2018 CGSE Million Tinkle World Men Championships
Korean trio advances as topseed
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30th November, Hong Kong: Korean trio of Park Jongwoo, Koo Seonghoi and Kim Kyungmin advanced to the Semi-finals of the 2018 CGSE • Million Tinkle World Men Championships as topseed with Indonesia, Sweden and USA as second, third and fourth seeds.

The second block of the trios preliminaries started off with Squad 2. Overnight leader of Mattias Wetterberg, Jesper Svensson and Martin Larsen had a splendid start with 658 in the fourth game but stumbled to a poor 563 in the fifth.

Finland's Kimmo Lehtonen, Jari Ratia and Niko Oksanen did not start as well as the Swedes with 602 but recovered with 690 in the fifth to trail by 106 pins. Sweden closed out the block with 633 to remain in the lead with 3883.

In Squad 3 that followed, Korea, who topped the squad yesterday and failed to make the top four overall, had a disastrous start with 553 in the opening game of the second block. Their margin over Japan was significantly reduced to 60 pins. Whilst Park struggled with only 183, Koo and Kim posted big games of 279 and 263 for a stunning 725 fifth game.

Park Jongwoo, Koo Seonghoi and Kim Kyungmin finishing as topseed

The leading trio ended with another sizzling 711 in the sixth game for a total of 3960 beating Sweden by 37 pins. In Squad 1, Billy Muhammad Islam, Hardy Rachmadian and Ryan Leonard Lalisang of Indonesia had a moderate start in their second block with 627.

Team USA of EJ Tackett, Kyle Troup and Andrew Anderson continued to trail in second. The Indonesian trio posted an improved fifth game to extend their lead slightly to 66 pins over the Americans. Islam, Rachmadian and Lalisang managed to end with 621 to slip behind Korea by 17 pins with 3918 in second overall.

Team USA made the cut in fourth overall with 3881, just two pins from Sweden in third. Canada's Dan MacLelland, Francois Lavoie and Mitch Hupe poor start in their fourth game of 560 may have costed them a place in the Semi-finals medal round.

Although they bounced back with a stunning 745 in the fifth game, the Canadians were trailing the American trio by 37 pins. They needed a big game of at least 680 to have any chance of toppling either Sweden or USA but ended with 618 to miss the cut by 69 pins.

Korea will face USA in the first Semi-final match play while Indonesia will meet Sweden in the other semi. The losing semi-finalists will be awarded a bronze medal each while the winners will square off for the gold and silver medals.

Billy M Muhammad, Hardy Rachmadian and Ryan Lalisang advancing as second-seed

Competition will shift to the 5-Player Team event divided into two squads, each bowling three games in the first block. The top 26 teams from the combined scores will contest the second block in Squad A while the rest will contest in Squad B. The top four from Squad A will qualify for the Semi-finals medal round on December 4 after the Masters Round 1.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong, China.

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