Sarawak International Open Bowling Championships 2019
Malaysian, Singaporean shines in Squad B
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7th September, Kuching: Siti Nurzulaika Binti Ismail of Malaysia topped the second qualifying squad of the Open division at the Sarawak International Open Bowling Championships 2019 while Isaac Yap of Singapore led both the Classified and Youth 25 & Under division.

Jeffrey Yeo of Singapore had a dream start with a stunning 243 to lead the Open division in the second squad, 19 pins ahead of Siti Nurzulaika in second and a second Malaysian, Matthew Ong in third.

Yeo was quick to hand over the lead to Siti Nurzulaika when he stumbled to a lowly 169. Siti Nurzulaika posted 196 to take over the running with a third Malaysian, Musayyar Bin Khalid moving into second, 10 pins adrift.

Siti continued to lead the field with lines of 197 and 233 before wrapping up the block with 184 for a total of 1089 to win the squad. Singapore's Ryan Toh stormed home with 247 and 224 in his fourth and fifth games to snatch second position with 1041.

Open division Squad B leader, Siti Nurzulaika Bte Ramli

Ong settled for third with 1029 while Tan Bing Zhe of Singapore and Nur Hazirah Bte Ramli completed the top 5 with 1019 and 1012 respectively. Meanwhile, Singapore's Isaac Yap stole the limelight of the Classified and Youth 25 & Under divisions after topping them with a total of 1048. His compatriot, Aiman Raedyn Lim Jen finished 37 pins behind Yap with 1011.

Malaysia's Nur Hazirah Bte Ramli took third spot with 997 with two Singaporeans, Tan Ah Sim and M.P. Ravintharaan rounding out the top 5 with 997 and 980 respectively. Yap topped the 25 & Under division with 1073 thanks to a 10 pin handicap allocated.

Malaysia's Muhammad Firdaus Bin Hussin finished second with 1050 while Siti Nurzulaika, who is also registered for the youth division, took third position ith 1049.

Bowlers taking part in the third edition of the Sarawak International Open will bowl two blocks of 5 games each divided into four squads. Bowlers can also register to bowl the first two-games "Joker" Squad in which the two games can replace the two lowest games in their first block qualifying rounds.

Similarly, bowlers can also choose to register to bowl the second two-games "Joker" Squad to replace the two lowest games in their second block. The top 60 in the Open division with the highest 10-games total will qualify for the 8-game Masters finals to be held on September 10.

Classified and Youth 25 & Under division leader, Isaac Yap

The top four with the highest pinfalls at the end of the Masters finals will proceed to the "Last Man Standing" shootout finals where the finalist with the lowest score will be eliminated. The remaining 3 finalists will bowl a second game and the finalist with the lowest score will be eliminated and so on until the last man standing will be declared the champion.

Likewise, the top 60 in the Classified division and the top 60 in the Youth 25 & Under division will also qualify for their respective division Masters finals, which will be held on September 9. The bowler with the highest score in the Classified divisio will be declared the champion. The top 3 Youth 25 & Under with the highest pinfalls will proceed to the Stepladder shootout finals to determine the champion.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Kuching, Sarawak.

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