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World Ranking Masters 2005 Photo Album
Colombian, Finn crowned World Champions

30th April, Lake Wales: Kimmo Lehtonen of Finland and Clara Guerrero of Colombia emerged as worthy champions of the World Ranking Masters 2005 witnessed by a packed crowd on the concourse of the Kegel Training Center at Lake Wales, Florida Saturday afternoon.

World Ranking Masters logo

Both the women's and men's finals ran the full distance, thrilling the crowd and the upcoming TV audience around the world when the taped show is aired in many locations. Also, the unique format of having the finalists playing on two different lane conditions, short on lane 9 and long on lane 10, brought even more tense and exciting competition.

Action commenced with the ladies and featured Clara Guerrero of Colombia against Malaysia's Wendy Chai. As the higher seed, the Colombian chose to start the match on the short oil pattern, 35 feet, and both players stayed on the same lane, a format which stayed throughout both finals.

It was advantage Malaysia as Chai got into the strike zone right away and emerged the victor of the first game, 235-219. "Chai's best performance will

Clara Guerrero
Clara Guerrero emerged as 2005 World Champion

be on the long pattern," revealed coach Chris Batson, "but that was not to be as Guerrero came back with a string of strikes to take the game, 214-195.

Expectations of the Asians for Chai to get back into the pocket when returning to the short oil were dashed as Guerrero slung more strikes and left the Malaysian stranded. 223-157 settled the issue in favor of Guerrero and she stands atop the podium as the 2005 WTBA World Ranking Masters champion.

The men's tussle featured two Finns, Kimmo Lehtonen and Jouni Helminen. Both good friends who know the intricacies of each others games through and through. The forecast was for the games to go right down to the final balls of the tenth frame but Lehtonen coasted to victory on the short oil pattern, 204-159.

Helminen reveled in a strikefest through the second game, switching to the long oil lane and hit 253 to Lehtonen's 216 to force the match into overtime. TV commentator and pro bowler Brian Voss forecast early that Lehtonen would clinch the match on short and that came true very early in the final game.

Helminen was all over the place, rolling gutter balls in the eighth and ninth

Kimmo Lehtonen
Kimmo Lehtonen crowned World champion

frames and nearly made it three in a row when the ball somehow clung to the outside board in the tenth. Victory for an exultant Lehtonen, 202-151, and to prove his excitement he performed a cartwheel on the approach to please the crowds.

Without any doubt, the credit for the fantastic success of this year's event must go to Mr John Davis, CEO of Kegel. The facility is beyond belief and the organization and hospitality unmatched. Next year, the action moves to the Middle East, hosted by the good folk of Kuwait, then to Qatar in 2007. Will it come back to Lake Wales, Florida in 2008? We can only hope.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Finland vs Finland for the Final

29th April, Lake Wales: The semifinals of the World Ranking Masters concluded with two Finns, Kimmo Lehtonen and Jouni Helminen meeting for an all Finland finals after four grueling days of highly competitive bowling.

World Ranking Masters logo

The semifinals concluded with the men on Friday evening with the chance of two Finnish bowlers qualifying for the finals. The first semifinal match to be completed was that between Kimmo Lehtonen of Finland and Malaysia's Daniel Lim. That was settled quicker than anticipated as Lehtonen took the first game, 200-189, then the second, 213-182, the fizz in the Malaysian dying out.

"I started with the short pattern and used the same strategy and equipment as in the quarterfinals," explained Lehtonen. "The lanes were dressed again between the squads and they were not quite the same as before. I realized I would have to move right and then I hit five strikes in a row to settle the issue.

Kimmo Lehtonen
Kimmo Lehtonen taking one of the final spots

"If I had the opportunity, I would change the format of the finals to the best of five games, instead of three. I think that would make things far more interesting." After a slow start in the other semifinal, ex-pro bowler Jouni Helminen of Finland got the advantage over England's Stuart Williams after a squeaker, 182-176. The stocky Englishman made a comeback to take the second game, 244-223, after a battle of strikes in the final frames, but Helminen took the remaining place in the finals with a lowly 186 to Williams' 178.

