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Championship Title
Jakarta Super Classic 2009 Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Pay day for Malaysians

23rd October, Jakarta: It was pay day for Malaysians as Zulmazran Zulkifli defeated Shalin Zulkifli in the all-Malaysian finals of the Jakarta Super Classic to win his third international title at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center with Muhd Nur Aiman taking third spot.

Jakarta Super Classic logo

Zulmazran Zulkifli, who topped the earlier 8-game semi-finals to advance into the stepladder finals as topseed, got the better of compatriot and newly-crowned Ancol Open Women's champion, Shalin Zulkifli, 212-200 in the title match.

But Zulmazran had to work doubly hard to beat a tough opponent like Shalin. The topseed had sailed into a commanding lead after Shalin had two open frames in the second and third. In an effort to reduce the gap, Shalin got back a double strike but another split in the sixth frame appeared to favour Zulmazran.

When Zulmazran had a double in the seventh and eighth frame, it looked almost impossible for Shalin to force a second deciding match

Classic Champion
Zulmazran Zulkifli winning his third title this year

but when she struck from frames seven to 11th and ended with 200, it looked much brighter for the challenger.

This must have unsettled the topseed as he knocked down seven pins but fortunately, he kept his calm and cooly spared the frame and struck in his last throw to take the match and title with 212.

"It has been a good week for me after finishing fourth and winning this classic title," said the delighted and flamboyant, Zulmazran Zulkifli. "I had hope for Shalin to meet me in the finals as I wanted the challenge to see if I can beat her.

"We've never met each other in any stepladder finals so I'm really glad I got the victory. This win will give me the added confidence going into the AMF World Cup on home ground in November," added the 26-year-old who won the Malaysian Open twice in a row and the Indonesia Open in August this year.

Shalin, who had earlier ousted preliminary rounds leader and No. 2 seed, Muhd Nur Aiman in a thirlling 246-233 second match, also knocked out No. 4 seed and local favourite, Tannya Roumimper, 195-174 ensuring an all-Malaysian podium.

"I'm not too disappointed for not winning my second title as I'd lost to Zulmazran," said Shalin Zulkifli. "In a match like this, you can never

Classic Top 3 Winners
All-Malaysian winners, Shalin, Zulmazran and Muhd Nur Aiman

make mistakes and I'll take this in good spirit and move forward in other tournaments.

Alex Liew missed the podium finishing fifth with 1672, just 6 pins off fourth-seed, Tannya while Mohd Noer Said, who was second in the preliminaries, took eighth with 1634 after a poor start, behind Zandra Aziela who finished seventh.

Ancol Open champion and third in the earlier rounds, George Frilingos of Australia, could only manage a dismal 24th position ahead of American Bruce Falcon in 27th. PBA pro, Robert Smith finished 19th position.

Zulmazran won Rupiah 75 million (approx. US$7,400) for his victory while Shalin took home Rupiah 40 million and Muhd Nur Aiman Rupiah 25 million. Tannya won Rupiah 12.5 million for finishing fourth.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

Malaysians lead top 30 into semi

22nd October, Jakarta: Muhd Nur Aiman led compatriot, Mohd Noer Said and Australian, George Frilingos into the semi-finals of the Jakarta Super Classic after the Malaysian leader ended the third block with another comfortable margin.

Jakarta Super Classic logo

Muhd Nur Aiman, who had a massive 299 pins margin going into the third and final block of the preliminaries, rolled a poor 1573 but still had a decent margin of 236 pins after the southpaw ended the block with a 24-game total of 5294.

But his lead never looked threatened at any stage as his compatriot, Mohd Noer Said took over the second spot from Australian and Ancol Open champion, George Frilingos. Noer finished second with 5058 after posting 1650 in the third block.

Despite a poor first half of the 8-game block, Frilingos managed to up his pace for a stronger second half to take up third spot with 5054 with a 1632 third block.

Overall Top 3
Overall top 3, Mohd Noer, Muhd Nur Aiman and George Frilingos

Korea's Kim Eun Jung surprised the strong field to tie with Malaysia's top female, Shalin Zulkifli in fourth with 4955. Squad B leader for the earlier two blocks and the top Indonesian finisher, Tannya Roumimper settled for sixth position with 4909.

American PBA pro, who had an aweful start in his first block, did well to maintain seventh position with 4901 ahead of two-time Indonesia Open champion, Alex Liew eighth with 4882. Henry Hui of Hong Kong and Zulmazran Zulkifli of Malaysian completed the top 10.

Indonesia's national bowlers bound for the 3rd Asian Indoor Games, Hengky Susanto, Ryan Lalisang and Putty Armein, all made the semi-final cut in 16th, 20th and 28th positions respectively.

Kuwait's Fahad Abul took the 30th and final semi-final spot with a total of 4561, just behind ex-national, David Sitorus in 29th spot.

