5th Singapore Sports School International Bowling Championship on Thursday.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

After a troubled first three games, Muhd Jaris Goh fired 242, 256 and 223 to end the first block with 1253, just two pins ahead of Malaysia's Amir Din Imran. Like Muhd Jaris, Amir also had a poor start but rolled four high games to storm into second spot with 1251.

Best female finisher and leader before the final game, Fatin Azmira of Megalanes Youth, Malaysia, managed only 183 in her sixth game to end in third position with 1246, plus 8 pin handicap per game.

"I was using a urethane ball and bowling from the outside proved to be extremely difficult," said the 16-year-old member of Singapore national youth team, Muhd Jaris Goh.

U18 Squad B Blk1 Leader
Muhd Jaris Goh snatching pole position by 2 pins

"Coach auntie Kat (Katherine Kang) suggested that I should try a reactive ball and bowling from a wider area as well as moving 3 to 5 boards to my left. It work beautifully and that was how I managed to score well in the last three games.

"I finished a dismal 14th position last year and I intend to make amends by not only making the Masters finals but to finish in the top 3 as well."

Another Sports School youth, Marcus Leong topped the opening Squad A in the morning with 1210 ahead of national youth, Ilma Nur Jannah in second, just 4 pins adrift on 1206. Malaysia's Muhammad Afiq Waify of Megalanes Youth team took third spot with 1191.

In the third and final squad of the day, Chinese Taipei's Tseng Wei-Hao needed only a spare in his last frame to overhaul Muhd Jaris Goh to become the new overall leader but missed the single pin to end the block with 1250.

Apart from topping Squad C, Tseng also posted the highest game of 268 today. Muhd Jaris Goh headed the local pool as well followed by Marcus Leong and Ilma Nur Jannah.

U18 Squad C Blk1 Leader
Tseng Wei-Hao taking the final squad's pole position

Amir Din Imran of Malaysia, led the overseas pool with 1251 followed by Tseng in second and another Malaysian, Fatin Azmira of Megalanes third with 1246. Filipina Jannie Mascardo headed the mixed pool with 1186.

The current cut at 24th position is held by Chang Hsu-Chen of Chinese Taipei with 1134 and an average of 181.00, just 1 pin ahead of three youths tieing on 1133.

The bowlers will resume their second block tomorrow over another 6 games and will end the qualifying rounds with the third block on Saturday, June 18. The top 8 local, top 8 overseas and top 8 from the mixed pool will advance to the Masters finals on Sunday, June 19.

The finalists will bowl 12 games in the finals in which the top 3 will proceed to the stepladder shootout finals to determine the champion.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Singapore youths dominate Masters

15th June, Singapore: Singapore youths dominated the Under-14 Masters finals of the 5th Singapore Sports School International Bowlng Championship with Charmaine Lim capturing the title and Daphne Oh Xin Yi making a one-two finish for their Sports School.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

Charmaine Lim of Singapore Sports School, who had topped the earlier 12-games Masters finals with 2415 plus an 8-pin handicap per game alloted to her competing against the boys, advanced into the stepladder finals as top seed.

In the opening game, Charmaine had three open frames and Daphne Oh Xin Yi struck out in her final frame to force the top seed into the second decider. Charmaine bounced back with a double strike in the first two frames and another turkey from frame four to open up a hugh gap as Daphne had an open frame in the third.

Charmaine had the game and match sealed when Daphne had another open frame in the ninth and without needing to spare her last frame, Charmein easily claimed victory, 217-173.

Under-14 Champion
Charmaine Lim with her champion's trophy

"I was so nervous in the begining as this was my first-ever stepladder finals," said the delighted and relieved Charmaine after the match. "I was still nervous in the second game but starting with a double strike eased my tension a lot.

"I must thank my coaches and parents for their unending support without which I would not have won this title."

Daphne, who finished the 12-game roll-off in third with 2357, had earlier rolled four strikes in a row from frame eight and a 7 pin count to edge No. 2 seed, Ryan Thong, 187-181 which included an 8-pin handicap to advance to the final.

Danish Ramlan, who shot a big game of 236 in his final game, missed the stepladder finals by 23 pins to take up fourth spot with 2334 while Malaysian Nur Dayana Bte Zuhdi completed the top 5 with 2329.

Under-14 Top 3 Winners
Top 3 winners, Daphne, Charmaine and Ryan

Charmaine won S$1,000 as champion while Daphne and Ryan took home S$600 and S$500. Mr T.K. Chew, General Manager of Family Lwisure Pte Ltd was the guest of honour who presented the rpizes to the winners graced by Ms Deborah Tan, Principal of Singapore Sports School.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Sports School youths take one-two

14th June, Singapore: Ahmad Safwan and Marcus Leong gave Singapore Sports School a one-two finish in the Under-14 Squad A at the end of the two-day qualifying rounds of the 5th SIngapore Sports School International Bowling Championship on Tuesday evening.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

Ahmad Safwan, who trailed Marcus Seah Bing Hao by 40 pins after the first block yesterday, opened accounts with a superb 215 to reduce the gap from 40 pins to just 1 pin but Ahmad tumbled down the field after three aweful games of 163, 158 and 174.

Marcus Seah was able to continue to lead the field without big games allowing Marcus Leong of Singapore Sports School to narrow the gap to just 4 pins after the tenth game and Rachel Tan following closely behind.

Rachel briefly led after the 11th game from Marcus Seah but Ahmad Safwan recovered to fire two massive games of 234 and 267 ending the block in the lead with 1211 and a 12-game total of 2384.

Norman Cai
Norman Cai retaining overall pole position

Marcus Leong settled for second with 2355 after registering the highest 6-game series of 1234 while Marchus Seah slipped to third with 2317.