"If I had the opportunity, I would change the format of the finals to the best of five games, instead of three. I think that would make things far more interesting." After a slow start in the other semifinal, ex-pro bowler Jouni Helminen of Finland got the advantage over England's Stuart Williams after a squeaker, 182-176. The stocky Englishman made a comeback to take the second game, 244-223, after a battle of strikes in the final frames, but Helminen took the remaining place in the finals with a lowly 186 to Williams' 178.

"I can't remember when I last bowled two games without a double," said Helminen, looking in a state of bewilderment after the tussle. "I just didn't bowl my best and nerves got to me in this important situation. If I bowl like this in the final I won't stand a chance against Kimmo Lehtonen.

Jouni Helminen
Jouni Helminen making an all-Finn final

However, I'll have a nice meal this evening and a good night's sleep. tomorrow is another day." Tomorrow is another day for all of us here in Lake Wales, too. and it's going to be a cracking finale to a fantastic week of bowling in one of the most fantastic venues on earth. It is hoped that the TV show can be forwarded around the world.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

One Asian and three European survive

29th April, Lake Wales: Two Finns, Kimmo Lehtonen and Jouni Helminen, England's Stuart Williams and Malaysia's Daniel Lim survived the knockout quarterfinals stage of the World Ranking Masters to meet in the semifinals.

World Ranking Masters logo

After watching very high 200-plus games for most of this week, it came as something of a shock when number two seed Pasi Uotila of Finland struggled to humble 125 in his opening quarterfinal game against fellow countryman Jouni Helminen.

The ex-PBA member Helminen struggled as well, but did make 204 to win the first game, contested on the short oil pattern. A further 227 from the lithe Finn saw Uotila's improved 188 fall way short of the target, so the best of three match was decided at the early stage.

"Uotila is a good friend and my room-mate, so I had to ignore who was my opponent and just play my own game," said Helminen. ("Duck when the dummy comes flying across the room," joked Stuart Williams.)

Stuart Williams
Stuart Williams survived to move into the semi

Helminen added, "I think Uotila bowled badly because he tried to hook the ball from the gutter, and that line was just not playing today. Today these lanes were tough, but I preferred the long oil as it has been playing better all week."

The star attraction match between local hero John Janawicz, an employee here at Kegel, against Malaysia's Daniel Lim did not go according to plan to please the kind folk of Polk County, this part of Florida. 'JJ' lost the first game to Lim, 158-180, but came back with a 200 to win by 27 pins.

The decider saw the lanes really open up for a strikefest but a ringing 9-pin in the ninth frame cost the American any chance of a win. Lim threw the first nine strikes but left the 4-6-7 with the first ball of the tenth frame to finish with a 265.

"I eventually changed bowling balls and my line," said Lim. "One of my biggest faults is that I rush the line but coach Chris Batson checked that for me. We're very close and he calms me down when I get too excited. He can take my mind away and get me back on course."

Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim improving at every stage

The second session of the quarterfinals saw Stuart Williams of England dispose of Venezuala's Arturo Hernandez promptly, winning the first game, 172-156, on the long oil pattern and 215-212 when the pair moved to the short.

"Maybe the match win wasn't as easy as it looked," remarked Williams. "I chose to start on the long pattern as Hernandez had led the field on the short earlier in the week. I would have preferred to start on the short but decided to play my tactic. I din't have to change anything as the lanes pretty much the same as they have all week."

The Finland v Sweden, left versus right, match really saw some fireworks in the opener, going Ohman's way, 286-252. Lehtonen maintained his scoring pace as the players progressed to short oil, winning 258-218. The fireworks didn't return for the third game, back on the long pattern and the pair played nip and tuck. A 9-pin tap in the tenth robbed Ohman of any chance of victory, so it was advantage Lehtonen, 206-184. The lineup for the semifinals is Lehtonen against Lim and Williams takes on Helminen. The excitement is tense.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Wendy Chai dethrones Diandra Asbaty

29th April, Lake Wales: After bowling so extraordinarily well throughout the three days of the Word Ranking Masters in Lake Wales, Florida, defending champion Diandra Asbaty's incredible run came to a shuddering halt in the semifinals against Malaysia's petite Wendy Chai.

