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World Ranking Masters 2007 Page 1 | 2 | 3

Kegel is honored to be hosting The World Ranking Masters, the most prestigious amateur bowling tournament in the world which crowns the globe’s top male and female bowler. The tournament will showcase the best eight men and women bowlers from each of the European, Asian, and American regions. More than 10,000 bowlers from eighteen countries compete in numerous tournaments throughout the year for the honor of participating in The World Ranking Masters.

World Ranking Masters logo

Additionally, most of the influential people in the bowling industry will be in attendance. It is difficult to convey in writing just how exciting this event is to the world of bowling.

Kegel has partnered with Polk Sports Marketing and Sun Sports (formally the Sunshine Network) to televise the tournament finals. In addition to its initial prime time broadcast, The World Ranking Masters will be aired a minimum of five more occasions - great news and credibility building exposure the tournament deserves.

In conjunction, Kegel will again provide a live website to integrate our training center technology with live tournament action, enabling web visitors globally to log on and view statistics regarding every shot for every player. Every ball thrown is tracked by Kegel’s proprietary Computer Aided Tracking System (C.A.T.S.). C.A.T.S. tracks ball path, location, speed, entry angles, and pin leave. The result will be unprecedented bowling event coverage. This is a first for the bowling industry and we anticipate a significant response globally. The website address is www.Kegel.net

For more information or to become a tournament Sponsor email: del.warren@kegel.net or call 863-734-0200.


The winners will receive the following:

 Positions Men  Women 
 1 US$10,000  US$10,000 
 2 US$5,000  US$5,000 
 3-4 US$3,000  US$3,000 
 5-8 US$1,500  US$1,500 
 9 (1st not in final) US$1,000  US$1,000 
 10 (2nd not in final) US$1,000  US$1,000 
 Winner Squad 1 US$1,000  US$1,000 
 Winner Squad 2 US$1,000  US$1,000 
 Winner Squad 3 US$1,000  US$1,000 
 Winner of the Qualification US$1,000  US$1,000 
 Total US$32,500  US$32,500 


Day/Date From To  Activities
 Wed May 2      Last Day of Arrivals
     Ball Check and Registration
 Thur May 3 19:00 20:00  Players' Briefing at Kegel Training Center
09:00 11:00  Ball Check and Final Registration
10:00 10:30  Second Players' Breifing for late arrivals
11:00 12:00  Official Practice, Men
12:00 12:30  Official Practice, Women
13:30 14:30  Lane Maintenance
14:00 14:30  Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception
 Qualification games
14:30 19:30  Squad 1 Men, 8 games Long oil
 Fri May 4  Qualification games
09:00 14:00  Squad 1 Women, 8 games Long oil
14:00 14:30  Lane Maintenance
14:30 19:30  Squad 2 Men, 8 games Short oil
 Sat May 5  Qualification games
09:00 14:00  Squad 2 Women, 8 games Short oil
14:00 19:30  Lane Maintenance
14:00 18:00  Squad 3 Men, 8 games Short/Long oil
 Sun May 6 09:00 14:00  Squad 3 Women, 8 games Short/Long oil
14:00 14:30  Lanes Maintenance/Score confirmation
 Cut to Top 8 Women and Top 8 Men for Play Offs
14:30 16:00  Quarterfinals Men - Best of 3 games
16:00 16:30  Lane Maintenancen
16:30 18:00  Quarterfinals Women - Best of 3 games
18:00 18:30  Lane Maintenancen
18:30 20:00  Men and Women Semifinals - Best of 3 games
 Mon May 7 12:00 13:30  Final Women TV Show
13:30 14:00  Lane Maintenance
14:00 15:30  Final Men TV Show
15:30 16:00  Award Ceremony
19:00 ??:??  Victory Banquet
 Tue May 8      Departures
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