Indonesian Squad
Indonesian squad, Lalisang, Tannya, Putty and Hengky

The top 30 will resume with the 8-game semi-finals on Friday morning commencing at 10.30am local time from scratch. The top 4 will advance into the stepladder finals with the champion taking home Rupiah 75 million (approx. US$7,400) as champion.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

Malaysian southpaw stretches lead

21st October, Jakarta: Malaysian southpaw, Muhd Nur Aiman stretched his lead in both Squad A and the combined overall after the second block of the Jakarta Super Classic was completed at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center.

Jakarta Super Classic logo

Having led Malaysia to take the top 3 positions, Muhd Nur Aiman was even more impressive in the second block today after a scintilating performance when Squad A took to the lanes. The 21-year-old Asian and Commonwealth Championship gold medalist got off the blocks with 231, 227 and 214 in his first 3-game series.

Aiman quickened his pace with four massive games of 278, 242, 268 and 242 which saw the Malaysian southpaw streaked to a comfortable 258 pins margin over newly-crowned Ancol Open champion and another lefty, George Frilingos in second.

Easing off with 225, Aiman ammassed a highest second block 8-game series of 1927 for a two-block total of 3721 and a whopping 299 pins

Block 2 Overall Leader
Muhd Nur Aiman leading the field with 299 pins

margin. Frilingos settled for second with 3422 with 1709 in his second block.

"Since winning the Selangor Open last year, I've not finished in the podium of all the tournaments I've participated," said Aiman. "It's time I win something and I hope this classic will be the one.

Mohd Noer Said did well in his last two games to retain third overall with 3408 after poor middle stint in this block. Another lefty, Alex Liew of Malaysia dropped one spot to fourth with 3355.

Squad B leader, Tannya Roumimper ended up fifth after the two squads were combined making her the top female in the competition while two-time Indonesia Open first runnerup, Kim Eun Jung of Korea recovered with a better second block to finish sixth with 3259.

Squad B second-placed, Hsiao Yi Yang of China dropped to seventh with 3247 followed by Hong Kong's Henry Hui eighth with 3232. Two Malaysians, Zulmazran Zulkifli and Adrian Ang rounded up the top 10.

Block 2 Overall Top 3
Overall top 3, Frilingos, Muhd Nur Aiman and Mohd Noer

The Squad A and B will be combined into one squad tomorrow morning for their third and final block of 8 games. The top 30 will advance into another 8-game semifinals on Friday. The top 4 at the end of the semi will make the cut for the stepladder finals.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

Local youngster maintains lead

21st October, Jakarta: Local youngster, Tannya Roumimper maintained her lead ahead of China's Hsio Yi Yang in Squad B after the second block of the Jakarta Super Classic ended at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center on Wednesday morning.

Jakarta Super Classic logo

Indonesia Open champion, Tannya Roumimper, who led the first block yesterday, got off to another fine start in the second block today and stretched her lead from 82 pins to 94 pins over China's Hsiao Yi Yang in second.

Despite ending the second block in pole, the 18-year-old managed only an 8-game block of 1590 for a 16-game total of 3314 thanks to an 8-pin handicap aloocated to a female competitor againsts the men.

"I bowled badly today and I missed a lot of spares," remarked Tannya Roumimper after the second block. "I started off well but I was terrible in the middle of the block. I'll have to do much better tomorrow and not to make so many mistakes."

Block 2 Squad B Leader
Tannya Roumimper maintaining pole in Squad B

Hsiao rolled a slightly higher 8-game block of 1605 to remain in second with an accumulated 3247 total while Hong Kong's Henry Hui, who was fifth in the first block, moved up to third with 3232.

Ancol Open first runnerup, Adrian Ang of Malaysia bounched back from eighth to fourth with 3209 as Hengky Susanto of Indonesia taking up fifth spot with 3177 and the best Indonesian male finisher.

American pros, Robert Smith and Bruce Falcon tied in seventh position with 3134 behind another female Indonesian, A Ayu in sixth with 3152. Smith made up much ground from 19th yesterday while Falcon retained seventh position.

Block 2 Squad B Top 3
Squad B top 3, Hsiao Yi Yang, Tannya and Henry Hui

Squad A will contest their second block after lane maintenance. The Squad A and B will be combined into one squad tomorrow morning for their third and final block of 8 games. The top 30 will advance into another 8-game semifinals on Friday.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

Indonesian upstages second squad

20th October, Jakarta: Indonesian lass and 2nd Ancol Open third runnerup, Tannya Roumimper continued her fine form to upstage the second squad of the Jakarta Super Classic 2009 at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center on Tuesday.

Jakarta Super Classic logo

Tannya Roumimper, winner of the Women's Open title of this year's Indonesia Open and the Youth Masters crown of the Macau Open, got off to a blistering start with 227 to lead a field of 24 bowlers in the second squad.