World Ranking Masters logo

Things looked fine with the opening game going the American's way, 234-215, but a close encounter of the tenpin kind saw Chai come to the fore in the second, on the short oil pattern, to take the match into overtime with a 215-211 victory.

After stringing so many 200-plus games, most of them deep, Asbaty seemed to run out of steam in the third, allowing Chai to dominate and swing to victory, again on long oil, 244-203. "I bowled well, there was nothing wrong with that," said Asbaty afterwards. "Chai deserved her success as she bowled better in the last game."

Although it was twelve hours earlier and the middle of the night in Kuala Lumpur, a crowd of fans were still watching the websites for updates of

Wendy Chai
Wendy Chai making her final debut

Chai's progress and the phone was ringing for her within a few minutes of the last ball being bowled.

The other semi, featuring Kamilla Kjeldsen of Denmark and Colombia's Clara Guerro also went the full distance. Kjeldsen got the edge in the first game, 207-182, but lost the second 236-224. The red-headed Dane looked comfortably set in the third until Guerro came back with a string of strikes to post 215. Kjeldsen needed a tenth frame double to hit 218, got the first strike but left the 10-pin with the next ball, falling short, 215-208.

So, Sunday's ladies' final, again the best of three games, will feature Malaysia versus Colombia, a rare treat, and nobody right now is going out on a limb for a firm projection of the result. Chai was almost ecstatic over her win. "Asbaty is so difficult to beat, especially after the way she has been bowling over the past few days," she stated.

Clara Guerrero
Clara Guerrero to meet Wendy Chai in the finals

"I just went out there and bowled my own game, but I must say that luck was on my side. I changed balls for the first two frames when we moved to the short oil, but decided that I was better with the other equipment, so changed back and I'm glad I made that decision. I've bowled in the last three editions of the World Ranking Masters but this is the first time that I have made the finals, so I'm very pleased for myself and for my fans."

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Still three zones in contention

29th April, Lake Wales: Quarter finalists from three zones made the semifinals of the World Ranking Masters as the competition enters the best-of-three knock-out stage at the Kegel Training Center this morning.

World Ranking Masters logo

It was far from a madding crowd on the concourse of the Kegel Training Center Friday morning to witness the opening matches of the day, the ladies' quarterfinals. Quite a shame, really, as there were two sessions of excellent bowling and some interesting tactics from the participants.

Battle commenced with Kamilla Kjeldsen of Denmark up against stalwart German Martina Beckel. This best-of-three game confrontation went all the way, the Dane losing the first game but rising to supremacy by clinching the next two.

Beckel chose to start on the long pattern for the first and third games, short on the second. "I'm feeling strong mentally and physically today," said red-headed Kjeldsen. "Coach Christer Backe said the right thing to me at the

Kamilla Kjeldsen
Kamilla Kjeldsen continuing her fine run

right time. Now I'll take on anyone who comes along. Although I made the first goal, I was shaking like a leaf all through the three games."

On adjacent lanes, defending champion American Diandra Asbaty also chose to start on the long against Sara Vargas of Colombia and two games of 222 and 245 quickly settled the issue over Vargas' 181 and 216.

"I made nearly 2002 over the eight games yesterday so I'm feeling great and throwing some good shots," commented Asbaty. "I know how to bowl and am determined to keep winning. I chose to start on the long oil pattern today because I think that condition is far more predictable."

The following quartet chose to commence play on the short oil pattern, obvious in the case of Reija Lunden of Finland as she had dominated the field on that condition. Up against the gritty Wendy Chai of Malaysia things didn't quite work out to Lunden's plans as Chai hit 217-227 to 186-199 to advance to the semi's.

"I would have chosen the long pattern to start and I struggled a lot in the first game," said Chai. "Luckily, I managed to wrap it up over two games with a much better score on the long, a pattern that Lunden doesn't like so much."

Lastly, Sweden versus Colombia saw Helen Johnsson and Clara Guerro go the full distance. Johnsson took the first game, 201-172, but the Colombian came back to win the next two, 202-182 and 192-174. "I would have chosen the long oil pattern if I had been the higher seed," said Guerro.

