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Championship Title
World Women's Championship 2007 Photo 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Final gold to American

8th September, Monterry: The final gold medal of the World Women's Championship went to Diandra Asbaty of USA as the 2003 Masters champion defeated Jazreel Tan of Singapore, 3-2 in the best of 5 games title shootout matches which allowed America to emerged as overall champion.

World Women's Cship logo

With the higher seed choosing to start the match on short oil, Jazreel Tan of Singapore relished on the condition to take the first match, 213-203. As the duo moved into the long oil condition, Diandra Asbaty of USA, reversed the tie to win comfortably 228-180 as the Singaporean struggled.

At the third game, Jazreel again showed her liking for the short oil condition to go 2-up by taking the game, 223-192 as the American suffered two splits in the second and sixth frames. The fourth game saw Diandra opened accounts with a double in the first two frames and then followed it up with a turkey from the fourth to the sixth frames to take a commanding lead.

Jazreel just got lost in the long oil condition suffering two open frames compounded by her inability to string together a single connecting strikes to end the game, 171-222 allowing Diandra to draw level and going into the fifth and deciding game.

Masters Gold
Diandra Asbaty winning the Masters gold twice

Although it appeared that the Singaporean would do well in her favourite condition, an early mistake in the first frame unsettled the youngster whilst Diandra took control of the game with an opening double strike and another double in frames sixth and seventh.

Diandra became the first American to win the World Championship Masters gold twice and she also became the first bowler to become the World Ranking Masters and the World Championship Masters champion in the same year.

"It wasn't easy bowling against such a talented bowler like Jazreel," said the slightly relieved champion. "She is a tough opponent and it's great to be matched up against her. She bowled well all week and I'm sure she will do well in time to come. I lost two matches to her and I wasn't going to let that happen again.

"I'm glad to be part of a great team this year. We've won a medal in every event and this goes to show that this year's team is the strongest ever. The champion had to work hard for a spot in the finals after she went to five games to beat teammate, Tennelle Milligan, 3-2 in the first semifinals.

Jazreel Tan, who defeated '300' girl, Kim Yeau Jin of Korea, 3-2 in the other semi, had to settle for the silver medal. The loosing semifinalists, Milligan and Kim won a bronze medal each without having to bowl in the third and fourth place playoffs.

Masters Winners
Masters winners, Jazreel, Diandra, Kim and Tennelle

USA emerged the overall champion after winning the second gold and added another bronze medal in the Masters. The Americans took home 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals while Korea finished second with 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The other two gold medals went to the Sweden, who won the Trios event and Malaysia, who won the Team of 5 event. A total of 225 bowlers from 43 countries took part in this year's championship.

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

Asia versus America in the finals

7th September, Monterry: The Masters finals of the World Women's Championship will see Asia pitched against America as Singapore's Jazreel Tan is set for a showdown with '300' girl, Kim Yeau Jin of Korea in the semi whilst defending champion, Diandra Asbaty will meet teammate, Tennelle Milligan in the other All-American semi.

World Women's Cship logo

Seventh-seed, Jazreel Tan of Singapore, took the first game in the best of 5 Masters elimination first round, 212-192 starting on short oil condition. The Singaporean won the second match by a single pin, 218-217 and could have sealed the match but lost the third game to Esther Cheah of Malaysia, 203-220.

The Malaysia came back strongly to win the fourth game, 213-175 forcing Jazreel to go all the way to the decider. With sheer determination clearly displayed by the Singaporean, Jazreel went on to clinch the game, 226-214 and the match, 3-2 to reach the quarterfinals.

Faced with Sweden's Helen Johnsson, Jazreel again put in a scintillating performance to win comfortably, 206-158 in the first game of the quarterfinals. Despite a slight setback in the second game loosing 192-313,

Asian Semifinalists
Asian semifinalists, Km Yeau Jin
and Jazreel Tan

Jazreel went on to win game 3 (214-188) and 4 (181-174) to emerged victorious.

Jazreel, the two times Singapore national champion will face a stiffer challenge when she is match against '300' girl Kim Yeau Jin of Korea in the first semifinal match tomorrow (September 9). Winning the semifinals will ensure Singapore a medal in the championship.

Meanwhile, defending champion, Diandra Asbaty will face teammate, Tennelle Milligan in an all-American semifinals. Diandra knocked out All Events champion, Choi Jin A, 3-1 in the first quarterfinals. The American reached the quarterfinals ousting Australian, Ann-Maree Putney, 3-1 in Round 1.

