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5th Kingdom International Open Bowling Tournament Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Party
Stage 1 Finals
Rnk ID  Bowler  Ctry M1 M2 Total Ave  Results
1101 SEAN RASH UNITED STATES246217463231.50 Win
16116 KHALED AL-HAMDAN SAUDI ARABIA147174321160.50 Lost
2102 PARKER BOHN III UNITED STATES140188328164.00 Lost
15115 PAUL MOOR ENGLAND205183388194.00 Win
14114 SHAKER AL-HASSAN U A E226170396198.00 Win
4104 RYAN LALISANG INDONESIA214199413206.50 Lost
13113 JOSH BLANCHARD UNITED STATES216226442221.00 Win
5105 REMY ONG SINGAPORE226177403201.50 Win
12112 TIM MACK UNITED STATES184217401200.50 Lost
6106 AHMED AL-HAYDAN SAUDI ARABIA178188366183.00 Lost
11111 MANUEL OTALORA COLOMBIA218207425212.50 Win
7107 KHALED AL-DUBYYAN KUWAIT193200393196.50 Win
10110 OSKU PALERMAA FINLAND172170342171.00 Lost
8108 RONNIE RUSSELL UNITED STATES244218462231.00 Win
9109 ANDRES GOMEZ COLOMBIA222230452226.00 Lost
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