22nd Asian Junior Tenpin Bowling Championships
Aussie, Japanese tops Masters first block
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24th August, Singapore: 2023 Asian Youth Masters silver medallist, Blake Walsh of Australia A and All-Events bronze medallist, Riria Hamasaki of Japan topped the Boy's and Girl's Masters first block finals of the 22nd Asian Junior Tenpin Bowling Championships.

Singles silver medallist, Bader Al Sada of Qatar A defeated All-Events bronze medallist, Hassan Qasem of Kuwait A, 259-190 in the opening match to take an early lead while Seth Gray-Pendlebury trashed team-mate, Walsh 258-181 to trail the leader by 1 pin.

The Qatari remained in the lead after another win in the second match with 204. Team silver medallist, Daiya Saito of Japan won his second match against team-mate, Masato Zaha, 224-152 to move into second spot.

A third straight win in the third match saw the Saito taking over the running but his lead was short-lived when two gold medallist, Brian Ngoi Kai Ren of Singapore A took a four consecutive match wins to go into the lead.

Top 3 finishers, Brian Ngoi, Blake Walsh and Misuki Hirooka

The lead changed hands to Walsh, who fired a stunning 279 in the fifth match. Ngoi trailed in second by 8 pins after the Singaporean lost his fifth match. The 18-year-old Aussie went on to win his next three matches to end the block with 1855 total from six wins.

Ngoi settled for second with 1833, 33 pins adrift from just five wins. Mitsuki Hirooka of Japan held on to third spot with 1781 from five wins. Hassan and Saito completed the top 5 with 1756 and 1754 respectively, both winning five out of the eight matches contested.

Meanwhile in the girl's division, the lead changed six times over the course of the first block. Team gold medallist, Lim Wan Ling of Singapore A led after the opening match with Shanae Key of Australia A and Riria Hamasaki of Japan tieing in second.

The Aussie took over the lead after the second match 10 pins ahead of Singles bronze medallist, Hamasaki and Lavina Kho Jia Jie of Malaysia A sharing second spot. Kho and Singles silver medallist, Emily Hart shared the lead after the third match followed by Hamasaki in second.

Team and All-Events gold medallist, Lim Shi En of Singapore A also led but for one match ahead of Hart in second. The lead changed hands for the fifth time after Singles gold medallist, Adania Mohd Rezwan of Malaysia B leapfrog into the lead.

The Malaysian held the lead after the sixth match with Hamasaki in hot pursuit. The Japanese ended the strongest when she won both her last two matches to top the block with 1722, from six wins. Kho was content with second position with 1689, also from six wins. Lim finished third with 1617 from six wins as well.

Lavina Kho, Riria Hamasaki and Lim Shi En taking the top 3 spots in the Block 1

Adania ended in fourth with 1600 after losing her last two matches with 161 and 166. Sole Taiwanese finalist, Huang Hsin Tsen completed the top 5 with 1596 from five wins. The bowlers will resume with their second block tomorrow at 11.30am local time.

There will be a position-round match after the 15th match to determine the top 3 advancing to the Stepladder Shootout finals. The second and third seed finalist will meet in the semi-finals over one match. The winner of the semi-finals will square off with the top seed over a two-game total final for the Masters gold medal.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Singapore.

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