Rachel again emerged as the best female competitor in this squad to take fourth spot with 2288. Charmaine Lim, who was 14th overnight, had two back-to-back 240s games to move up to fifth with 2251.

With all three squads combined, Squad C leader, Norman Cai of Maris Stella High School topped both the local pool and overall leader to advance into the Masters finals. Ahmad ans Marcus Leong took second and third.

Ryan Thong, Marcus Seah and Squad B leader, Sean Gabriel Wong made up the top 6 local qualifiers.

Tun Ameerul Luqman of Malaysia topped the overseas pool with 2222 followed by Filipino, Enrico Hernandez second and Nur Dayana Bte Zuhdi of Malaysia third with 2216 and 2209 respectively.

Squad B Third
Tun Ameerul topped the overseas pool

Three other Malaysians, Muhammad Nur Hazarizq, Arya Nur Jehan and Muhammad Aqil took the remaining three overseas spots to advance. Singapore youths took all the six places in the mixed pool.

Rachel Tan emerged the best female with 2288 as she headed the mixed pool ahead of Daphne Oh Xin Yi and Charmaine Lim in second and third. Danish Ramlan, Benedict Tan Xuan Wei and Max Peh Wei Jie all made the cut. Marcus Kiew missed the cut by 32 pins from Max Peh, who averaged 183.08.

The 24 qualifiers will bowl 12 games in tomorrow's Masters finals and the top 3 finishers will then proceed to the stepladder finals shootout.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Singapore boy springs surprise

13th June, Singapore: Norman Cai of Maris Stella High School sprang a surprise over his more senior opponent to top the final squad of the first block at the 5th Singapore Sports Scholl International Bowling Championship to become the overall leader.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

The Maris Stella High School student could not have asked for a better start to his campaign when he rolled a superb 226 and 209 in his two opening games to lead Max Peh Wei Jie of ACS Barker by 14 pins.

The Norman scorched the lanes at Singapore Sports School 12-lane centre with two massive games of 248 and 256 to open up and lead of 179 pins over his nearest opponent, Ryan Thong of ACS Junior.

Although running out of steam, the pint-sized 13-yer-old leader eased off with 153 and 170 in his last two games to end the block with 1262. Max Peh bounced back to regain second spot with 1137 while Ryan settled for third with 1126.

Norman Cai
U14 Squad C and overall leader, Norman Cai

Norman's effort put him firmly in the lead in both the local pool and overall standings over-taking Squad A leader, Marcus Seah Bing Hao in second. Squad B leader, Sean Gabriel Wong took third position.

Ahmad Safwan, Rachel Tan and Daphne Oh Xin Yi made up the top 6 local qualifier after the first block.

Filipino debutant, Enrico Hernandez topped the overseas pool with 1154 ahead of Malaysian Tun Ameerul Luqman in second with 1139 and Otto Leung Yuk Fung third with 1089. Three Malaysians, Nur Dayana Bte Zuhdi, Afiq Irsyaduddin and Arya Nur Jehan made up the remaining top 6 overseas qualifiers.

Six Singapore youths occupied the top 6 in the mixed pool with Max Peh Wei Jie heading the list with 1137 followed by Ryan Thong, Marcus Leong, Benedict Tan Xuan Wei, Nathalie Gan and Basil Ng.

Enrico Hernandez
Enrico Hernandez leading the overseas pool

The Under-14 youths will resume with their second block of 6 games divided into three squads with Squad B taking to the lanes in the morning followed by Squad C and ending with Squad A.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

Strong response for junior meet

12th June, Singapore: The fifth edition of the immensely popular Singapore Sports School-Opulent International Bowling Championship which is expected to draw a strong response from neighbouring countries, will kick off on Monday, June 13.

5th SSS-Opulent Under-18 logo

A new division, Under-14 has been introduced this year in addition to the Under-18, which will undoubtedly attract participants to well over 120 from neighbouring countries converging at the Singapore Sports School.

A total of about 144 youths under the age of 14 divided into three squads of 48 each, will take to the lanes for their first block of 6 games tomorrow and another 6 games on Tuesday, June 14.

Youth girls competing with the boys will be given a handicap of 8 pins. The top 18 at the end of the two blocks will advance to the Masters finals for another 12 games. The top 3 will proceed to the stepladder finals.

U14 Official Practice
Youths going through their paces during official practice

Another 144 yuths under the age of 18 again divided into three squads of 48 each, will commence their first block of 6 games on Thursday, June 16, second block on June 17 and the final block on June 18.

Youth girls will also be given 8 pins handicap. The top 24, comprising of 8 from the local pool, 8 from the overseas pool and 8 from the mixed pool at the end of 18 games will advance to the Masters finals over 12 games. The top 3 after the Masters finals will proceed to the stepladder finals.

The 12-lane centre at Singapore Sports School is very unique. It has four Brunswick synthetic lanes, four AMF synthetic lanes and four wood lanes offering bowlers varying lane types.

The competition will also be dressed on both long, medium and short oil patterns. This offers a very challenging conditions for the youths during both their qualifying rounds and Masters finals.

Special videos has been sent to most of the countries that the organisers have invited to show ball reactions based on different lane patterns on different lane types. This is to facilitate the bowlers to know what type of bowling balls they need to bring for the competition.

Dechchai Tinjiratip
Mike and David briefing managers and parents

"The Singapore Sports School Under-18 International was first organised mainly to bring talented youth bowlers to compete with our local talent," said Mr Mike Lam, organising chairman.

"But most improtantly, it is our intention for overseas and local bowlers to foster and promote goodwill, commradeship, friendship and sportsmanship amongst the bowling fraternity."

Daily coverage fo the championship will be featured here together with video interviews of the squad and daily leaders for each division.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

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