45th Hong Kong International Open
Hong Kong Cup Qualifying ((Final Results as at 16/07/2019 after 2030hrs squad.)) Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Gen Ser1 Ser2 Hcp Score Ave
10230 OTTO LEUNG HKGM68967301362227.00
20219 BRIAN WONG HKGM71761801335222.50
30157 STANLEY LAU HKGM70961501324220.67
40143 CHAN HO YIP HKGM65965801317219.50
50218 MICHAEL TSANG HKGM64363901282213.67
60067 CHING WAI CHUEN HKGM66561501280213.33
70220 LEO TSE HKGM64163801279213.17
80077 MA SZE KIT, GINO HKGM66461301277212.83
90156 ERNEST YUEN KA KI HKGM64762501272212.00
100079 JOEY YIP HKGF650573481271211.83
110065 KWOK KA YI, DANNY HKGM65661301269211.50
120226 HENRY HUI HKGM63663201268211.33
130131 CHEUNG WAI LAM HKGM64961001259209.83
140073 ROCKY HUI HKGM62762501252208.67
150136 HO SUI SANG HKGM64060401244207.33
160078 EDMOND LO HKGM64160101242207.00
170188 LUK YAU SHING HKGM64659401240206.67
180150 EDMOND LEUNG HKGM63560201237206.17
190260 ALVIN LEE HKGM67456101235205.83
200144 TO CHI HANG HKGM62560801233205.50
210074 NOEL CHAN HKGM62560001225204.17
220221 DAVID TSANG HKGM61161001221203.50
230189 POON KA HO HKGM63058601216202.67
240213 CHU WAI KIT, ALEX HKGM61359701210201.67
250222 JASON SIN HKGM64356001203200.50
260075 CK CHIANG HKGM61758601203200.50
270152 CHUNG KWONG CHUEN HKGM60258801190198.33
280070 KAM LAP SING, KELVIN HKGM59559001185197.50
290182 WALTER WONG HKGM59858701185197.50
300334 HO KA CHUN HKGM64853101179196.50
310212 CHU WAI KIM, ALAN HKGM59658101177196.17
320187 WONG HO MING HKGM59258101173195.50
330066 FONG OI YEE HKGF562562481172195.33
340159 DOMINIC LEE HKGM59657301169194.83
350064 YIP SIU FUNG, VINCENT HKGM59257001162193.67
360259 KIM LEUNG HKGM59255101143190.50
370186 YIM YIU KWONG HKGM58255901141190.17
380155 MARK FUNG HKGM57556501140190.00
390126 KWOK YUET KEUNG HKGM57954801127187.83
400071 KWOK MAN LEUNG, KELVIN HKGM60449301097182.83
410227 BILLY TAM HKGM56251101073178.83
420128 TSANG HING KEUNG HKGM54451801062177.00
430127 WONG WAI LUN CARL HKGM4964950991165.17
440133 CHOY WAI MING HKGM5154720987164.50
450158 ALGER PAK HKGM4854720957159.50
460348 SAM SO HKGM4863920878146.33
470273 MATTHEW YU HKGM569 0569189.67
480216 LEUNG CHI YUEN, RAYMOND HKGM547 0547182.33
490164 LAW PAK YIU PACO HKGM477 0477159.00

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