Second-seed, Tennelle Milligan had an easier journey to the semi after she ended the hopes of host, Mexico by beating Adriana Perez, 3-1 in the quarterfinals. Milligan had earlier beaten Sweden's Malin Glendert, 3-0 in Round 1.

Kim Yeau Jin of Korea ousted Singles gold medalist, Shannon O'Keefe of USA, 3-2 in the quarterfinals to reach the semi. The Korean also knocked out another American, Lynda Barnes, 3-1 in Round 1.

American Semifinalists
The all-American semifinalists, Diandra Asbaty and
Tennelle Milligan

If USA wins the Masters gold medal, they would emerge as overall champion as they trailed Korea in the overall medal tally with 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze. Korea has 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze./p>

Photos courtesy of Cheah Ban Cheng, MTBC.

America nails first gold in Singles

6th September, Monterry: Shannon O'Keefe finally nailed America's first gold medal of the World Women's Championship with victory in the Singles after 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in the earlier two events while Korea's Choi Jin A emerged the All Events champion.

World Women's Cship logo

The first group that contested the first squad of the Singles event after just completed the ardous Team event before the squad started on Wednesday evening, just could not score well. Denmark's Rikke Holm Rasmussen topped the field in the first squad with 1285.

In Squad 2 the next day, spinner, Chien Hsiu Lan of Chinese Taipei set the early pace and by the fourth game, the Taiwanese was leading the the field with 873 from Sofia Granda of Guatemala in second. Chien needed just 413 to take over pole position with two more squads to bowl but fell short to give the lead of this squad to Granda who totaled 1273.

Rasmussen stills held all the aces at the end of Squad 2 but the big guns were coming on line in the last two squads. The consensus of opinion was that 1320 will be the gold medal score.

Singles Gold
Shannon O'Keefe winning USA's first gold medal

Erik Kok, the Dutch coach, must have been doing things right in Squad 3 as his daughter, Wendy Kok led Squad 3 after the first two games. But when the big guns started firing their ammunitions, the field saw Shannon O'Keefe surging to the lead at the halfway mark.

The American continued to reel off 212, 210 and 233 to end the squad with a superb 1362. Ann-Maree Putney of Australia finished second with 1336, thanks to a 258, 257 and 193 in her second series followed by Malaysia's Wendy Chai third on 1302.

At the final Squad 4, Indonesia's youngster, Shalima Zalsha stole the limelight as she broke away from the field with a 47-pin lead after the first three games and she would need a minimum of 672 of more for a crack at the gold.

A poor 189 and 197 in the next two games meant she would only be going for a bronze. The Indonesian struck in the 10th frame and need another in the 11th to upstage Wendy Chai for the bronze but left a stubborn pin 10. Netherland's Priscilla Maaswinkel finished pole in this squad with 1295 leaving Shalima in second with 1287.

The final position for the top 3 reamined from Squad 3 with O'Keefe taking the gold, Putney the silver and Wendy Chai the bronze.

Choi Jin A added another gold to her collection and for Korea as she topped the All Events final standings with 5316. Tennelle Milligan of USA took the silver with 5282 while a second in the Singles hauled Ann-Maree Putney of Australia into third spot for the bronze medal with 5256.

AE Winners
All Events winners, Milligan, Choi and Putney

The top 16 advanced to the knockout stage of the Masters finals which will commence tomorrow with the first round and the quarterfinals. The semifinals and the final top 2 matches will take place on Saturday, September 8.

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

Malaysia delivers her first gold

5th September, Monterry: Esther Cheah, Zandra Aziela, Sharon Koh, Wendy Chai and anchor lady, Shalin Zulkifli fittingly delivered its first gold medal in the Team of Five event at the World Women's Championship to celebrate Malaysia's 50th Independence.

World Women's Cship logo

The Malaysian women bowled their hearts out by clinching the Team of Five event by 7 pins from the talented team from the United States of America. England held their lead during the first game of the long oil session but the surprise was Indonesia falling right back and letting Malaysia and Korea into the medal places.

Finland, too, were making a strong bid for glory. Going into the last game, it was nip and tuck between Malaysia and the United States for gold and silver and a motley assortment of teams for the bronze.

A gritty and hefty second game of 1079 propelled Malaysia as the new leader going into the third and final game with 74 pins margin. Team USA was in hot pursuits right on the heels of Malaysia.

