2019 World Bowling Women's Championships
Sweden clinches Doubles gold
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29th August, Las Vegas: Sweden's Josefin Hermansson and Jenny Wegner upset the fancied Koreans with a narrow 436-431 victory to clinch the Doubles gold medal of the 2019 WOrld Bowling Women's Championships at South Point Bowling Plaza.

The Swedish pair had a better start than their opponent with both rolling a strike each while Son Hyerin struck and Lee Yeonji managed a spare. The Swedes made no mistake in the second frame while Son encountered a split.

Although Lee made up grounds with a double in the second and third frame, Hermansson responded with a double in her third and fourth frame. When Wegner suffered a baby split in her fifth frame and not converting it, the Korean pair had a slight advantage midway through the match.

Lee then rolled three strikes-in-a-row from frame 5 and Son downed a double in the sixth and seventh frames, the tie had swayed toward the Korean pair. But Son and Lee did not take advantage of the slight lead they had by closing out on their opponents with more strikes, it was the Swedes who were more determine to fight back.

Jenny Wegner and debutant, Josefin Hermansson beeming with their Doubles gold medal

And fought back they did as Hermansson rolled three strikes-in-a-row from frame 9 and Wegner strucked in the tenth and 11th frame to take the narrow victory and the gold medal. Altough Lee doubled in the ninth and tenth frame, her 236 tied with Hermansson's 236 while Wegner's 200 was good enough to beat Son's 195.

Sweden ousted topseed and the third Colombian pair of Rocio Restrpo and All Events gold medallist, Maria Rodriguez, 434-386 in the first semi-final match while Korea defeated another Colombian pair of Jualiana Franco and Clara Guerrero, 434-363 to reach the final.

Restrepo and Rodriguez, who took home the bronze, topped the Doubles preliminaries on August 25 with 2758 to make the semi-finals as topseed. Korea finished second with 2729 and Franco and Guerrero was third with 2727.

The champion survived to reached the semi-finals as fourth-seed with 2706. Sheikh Talal Al-Sabah, President of World Bowling presented the medals and mascot to the winners. The last semi-finals and finals of the day was the Trios event which will follow after the break.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, USA.

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