31st Asian Intercity Bowling Championships
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10th November, Yancheng: Doubles silver medallist, Li Qin and Kong Min and bronze medallist, Peng Rui and Zhang Chunli of Yancheng, took a commanding lead in the first block of Women's Team of 4 event at the 31st Asian Intercity Bowling Championships.

Koh Yang-Rye, Lee Mi-Sook, Jeong Oh-Hwa and Yang Young-Ja of Jeju, Korea got off to a cracking start with 822 to lead local favourite, Yancheng by 53 pins with Paranaque in third, a further 11 pins away.

But the Yancheng quartet posted a stunning 867 to move into the lead and built up a gap of 73 pins as the Korean foursome managed only 742 in their second game. Doubles gold medallist, Anne Marie Kiac led Pia Basa, Apple Posadas and Lara Posadas with 742 to stay in third.

Yancheng ended the first block of three games with another strong game of 798 to lead the pack with 2434. Paranaque finished second with 2266, 168 pins adrift. Jeju settled for third with 2262, just two pins from the Filipinas.

Hong Kong quartet of Gigi Leung, Joan Cheng, Milki Ng and Zoe Tam took fourth spot with 2192 while Chinese Taichung rounded off the top five with 2097.

Block 1 leader, Peng Rui, Li Qin, Kong Min and Zhang Chunli

Singles gold medallist, Peng Rui of Yancheng extended her lead in the Women's All Events standings to 112 pins on a 15-game total of 3222. Kiac and Goh is placed second and third position with 3110 and 3020 respectively.

In the Men's Senior division, Kowloon's Mike Chan, Mavi Chan, Ban Wan and Louie Lui topped the block with 2357 after taking over the lead in the second game. Paranaque's Gerry Tan, Dennis Ho, Johnson Cheng and Gene Basa led the opening game before settling for second with 2202.

Beijing's Zhu Yonghui, Shi Jiancheng, Zhai Xiyuan and Bian Yuanchao finished third with 2191. Shanghai and Pasay City completed the top five with 2176 and 2124 respectively.

Teng Yaxiang of Shanghai took over the lead in the Men's Senior All Events standings with 2975 from overnight leader and Doubles gold medallist, Johnson Cheng of Paranaque in second with 2928. James Dela Cruz is third with 2925.

Men's Senior Team of 4 first block leader, Kowloon

Photos by Terence Yaw in Yancheng, China.

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