Team Gold
Malaysia winning the Team of 5 gold medal

It was down to the wire till the last frame for Shalin Zulkifli to bowl. With her coolness and nerves of steel, Shalin, who knocked down a turkey prior to the tenth frame and spared home to shut out the Americans with a team total of 6323.

Lynda Barnes, Shannon O'Keefe, Tennelle Milligan, Diandra Asbaty and Shannon Pluhowsky of USA settled for the silver medal with 6316 despite bringing home 1050 in their final game. Overnight first block leader, England claimed the bronze medal with 6197.

The Danes and the mighty Koreans ended up in fourth and fifth spots respectively whilst Indonesia finished a dissapointing sixth. Wednesday's first team squad dealt with the teams in the 'second division', those that finished further down the table.

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International and Cheah Ban Cheng, MTBC.

Records tumble as England sets the pace

4th September, Monterry: Records tumbled like confetti off a clear blue sky as England's Fiona Banks, Zara Glover, Jemma Smith, Lisa John and a second '300' from Kirsten Penny took them to the top of the first block Team event at the World Women's Championship.

World Women's Cship logo

This short oil pattern was certainly producing high scores as the English enjoyed a huge strikefest in the second game by such a handsome margin with 1261, breaking the old record of 1151 set by Malaysia in 2003.

That standard did not carry through to the third game, though. "Kirsten didn't stop shaking for the first four frames of the last game," Zara Glover joked. "We are not morning people, so we were all half asleep through the games this morning, so maybe we were more relaxed and having looser swings."

Denmark, who were the first to break the record with 1165 in the first game, took the early lead ahead of the Finns by 57 pins. The 1261 by England quickly moved them to the front of the pack with Indonesia putting in their bid to take up second.

First Block Leader
The English ladies showing their strength in the first block

Despite a 1074 posted by the English ladies, it was sufficient to top the squad with 3310 followed by Indonesia second on 3252. Finland finished third ahead of the pace-setter, Denmark in fourth.

As the second squad, featuring Trios stars Sweden, United States and Korea took to the lanes, it was interesting to see how the hotshots cope with the target set by England in the morning. It was Korea back in the frame after the first two games of the second squad, '300 girl' Kim Yeau Jin topping the scores with 470 over the first two games.

Excitement for Venezuela as Alicia Marcano shot a 299 in the first game and followed that with 246 for 545 going into the third game. She left the 4-pin on that vital last ball. The USA girls were coasting along in third place on this squad, but as we've seen before, they have a sting in their tail to come screaming back when it was thought they were out of the picture.

But it was the Malaysian girls, gold medalist in the 2003 championship,

Squad 1 Second
Team Indonesia doing well to finish second

storming home with a superb 1127 to end the squad at the top on a total of 3218. Korea settled for second with 3161 despite leading the first two games.

With the two squads combined, England remained on top with Indonesia in second and Malaysia making their bid for the first medal in third. Finland and Denmark rounded up the top five whilsts favourites, Korea lavishing down in sixth position.

So far, scores on the long oil have not been so good, so Wednesday afternoon's squad of the cream of the crop will be an interesting three games as the top 24 seeded teams from the first block will all bowl together in squad 2.

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International and Cheah Ban Cheng, MTBC.

Gold to the Swedish trio

3rd September, Monterry: The Swedish trio of Helen Johnsson, Nina Flack and Malin Glendert rallied on strongly in the final game of Squad 3 to topple the Americans with a total of 3970 to win the Trios gold medal at the World Women's Championship.

World Women's Cship logo

The Danish trio of Britt Brondsted, Mai Ginge Jensen and Kamilla Kjeldsen had no Monday morning blues and got off to a flying start with a first game on the short oil pattern of 726. They followed with 632 in the second game and had a 610 finish to total 1968 for the short oil block.

Denmark set the benchmarck as the Squad 3 took to the lanes for their second block with the focus on Sweden and the United States. The top Korean trio, who would be in the final squad, would know exactly what they have to do to take yet another gold medal.

Sweden's Johnsson-Flack-Glendert and America's Barnes-O'Keefe-Milligan were running neck and neck with Sweden hitting 681 and the Americans 640 in the first game to give the Swedes the lead by 26 pins.

Squad 2 Blk2 Leader
Britt Brondsted, Kamilla Kjeldsen
and Mai Ginge Jensen topping
Squad 2

An outstanding 737 from the United States in game two set yet another world record for these Championships, the previous being 728, set by Korea in Malaysia in 2003. The American trio regained the lead by 43 pins.

