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World Ranking Masters 2004 | Photo Album |
Lane Conditions
Bowling Center Planet Bowling
# of Lanes 23
Age of Center A little over 1 year
Pinsetters Brunswick GSX
Lanes Brunswick Pro Anvilane
Pins Brunswick
Lane Conditioner Control
Lane Cleaner Invincible
Lane Machines Kustodian modified

Comments: The lanes at Planet Bowling are among the top 5 Flattest that we have inspected out of almost 600 centers world wide in the last 10 years. Almost all depressions in the single digits, Cross Tilts are almost all in the single digits. This pleases me and means we probably won't have major differences in ball reaction from pair to pair, except as play goes on and the bowlers you follow develop the pattern differently.

The lane oil we will be using has a tendency to be a little slicker and carry down a little faster than what we have used in the past. The lengthwise taper of the oil is higher to compensate for this.

The patterns are the long 43 feet and the short is 33 feet. The long was designed to play in and the short was designed to play out. I suggest you make your game plans this way.

The long is 2.6 to 1 by volume and no more than 2.2 to 1 by graph. It played a little tougher during our tests at Kegel. The short is 4 to 1 by volume, but less than 2 to 1 by graph.

I will be at the tournament site 5 days early to go over the machines and test the patterns.

Remember you can only register 6 bowling balls and please make sure it is on the approved list before you come. Also please make sure that the static weights are within specification.

See you all there

John Davis
Tournament Director

Short Oil Pattern
Short Oil Pattern 1

Short Oil Pattern 2

Long Oil Pattern
Long Oil Pattern 1

long Oil Pattern 2
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