2017 World Bowling Championships
Fourty-two countries for world meet
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23rd November, Las Vegas: A total 213 men and 176 women world-class bowlers from fourty-two countries have converged in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for the 2017 World Bowling Championships hosted at the South Point Bowling Plaza.

The World Bowling Championships, the most pretigious event of the 2017 bowling calendar, returned to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States which was previously hosted in 2013. Eleven World Bowling member federations from the American Zone (PABCON), 13 federations from the Asian Zone (ABF) and 18 federations from the European Zone (ETBF) make up the 42 countries.

The team officials attended the managers' meeting, chaired by Mr Michael Seymour, Tournament Director with Mr Kevin Dornberger, CEO of World Bowling, Mr Marios Nicolaides, Technical Delegate, Ms Megan Tidbury, PR and Marketing Director of World Bowling and Dr Danny Santos, Tournament Administrator.

Members at the Head Table in the meeting

The meeting went through some of the various aspects of the competition, including highlighting important issues to the rules and regulations, ball registration, official practice and lane draws. The Jury of Appeal was also announced comprising of HRH Sheikh Talal M. Al-Sabah, President World Bowling, Mr Kevin Dornberger and Mr Ulf Sjoblom, 1st Vice President of World Bowling.

Mr Marios Nicolaides stressed the importance of having players register their bowling balls before the official practice and at the same time introduced Kegel, the official lane maintenance service provider, which announced the lane pattern that will be used for the championships.

Ms Megan Tidbury went through the procedures for the official opening ceremony and the assistance needed from the players, who either lead a squad or winners for their cooperation in allowing the media to conduct interviews.

She also announced that 2017 World Bowling Championships will be broadcasted live on the Olympic Channel to a worldwide audience on December 3 and 4 from the bowling center. Mr Michael Monyak, Director of South Point Bowling Operations, was also introduced at the meeting and he welcomed all the team officials to Las Vegas.

The 10 day event, which will begin on November 25, will showcase 389 of the world's top men and women athletes from 42 countries. Fans will be able to watch the action from the final two days of competition including the Trios, Teams and Masters finals, live on the Olympic Channel at www.olympicchannel.com as well as on the championship website, http://2017wc.worldbowling.org.

Team officials at the meeting

Competition will kick off with the Women's Singles on November 25 and Men's Singles on November 26 with the Semi-finals and Finals on November 27. It will shift to the Doubles event on November 27 and 28 followed by the Semi-finals and Finals.

The Trios event over two blocks of 3 games each will be held on November 29 and 30 with the Team of Five on December 1 and 2. The Semi-finals and Finals of the Trios and Team of Five will be contested on December 3.

The top 24 men and top 24 women based on their All Events standings (total of 24 games) will advance to the Masters Finals which will be held on the final day of competition on December 4. A Victory Banquet will be held to conclude the championships thereafter.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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