But it wasn't the Americans that were in pole position when the dust of this squad had settled. The Swedish trio rallied to the cause and came sweeping down the home straight with 686 to total 3970 overall with a 2040 three-game score on the short oil pattern and so proceed to the top of the class.

Korea's Choi Jin A, Kim Yeau Jin and Nam Bo Ra took to the lanes in the final squad and needed 2041 or more to claim their second gold. A moderate start of 644 in the first game kept the Koreans in contention.

Trios Gold
Helen Johnsson, Nina Flack and Malin Glendert celebrating with their gold

The trio fought with their hearts out with a superb 693 in the second game leaving a 704 or more in their final game for a chance of a gold but it was not to be as they only managed a 632 giving them a total of 3898.

So the gold went to the Swedes, the overnight leader, America settling for the silver and Korea doing well to take the bronze, just 12 pins ahead of the unlucky Danes being pushed down to fourth.

With 12 games played from two events, perfect gamer, Kim Yeau Jin led a Korean 1-2 in the All Events standings with 2783, just 20 pins ahead of teammate, Choi Jin A on 2763. Johnsson's 1393 took the Swede to third with 2758.

Trios Bronze
Choi Jin A, Nam Bo Ra and Kim Yeau Jin

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

American trio zooms into pole

2nd September, Monterry: A poor start did not deter the American trio of Lynda Barnes, Shannon O'Keefe and Tennelle Milligan as they zoomed in to take pole position of the Trios first block in the World Women's Championship.

World Women's Cship logo

There was no surprise in the statement that the mighty Koreans once again topped the table after the first of the three squads on the long oil pattern were contested. The talented threesome of Nam Bo Ra, Kim Yeau Jin and Choi Jin A, nowhere near equalled their fantastic averages in Doubles, nor did they open an impregnable buffer, but they downed enough pins to set the early lead.

Teams have yet to master what is proving to be a really tough condition and very few players were over 400 after the first two games, although '300 girl' Kim Yeau Jin of Korea did hit 501 with an opening 266 followed by 235. She went on to compile a 722.

Only five women were able to hit games of 200 or over. Of the three teams that managed to break the '1800 barrier', it was Indonesia that managed to

Trios Squad 1 Leader
The talented Choi Jin A, Kim
Yeau Jin and Nam Bo Ra

set second place on 1855 and Japan crept into third with 1827. This was the first showing of these two teams so far and both were expected to have players in the Masters at the end of the week.

In Squad 2, Australia were in the frame after the fist game, leading with 642, thanks to a 267 starter from Kate Wilton. Kate's 267 was the highest game of the day so far, but there had also been a 266 and a 265. Germany and Norway brought Europe into the picture with 633 and 626 respectively.

Game two saw Denmark climbed all the way from 29th to lead the squad after a fine trios game of 671. Just two pins behind them were Chinese Taipei and Norway were clinging on to third place.

The Danish trio were mightily inspired and tore up the pins in the third game, rising through the ranks yet again and were in second place with one squad left to bowl. They could have taken over the lead but for the misfortune of Kamilla Kjeldsen with an 8-10 split with the second ball of the tenth frame of the third game.

Trios Squad 2 Leader
Mai Ginge Jensen, Kamilla Kjeldsen and Britt Brondsted celebrating their scores

Indonesia dropped down to third place and Hong Kong moved into fourth when the two squads totals were combined. Forecasts that the American trio would hit 150 over par in this Squad 3 looked to be negative as they only rolled 586 between them. But there were still two games to go.

Despite a superb strong challenge from Sweden the dynamic American trio zoomed from the boondocks into pole position in smart moves in the second and third games. A 645 and 719 gave the Americans a total of 1950 to claim pole overall.

Swedes Helen Johnsson, Malin Glendert and Nina Flack settled for second with 1930, just 20 pins adrift while Squad 1 leader, Korea dropped to third. Squad 2 leader, Denmark dropped further down to fourth with Indonesia fifth.

Trios 1stBlk Leader
First block leader, Barnes, Milligan and O'Keefe

The Americans will ride into the short oil block Monday morning on the crest of a wave or will the Koreans fight back? Will the Swedes sweep the pins off the decks? Will another trio emerge from the pack to string the strikes?

Photos courtesy of Lucas Wiseman, USBC Communications and Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

Korea retains pole, wins first gold

2nd September, Monterry: Overnight pole sitter, Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra retained their top spot after the fourth and final squad completed Sunday morning to give Korea their first gold medal of the World Women's Championship.

