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40th MWA Thailand International Open Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Men's Graded B Masters Finals
Pos BowlerCtry12345678TotalAveDif
1 KIM KYUN NAMKOR1822142381791991962062041618202.250
2 JUNG SUNG JINKOR1792012182231981872101761592199.00-26
3 PARK SUN HONGKOR1721802152052582021821591573196.63-45
4 JEREMY FANG CHEE YOONGSIN2212461571751832041891961571196.38-47
5 ZACHERY WONG YANG KAISIN1602111901612342101912111568196.00-50
6 EKAPONG SRINORRASAKSILPTHA2072372102102051931621391563195.38-55
7 MARUT CHITYUTITHA2061661611872231922141881537192.13-81
8 CHONNAKAN CHUKANCHITIPATTHA1642052312411821781611591521190.13-97
9 UDOMRAT TAWATPALANGKORNTHA2272211911551881682041661520190.00-98
10 TOSAPORN NARAPAKTHA1812211882031611801701871491186.38-127
11 PANNAWISH YODKHAMLUANGTHA1941891621611741672571821486185.75-132
12 CHALERMPOL DATKIDTHA1821782071832001511811781460182.50-158
13 ANDREW LEE SIN1911692001941861461641951445180.63-173
14 SETTHAPORN KRIDAKORMTHA1832171671932141451791461444180.50-174
15 SUPACHAI PROMMINTHA1871921812341751701341561429178.63-189
16 SUNNY MAN SIN1841571751812121661471751397174.63-221

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