The 18-year-old hardly put a foot wrong by continuing to roll 220, 191, 192, 210, 201, 221 and 182 to end the first block with a total of 1724. Unfortunately, her total only gave her a fourth place finish after both squads were combined despite being allocated a 10 pin handicap per game.

China's Hsiao Yi Yang, who also received a 10-pin handicap per game, tie second spot with Kuwait's Fahad Abul with a score of 1642, 82 pins

Block 1 Squad B Leader
Tannya Roumimper topping Squad B to finish fourth overall

off Roumimper. Both Hsiao and Fahad ended joint sixth behind newly-crowned Ancol Open champion, George Frilingos who took fifth spot.

Ancol Open first runnerup, Adrian Ang of Malaysia who was second to Roumimper at one stage, finished poorly in his last three games to end up eighth in the squad and 20th overall.

Making their first appearance in an Indonesia tournment were two American PBA pros, Bruce Falcon and Robert Smith. The duo just completed a seminar in Hong Kong and rushed down to Jakarta to compete in the classic.

Falcon took seventh spot in the squad and 16th overall while Smith only managed 19th and 42nd overall.

Block 1 Squad B Top 3
Squad B top 3, Hsiao Yi Yang, Tannya and Fahad Abul

"I've to sand my ball for the second block as what I had with me were really not suitable for the conditions here," said the 35-year-old Robert Smith and winner of seven PBA Tour titles since going pro in 1998.

"I had four gutter balls and eighth Brooklyn strikes in this squad and I really have to be very focus for the next squad," added Smith who has earned a total of US$732,528 todate which included 2000 U.S. Open and the 2002 Japan Cup.

Squad B will resume their second block of 8 games in the morning while Squad A will be held in the afternoon. The third and final block of 8 games preliminary will be bowled together on October 22 morning.

Bruce and Robert
PBA pros, Bruce Falcon and Robert Smith

The top 4 at the end of the semifinals will advance into the stepladder finals to determine the champion, who would stand to win 75 million Rupiah (approx. US$7,400).

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

Malaysians dominate opening squad

20th October, Jakarta: Malaysian bowlers dominated the opening squad of the inaugural Jakarta Super Classic 2009 first block underway at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center as Muhd Nur Aiman, Alex Liew and Mohd Noer Said took the top three spots.

Jakarta Super Classic logo

Twenty-six bowlers took to the lanes at Jaya Ancol Bowling Center on Tuesday morning for their first block of 8 games in the opening Sqad A. 2008 Selangor Classic champion, Muhd Nur Aiman immediately got off to a superb start with 226 to lead newly-crowned Ancol Open champion, Shalin Zulkifli by 3 pins.

The southpaw followed it up with 225, 267 and 210 in the next three games to build up a 31 pins margin with Ancol Open Men's champion and another left-hander, George Frilingos of Australia in second.

Aiman continued to roll 228, 193, 190 and 255 to end the block with a total of 1794 pinfalls as another southpaw and compatriot, Alex Liew hung on to second spot with 1753. Mohd Noer Said completed

Block 1 Squad A Leader
Muhd Nur Aiman leading the opening squad by 41 pins

Malaysia's domination with a third place finish on 1750, just 3 pins further away.

Frilingos ended up in fourth spot with 1713 while Ancol Open Men's Graded second runnerup, Azidi Ameran completed the top 5 with 1606 thanks to a 10-pin handicap alloted to a grade A competitor.

"I had stomach upset after the first day of qualifying in the Ancol Open and needed a day of rest. After that, I just couldn't find the energy in my other attempts so I did not make the finals," said the Squad A leader, Muhd Nur Aiman.

"After more rest, I now have the stamina to last the eight games of this block. I hope to keep my momentum in the next two blocks and aim to make the semi-finals." AMF World Cup-bound, Paeng Nepomuceno of the Philippines took up sixth position with 1605 followed by Ancol Open third runnerup, Zulmazran Zulkifli of Malaysia seventh with 1588.

Newly-crowned Ancol Open champion, Shalin Zulkifli of Malaysia had four poor games but still manage to finish eighth with 1582. Two-time ABF Tour Indonesia leg champion, Park Jin Hee and Singapore's Helmi Chew rounded up the top 10.

Squad B will take to the lanes later this afternoon. Squad C has been

Block 1 Squad A Top 3
Alex Liew, Muhd Nur Aiman and Mohd Noer

cancelled due to poor response. The bowlers will bowl three blocks of 8 games over three days and the top 30 will advance into another 8-games semi-finals.

The top 4 at the end of the semifinals will advance into the stepladder finals to determine the champion, who would stand to win 75 million Rupiah (approx. US$7,400).

Photos by Terence Yaw in Jakarta.

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