World Women's Cship logo

It was a case of "Last Chance Saloon" as the final squad of the Doubles event took to the lanes. The score to beat for gold was 2804 set by Korea's Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra in Squad 3 and just to get into bronze position called for 2729.

Denmark's Britt Brondsted and Kamilla Kjeldsen set a hot pace but faded after four games. Then the pace was taken over by the Swedish duo of Helen Johnsson and Malin Glendert and when it came into the home straight just Sweden and the Netherlands had a chance of ousting the Americans from bronze medal position, the Swedes needed 451 and the Dutch 510 in the final game.

Despite topping the squad with 2697, the Swedes fell short by 91 pins of their target and the Dutch were further back. So, the final positions was Korea gold and silver and the United States bronze for the podium and coveted medals.

Doubles Gold
Pole sitter, Choi Jin A and Nam
Bo Ra winning the gold

Doha Asian Games gold medalist, Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra claimed the gold with Squad 1 leader, Gye Min Young and perfect gamer, Kim Yeau Jin the silver, giving Korea a 1-2 finish. Lynda Barnes and Tennelle Milligan of USA claimed the bronze.

The Swedish pair of Helen Johnsson and Malin Glendert finished fourth with the unlucky Malaysian pair of Shalin Zulkifli and Sharon Koh settling for fifth position. Squad 2 leader, Ann-Maree Putney and Jayde Flanagan of Australia rounded up the top 6.

Choi also led the All Events standings with 1437 followed by Ingellimar Contreras of Venezuela in second, 21 pins adrift. Kim Yeau Jin, Gye Min Young and Dominican Republic's Aumi Guerra took up third to fifth spots.

Squad 4 Leader
Squad 4 leader, Helen Johnsson and Malin Glendert

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

Korea takes pole in Squad 3 and overall

1st September, Monterry: Asia powerhouse, Korea ended the Doubles Squad 3 of the World Women's Championship late Saturday evening as Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra took pole in both the squad and overall.

World Women's Cship logo

Squad three saw Koreans back in contention after the first two games, Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra setting a hot pace with 938. The Americans werre beginning to show at last as Lynda Barnes and Tennelle Milligan combined for an opening 911.

Another two world records tumble as Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra combined for 2804 to demote their teammates, Gye Min Young and Kim Yeau Jin into second place. The duo also upped the ante for three games with yet another record, their 1433 eclipsing the 1395 set by their teammates earlier in the day.

Moving up to third were the United States as Lynda Barnes and Tennelle Milligan bid for the bronze. Despite finishing third in this squad, Malaysia's pair of Esther Cheah and Zandra Aziela finished below their teammates in eighth overall.

Squad 3 Leader
Overall leader, Choi Jin A and Nam Bo Ra

Mexico had their 15 minutes of fame by hitting a record 547 for a doubles single game in the final game of the squad. Adriana Perez hit 279 and she was backed up by Sandra Gongora's 268.

Once again, the Korean pair playing together for the first time and both were gold medalists. Choi, 24, took two gold medals and Nam, 26, one in last year's Doha Asian Games in Qatar. "We both really like bowling on the short oil," commented Choi. "I think we will do well on the long pattern, too.

"We would have liked to have been able to see the sights of Monterrey, but we've been too busy practising on these lanes, but we hope our coaches let us go on a tour later next week."

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

Aussies grab lead in Squad 2

1st September, Monterry: Ann-Maree Putney and Jayde Flanagan of Australia topped Squad 2 of the World Women's Championship with a total of 2644 but not enough to challenge Squad 1 leaders Korea.

World Women's Cship logo

After the dust settled from the second squad of the day, the sister of Anja Ginge Jensen and Mai Ginge Jensen set a cracking pace with 489 to lead Australia's Ann-Maree Putney and Jayde Flanagan by 37 pins with Ana Germania Herniquez and Aumi Guerra of Dominican Republic in third.

Guerra then posted the highest single game of the squad with 290 in the second game with her partner scoring 234 to give the duo a 524 total and the lead by 39 pins pushing down into second and Australia third.

The Dominicans continued their fast pace to maintain their lead and looked certain to top the squad until a poor 357 in the final game saw them giving away the pole to the Aussies with a total of 2644 but not enough to challenge squad 1 leaders, Korea who totaled 2787.