Wendy Chai
Wendy Chai keeping Asia's hopes alive

"I found the short oil pattern very hard and had to make a lot of changes of balls and tactics hrough the first game." Now on to the semifinals where Wendy Chai faces up to Diandra Asbaty and the other match is Clara Guerro against Kamilla Kjeldsen.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Americans dominate final squad

28th April, Lake Wales: Americans dominated over the mixed oiling conditions in the final 8 games block of the the World Ranking Masters when defending champion, Diandra Asbaty and debutant, John Janawicz topped the field of top 8 into the quarterfinals.

World Ranking Masters logo

Diandra Asbaty, 24, of Dyer, Indiana looks well set on course to successfully defend her 2004 World Ranking Masters title, won in Moscow, Russia after dominating the final eight games of the 24-game qualifying sessions with an exceptional 1994 series to top all scores on 5458.

The 1994 was set on the challenging mixed pattern, with one lane dressed to short oil, the other long. A bonus of $1,000 for the highest on the squad and another thousand for top qualifying score over the 24 games quickly passed into Abaty's purse when presented by the Asian Bowling Federation's Mrs Vivien Fung.

"I win tournaments because I lose tournaments," explained Asbaty. "I learn so much from a loss that it makes me win. People constantly remind me of

Diandra Asbaty
Defending champion, Diandra Asbaty topping Squad 3

the Masters here in 2003, where I didn't play very well, but I'm a much better bowler because of that experience. "My coach, Jeri Edwards, and I have learned a lot over the past few days. I was OK, but I didn't make the most of it until today."

Squad 1 and 2 leader, Reija Lunden of Finland, settled for second with 5344 while Swede Helen Johnsson, who led briefly today finished third with 5320. Kamila Kjeldsen (DEN-5287), Martina Beckel (GER-5272), Clara Guerrero (COL-5238), Wendy Chai (MAS-5215) and Sara Vargas (COL-5189) made the top 8 quarter finals from fourth to eighth respectively.

John Janawicz, 32, of Winter Haven, Florida was equally impressive when he pipped Squad 2 leader, Pasi Uotila of Finland for the top spot by 2 pins with 24-game total of 5577. Janawicz, who trailed Uotila by 120 pins going into the final 8 games over the mixed oiling pattern, had two massive games of 278 and 277 in the 21st and 23rd for a tournament high of 1919 8-game series to earn the US$1,000 bonus.

Finn Uotila settled for second with 5575 with England's Stuart Williams in third spot with 5458. Three Finns made the quarterfinals with Kimmo Lehtonen in fourth with 5454 and Jouni Helminen in seventh with 5313. Other quarterfinalists were Squad 1 leader, Arturo Hernandez (VEN-5354) in fifth, Andres Ohman (SWE-5325) in sixth and Daniel Lim (MAS-5221) just squeezing in eighth.

John Janawicz
John Janawicz with Mrs Vivien Fung, ABF

Finals action commences at 09:00 on Friday morning with the following ladies' matches: Kamilla Kjeldsen (DEN) vs Martina Beckel (GER), Diandra Asbaty (USA) vs Sara Vargas (COL), Reija Lunden (FIN) vs Wendy Chai (MAS), Helen Johnsson (SWE) vs Clara Guerro (COL). The men's mataches: John Janawicz (USA) vs Daniel Lim (MAS), Pasi Uotila (FIN) vs Jouni Helminen (FIN), Stuart Williams (ENG) vs Andres Ohman (SWE), Kimmo Lehtonen (FIN) vs Arturo Hernandez (VEN).

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Finns rule the lanes

27th April, Lake Wales: Finns ruled the lanes at Kegel Training Center in Orlando on Day 2 of the World Ranking Masters 2005 when Pasi Uotila took over the lead at the end of the second block of 8 games on long oil.

World Ranking Masters logo

Earlier today, Reija Lunden of Helsinki, Finland maintained her pole position after topping the leader board on the first eight games on the short oil pattern, and continued that fine bowling through today's long pattern.

When the 25 men took to the lanes this afternoon, it was Arturo Hernandez of Venezuela who was the front-runner, but that prime position didn't last long as another Finn, also from the capital Helsinki, hit a string of 181, 206, 268, 279, 258, 248, 248 and 218 for an eight-game series of 1906 and bag a commanding lead of 120 pins over local favorite John Janawicz, with Hernandez down to third.

