45th Hong Kong International Open
Youth 15 & Under Qualifying ((Final Results as at 16/07/2019 after 2030hrs squad.)) Photo Album 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Pos ID  Bowler Ctry Gen Ser1 Ser2 Hcp Score Ave
10319 NASSER AL MAUSOURI QATM64760601253208.83
20321 BADER AL SADA QATM66158901250208.33
30295 ABDULLAH ALDUBAYAN KUWM64658401230205.00
40320 SULTAN AL QATAN QATM60359801201200.17
50298 HASSAN QASEM KUWM59457501169194.83
60041 AMEN YUEN HKGM60353001133188.83
70054 WONG CHUN MING HKGM56955801127187.83
80293 OMAR ALSHARAF KUWM59352901122187.00
90183 LAM KA YIU HKGM55755301110185.00
100282 FONG HONG U MACM55553401089181.50
110422 MATHIEU LOUIS SGPM55653001086181.00
120322 HAZEEM AL MURAIKHI QATM55352901082180.33
130042 MELANIE CHAN HKGF526495481069178.17
140294 ABDULRAHAMAN ALKANDERI KUWM54849601044174.00
150055 LAU HOI YUE HKGM51251201024170.67
160297 ABDULRZZAQ MOHAMMAD KUWM52449801022170.33
170056 CHO SHING CHI HKGM4944900984164.00
180272 WU TSZ KIU HKGM5024740976162.67
190063 CHANG SZE CHING HKGF46943348950158.33
200034 JASON LEUNG HKGM4874510938156.33
210030 ISSAC FUNG HKGM4954270922153.67
220160 MA CHING NAM MAGNA HKGM4554510906151.00
230045 LEE TAK LAAM, SALLY HKGF43938248869144.83
240296 MAHDI ATIYAH KUWM4394120851141.83
250059 CHEUNG HOI TING HKGF41838348849141.50
260161 MA SIU CHUNG BOSCO HKGM4244210845140.83
270048 LOW POH YEE, NIKKI HKGF39438048822137.00
280271 YIP TSZ HO HKGM4243950819136.50
290269 TSANG FAN HIM HKGM4134030816136.00
300164 LAW PAK YIU PACO HKGM4133950808134.67
310062 CHANG HO CHING HKGF38437448806134.33
320043 OSANNA FUNG HKGF35334048741123.50
330044 LAU YUET LUN, MOON HKGF35029748695115.83
340162 LO CHING LAM JAIDEN HKGM3253230648108.00
350163 TSUI FEI JAIDEN HKGM3033010604100.67

 Note: The Tournament Committee has decided to increase the number of qualifiers for the Youth 15 & Under from 12 to 16.

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