Squad 2 Leader
Squad 2 leader, Jayde Flanagan and Ann-Maree Putney

"We bowl well together," said Ann-Maree, a resident of Sydney. "We won a silver medal in Cyprus last year at the Commonwealth Championships. We're both happy on the long and short oil patterns, so hope to do well in all the events. The Australian team is evenly balanced and we're not having any altitude problems so far."

Jayde hails from Melbourne and that fine city will be hosting the next Women's World Championships in 2009. The Aussie's 2644 was just seven pins better than the 2637 rolled by the Dominican Republic's Aumi Guerra and Ana Germania Herniquez.

"We're the Dominican trademark doubles team," joked Aumi after the squad. "We won gold in the 2003 Tournament of the Americas." Commenting on the conditions here in Mexico, she added: "Normally the short oil pattern is not my good point, but I changed equipment and today I did well. Perhaps it will change for the future.

"We enjoyed bowling today and it is fantastic to be surrounded by such great players, so we feel really good about coming into second place on this squad."

Squad 2 Second
Ana Germania Herniquez and Aumi Guerra second in Squad 2

Photos courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

Korean shoots first perfect game

1st September, Monterry: Kim Yeau Jin of Korea shot the first perfect game of the World Women's Championship en-route to topping Squad 1 of the opening Doubles event with partner, Gye Min Young underway at the Bol Obispado Bowling Center on Saturday morning.

World Women's Cship logo

Shalin Zulkifli and debutant, Sharon Koh of Malaysia set the pace over the first two games with 894. Shalin shot 225 and 200 whilst Koh downed 221 and 248 for the dua to lead by just two pins over Singapore's Jazreel Tan and Cherie Tan.

Korea slot into third place, thanks to the championship's first 300 from Kim Yeau Jin in the second game. The short oil condition seemed to be favoured as the top 14 teams of the 28 on this opening squad averaged over 200.

When the Malaysian pair managed only 368 in the third game and Korea shooting 526, Kim Yeau Jin and Gye Min Young were able to grab the lead with a record-breaking 1395 total with Singapore trailing by 60 and Malaysia dropping to third.

Squad 1 Leader
Kim Yeau Jin and Gye Min Young
in a medal contention

Kim and Gye went on to top the squad by posting 500, 463 and 429 for another record-breaking total of 2787. The duo also broke the 1 game record of 513 set by England in 2003 with 526. Malaysia recovered to claim second spot 134 pins adrift with 2653.

"We're feeling good," said Kim, "but we're not sure about the gold medal yet. I'm very pleased to have bowled the first 300 of these Championships as I had two lucky strikes, but I had a wide pocket. I prefer the short oil so will just have to wait and see how I feel when we bowl on the long."

German's Janin Ribguth and Michaela Gobel finished third with 2553, 3 pins ahead of Sweden in fourth with 2550 whilst USA ended in a disappointing fifth with 2534.

Kim Yeau Jin
The first 300 of the
championship by Kim Yeau Jin

Photos courtesy of Cheah Ban Cheng, MTBC.

Championship all set to roll

31st August, Monterry: The official opening ceremony of the World Women's Championship held at the Monterry Gymnasium, marked the start of an exciting 8-day championship from the best bowlers in the world.

World Women's Cship logo

Dignitaries and guests were gathered to witness the grand parade with the march past of the participating nations of officials and bowlers. Newly-elected WTBA president, Kevin Dornberger and FIQ president, Jessie Phua were among those on stage to initiate the opening and deliver their speeches followed by a cultural dance.

The whole event is under the capable wing of genial Dr Jose 'Pepe' Aguilar, 62, a surgical dentist by profession, who has been the president of the Mexican Tenpin Federation for the past seven years, who has the splendid reputation of being a really hard worker and does a great job.

"We bid for this Championship at the 2003 WTBA Congress in Malaysia," said Aguilar. "We really wanted players worldwide to come to Monterrey to enjoy our beautiful city and experience our renowned hospitality.

Opening Ceremony
Opening ceremony of this year's championship

"It was difficult getting financial support but the Monterrey government supported us well and we were able to get enough corporate sponsorship, so now we hope to break even.

"What has been disappointing is the lack of participation by many of the South American countries. We did expect to have at least some entries from Chile, Panama, Argentina, Honduras and Nicaragua for instance.

"Personally, I would like to say a big thank you to all the participants, coaches and officials - Welcome to Mexico. And I add more thanks to the happy band of 120 volunteers who are going to make this Championship a memorable success."