Hong Kong's Wu Siu Hong set off with a 290 in the first game of the second block to show that there was a strikefest to be had out there on the long oil pattern. This was reflected in the much higher overall averages as the games progressed.

Pasi Uotila
Kim Thorsgaard Jensen presenting the $1,000 cash to Pasi Uotila

That 290 withstood the challenges of this talented group but looked like being beaten in the last game as Janawicz, a Kegel employee here in Lake Wales, hit the first ten strikes but then left the 7-pin on the eleventh delivery to finish with a 289, but that game brought him right up to second place and poses a serious threat if he qualifies for the top eight positions and the quarter finals.

Pasi Uotila, 28 next month, runs a couple of pro shops in the neighborhood of the nation's capital. Of course, he was very happy with the long condition today. "I found the right line for me and took advantage of that," he said, after the squad. "It was all working very well for me after the second game. I started out with some aggressive balls but after a 181 and 206 I decided to switch to some better equipment and that worked great for me."

The slim Finn was third in the World Ranking Masters in Moscow last year and then had seven months lay off because of a hand injury. "I found the short condition a lot more playable here, it was way too hard in Moscow. I think that the current settings are really good."

On Thursday the group will face the dual condition of short oil on one lane and long on the other, a situation that very few of the two dozen competitors have yet faced. Asked his reaction to the upcoming task, he replied: "Things could really turn out ugly if you get it all wrong. I'm going to play deep left on the long and far right on the short, using two different balls. It will certainly test my knowledge of the necessary bowling balls and my mental game."

The final blocks for men and women run from 9:00am on Thursday morning and the cut will be known at around 20:00 in the evening. Friday will feature the quarter and semi finals and the tough schedule will finish with the grand final on Saturday.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Lunden still leads the way after Squad 2

27th April, Lake Wales: After the completion of the second eight-game block on long oil pattern, Finland's Reija Lunden hold on to pole position in the World Ranking Masters 2005 Wednesday morning.

World Ranking Masters logo

However Lunden, who had a healthy 95-pin buffer over second-placed Helen Johnsson of Sweden on the short oil pattern, now has only 48 pins in credit. Three games under 200 today from Lunden saw her eight-game total fall to 1652, much lower than yesterday's 1936 on short oil.

Ladies that did well today on the longer pattern were led by Colombia's Sara Vargas from Bogota who shot 1841 to advance from 20th place overnight to a current tenth, still two places adrift of the eighth place cut after tomorrow's final qualifying squad. That score was plenty to give the 28-year-old graphic designer the $1,000 bonus for the squad high game.

Vargas is currently an employee of Kegel here at the Kegel Training Center, working in the graphic design office for the past month. "I really like it here in Lake Wales," she said. "I get plenty of practice with graphic design techniques and also have a chance to bowl."

Arturo Hernandez
Vargas presented with her $1,000 by Kim Thorsgaard Jensen

So far, she has not been on any of the comprehensive coaching courses held by Kegel, nor has she practiced on the upcoming mixed pattern of short oil on one lane and long on the other. Vargas' international pedigree has taken her to the victory podium in many south American events, winning medals in the South American and Colombian National Championships.

A brace of 279s were the high scores in this morning's session, one from Vargas and the other by Virginia Bello of the Dominican Republic. The overall ladies' average over the eight games on short oil was 209.8; on today's long oil pattern 206.98; giving an average of 208.37 over the entire 16 games.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Arturo Hernandez in pole position

26th April, Lake Wales: Arturo Hernandez, 46, of Venezuela blew away all opposition to hold top place on the leader board of the World Ranking Masters 2005 after the first eight of 24 games, bowled on the short oil pattern Tuesday evening.

World Ranking Masters logo

The Caracas restaurateur, specializing in Arabian food, recorded six consecutive 200 games, five of them really high, before dropping to 189 in the seventh. He came back with a 233 in the eighth to stack a huge total pinfall of 1958, a 244 average, to hold an 86-pin buffer over second-placed Pasi Uotila of Finland and, even better, to win $1,000 for being the top squad scorer.