227 players from 43 countries will do battle commencing tomorrow (September 1) with the Doubles Squad 1 kicking off at 9.00am. Two more squads will follow in the afternoon and evening. Squad 4 will be played on September 2.

Cultural Dance
Cultural dance performed by local Mexicans

Meanwhile, the team managers' meeting was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel earlier in the morning with the official practice held in the afternoon before the opening ceremony.

Photos courtesy of Cheah Ban Cheng, MTBC.

Singaporean elected FIQ President

30th August, Monterry: Singapore Bowling Federation's president, Mrs Jessie Phua was elected the new FIQ President for a 4-year term defeating incumbent, Steve Hontiveros of the Philippines, 97-74 at the 2007 FIQ Congress at Crowne Plaze Hotel Thursday evening.

World Women's Cship logo

Three candidates stood for the top post, Hontiveros and challengers Salman Abdul Ghani, a member of the Qatar Olympic Committee and Ms Jessie Phua, an Executive Member of the Singapore National Olympic Council.

The meeting started 45 minutes late with Steve Hontiveros opening the meeting with his welcome address and introducing the dignitaries. As usual, the first business was verifying the proxies and there was 89 delegates present, carrying 76 proxies to give a voting strength of 165.

Hontiveros discussed points from his published President's report highlighting that FIQ membership had increased to 134 nations and confirmed that tenpin bowling will remain in the Asian Games in 2010 in China.

Jessie Phua
Jessie Phua taking up bowling's top post

Dr P S Nathan of Malaysia, commented that he believed the door to inclusion in the 2010 Commonwealth Games has been closed but hope that it was not so. He added that he believed that tenpin bowling has been removed from the list of recognized sports.

Mrs Vivien Fung of Hong Kong, reported that the Olympic Committee is very active and has submitted a report to the IOC. Mrs Fung is also chairman of the Women in Sports Committee and they were planning to have a Women in Sport Committee in each zone.

The Malaysian and French federations put forward a proposal to delete the rule that persons over 70 years of age be barred from the Presidium. Arguments pro and con continued and it was seconded for a vote. A two-thirds majority was required for this rule to be removed and was achieved with 132 in favor.

There were four candidates for the office of President: Steve Hontiveros (Philippines); Salman Abdul Ghani (Qatar); Jessie Phua (Singapore); Cho Jong Gook (Korea). Cho Jong Gook withdrew his application in a short presentation.

Steve Hontiveros was the first to seek election by stating that he had done the best he could over the past four years. He added that he has started projects and he wants to see them completed. "I am sincere in my love of bowling," he stated. "I hope that you will support me to do my job for another term. Thank you for the support over the past four years."

Salman Abdul Ghani, a member of the Qatar Olympic Committee, stated that is time to establish our aims for bowling and start marketing. Without that there will be no future in bowling. FIQ needs to work further with WTBA and WNBA. "I call bowling a sleeping beauty and we need to wake up this beauty," he said.

Jessie Phua was the final speaker. She explained that although all candidates come from the same zone, they are all friends. "We are a sport in a desperate need of change," she commented. "We need to be current and progressive. for a sport that boasts of millions of participants, without any discrimination, recognized world-wide, why are we not in the Olympics.

"We are a house divided, on three corners of a triangle. We talk, but we don't communicate. We do not recognize the jewel in our hand. Let's work for a

FIQ Presidents
FIQ Presidents, Joan Ricard, Jessie Phua and Gustavo Lopez

super world tour. Only when we are united and professionally managed do we truly deserve to be in the running for the Olympics."

A proposal for a secret ballot was approved. The result of the first vote was Hontiveros 66, Salman 37, Jessie 68. Salman dropped out for the second vote. The second vote result: Jessie Phua 97 and Steve Hontiveros 74.

The office of 1st Vice President went to Joan Ricard, Catalunya and the 2nd Vice President Gustavo Lopez, Guatemala. Both were elected by acclimation. The auditors were also elected. The next FIQ Congress will be held in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia in conjunction with the 2009 WTBA World Men's Championships. The Congress closed at 16:30. For complete coverage of the FIQ Congress, please visit Bowlers' Journal International

Photo courtesy of Keith Hale, Bowlers' Journal International.

American elected new WTBA President

29th August, Monterry: USBC Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Dornberger of USA, has been elected the new WTBA President for a term of 4 years defeating incumbent, Heikki Sarso of Finland, 53-34 in the 2007 WTBA Congress at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Wednesday morning.

World Women's Cship logo

The 2007 WTBA Congress sailed through calm waters on its opening session at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Monterrey on Wednesday morning.

A good representation of 46 delegates from the 109 member federations were present and 38 carried brought proxy votes from those nations unable to attend, bringing the voting strength of the meeting to 84.

The reports from the three zones, the President and Secretary General were all quickly approved, as were the financial reports for the past two years of 2005 and 2006, the latter showing a positive balance of $173,216.64. The auditors gave their approval of the balance sheet and the Presidium are now released.

Kevin and Heikki
WTBA President contenders, Kevin Dornberger and Heikki Sarso

The legislative session commenced with a new registration from the Virgin Islands, also carrying a proxy, bringing the voting strength up to 87. Many proposals for amendments to WTBA were put forward and they were swiftly dealt with right up to lunch break.

An item of news before the afternoon session was that Dr P S Nathan of Malaysia has withdrawn his nomination for the office of WTBA President, so it was a straight fight between Heikki Sarso of Finland and Kevin Dornberger of the United States.

Dornberger's presentation prior to the election stressed the need for more marketing, promotion and media attention so as to attract sponsorship and the need to boost the 18-34 age group back or into the sport. "Don't think being the WTBA President is an easy job, it is not," he commented. "FIQ and the WTBA have to work together more closely and our aim is to be an Olympic sport."

Sarso commented that the challenge of being elected President in 2003 was a huge challenge. "I'm very pleased that today we have achieved so many important issues," he said. He informed the group of his progress with the positive recent negotiations with the IOC. "I want to serve bowling and I want to serve all Federations and to do that I need your support," was his closing statement.

The result was in favor of Kevin Dornberger, 53-34. "This is hard for me," stated Dornberger, "because I was the one who proposed Heikki for President in 2003. I have good points and bad points but I take my responsibilities seriously. I will not fail you. I am feeling humble right now and I thank you all very much."

Kevin and Heikki
The 46 delegates from 109 member federations at the meeting

The first vote brought an insufficient majority for candidates Salam Abbas Abdul of Qatar (25 votes), Magnus Johnson of Sweden (28 votes) and Alex Popov of Australia (34 votes) for the 1st Vice President. It therefore went to a second vote between Johnson and Popov. That result was Johnson 43, Popov 44.

For the office of 2nd Vice President there are three nominations: Salam Abbas Abdul (Qatar), Magnus Johnson (Sweden) and Bernard Pujol (France). Salam Abbas Abdul then withdrew, leaving the vote now between Johnson and Pujol. The new 2nd Vice President was Bernard Pujol of France with 55 votes to Johnson's 32.

The auditors and an alternate were proposed and accepted for a two-year term. The meeting closed at 19:45 local time. For complete coverage of the WTBA Congress, please visit Bowlers' Journal International

Photo courtesy of Lucas Wiseman, USBC Communications.

World Women's Championship to kick off this Sunday

27th August, Monterry: The 2nd edition of the World Women's Championship will see 227 players from 43 countries kicking off on Sunday, September 2nd at the Bol Obispado in Monterey, Mexico with WTBA and FIQ Congresses a day earlier.

World Women's Cship logo

A total of 49 countries will have delegates and representatives attending the WTBA and FIQ Congress meetings in which current WTBA president, Heikki Sarso of Finalnd and FIQ president, Steve Hontiveros of the Philippines seeking re-election.

The WTBA presidency, however will be challenged this year by USBC Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Dornberger of USA while Jessie Phua, president of the Singapore Bowling Federation vying for bowling's top post in the FIQ.

The World Women's Championship will commence with the official practices on Friday, August 31st followed by the official opening ceremony in the evening. Competition proper will start the next day with the Doubles divided into 4 squads spread over two days.

Hotel View
The 36-lane Bol Obispado in Monterry, Mexico

Six events will be contested comprising of the Doubles, Trios, Team, Singles, All Events and the Masters over the 9 days duration. The Masters finals for the top 16 in the All Events standings will contest over a knockout format narrowing down to the final two players.

In the first edition held in Aalborg, Denmark two years ago, China's Yan Suiling walked away with the Masters gold medal but this year the Chinese women are not competing. Malaysia's Esther Cheah won the Singles gold.

Chinese Taipei will be defending both the Team and Trios event which they won last time out while Martina Beckel and Tanya Petty won the opening Doubles event.

Photos courtesy of www.bolichesamf.com.

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