"It was a great pleasure to play alongside the best bowlers in the world," said Hernandez after the squad. "I have never bowled so well in an event at this level."

Hernandez has been bowling on the Venezuelan national team since 1982, except for a break of five or six years up until 1993, but regularly since that time. He i also a member of the Venezuelan national federation.

Arturo Hernandez
Arturo Hernandez with John Davis, CEO Kegel Company Inc.

"I am self dedicated," he added, "although I have had some coaching over the years. I was very pleased with the lane condition today and I think that the short oil pattern was not quite as short as in previous years of the World Ranking Masters. I hardly had to move more than a couple of boards through the eight games."

The high game of the men's squad tonight was a 288 from Qatar's Ahmed Shaheen, one pin less than that scored by Reija Lunden in the ladies' squad earlier in the day. Lunden's total score of 1936 was only 22 pins short of that of Hernandez. Wednesday will see the 50 players return to the lanes for eight more games played on the long oil pattern, commencing with the ladies at 9:00am.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

Reija Lunden sets the lanes alight

26th April, Lake Wales: Reija Lunden, 37, of Finland set the lanes alight Tuesday afternoon in the World Ranking Masters 2005 with a blistering 1936 over the eight games on the short oil pattern to top the squad and claim the squad bonus prize of $1,000.

World Ranking Masters logo

The Helsinki I.T. designer, working in an insurance office, also had the high game of 289 and achieved personal best scores of total pinfall over six, seven and eight games.

"This is the third time I have won the World Ranking Masters squad prize," Lunden explained, "and each time it has been in the first squad and on short oil. I like dry conditions, it suits my type of shot. I like to play power bowling."

Lunden currently averages 209 over all competitive games played in her native Finland and tributes her success to Finnish national team coach Olli Tiainen. She has been bowling exceptionally well this year, but says: "I haven't really changed anything very much recently."

Reija Lunden
Reija Lunden receiving $1,000 from John Davis

"I just try to improve all the time and keep a good technique. I do find it difficult to make big adjustments, so try to keep my game simple. I have bowled in a lot of international tournaments over the past year and by watching many top competitors I have been able to learn to read the ball action and lanes." Lunden had just under a hundred pin buffer over second placed Helen Johnsson of Sweden, tipped by many as a tournament favorite.

Europeans topped the table, holding the first three places and seven in the top ten. An expected strong challenge from the Asians has not, as yet, materialized, but Liza Del Rosario of the Philippines made an improvement on the run to home after a low start and sits in tenth place right now.

Wednesday will see the ladies bowl their second block of eight games on the long oil pattern which, says Kegel's John Davis, should play from inside. It will be interesting to see if that makes big changes to the leader board. Interest was focused today on the two 'spinners' in the field, Singapore's Jennifer Tan and Alice Tay. Neither had much luck over their first eight games, finishing 22nd and 23rd respectively.

Story and photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal.

World Ranking Masters set for very successful run

25th April, Lake Wales: A short but colorful opening ceremony sent the 5th WTBA World Ranking Masters on course for a very successful run, returning to the Kegel Training Center in Lake Wales, Florida after two years.

World Ranking Masters logo

After the parade of the 50 contestants, led by past champions and the champions of the three zones, Asia, Europe and America, WTBA Tournament Director Kim Thorsgaard Jensen of Denmark welcomed the players, coaches, officials and spectators. This was followed by an excellent speech of welcome by John Davis, CEO of Kegel and the excellent tournament host.

John Davis also welcomed all to this excellent facility, wishing them well in their quest for tournament supremacy. "Bowling is the biggest peace demonstration on earth," he said. "This is the only universal sport which is both social and competitive. The camaraderie starts on the lanes and this is one of a very few sports where the competitors can talk to one another between shots."

Qualifiers gathered for a group photo

The ceremony was completed with a group photograph, as above, then the women bowlers prepared for the opening squad of eight games on the short oil pattern. The men take to the lanes for their opening squad at 18:00 Tuesday, local time.

Story courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal, photos by Jennifer Davis, Kegel Company Inc.

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