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Incumbent re-elected as President of IBF
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6th October, Kuwait: Incumbent and His Excellency, Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah of Kuwait was re-elected President of International Bowling Federation to serve his third four-year term after defeating challenger, Cathy Innes of Canada, 87-17 votes at the IBF Congress on Friday.

Sheikh Talal, since being elected President in the 2015 in Abu Dhabi, has overseen significant changes in his first trm achieving such milestones as being granted recognition of the sport by International Paralympic Committee and initiating a long-term broadcast strategy.

During the course of the Congress, Sheikh Talal indicated that key topics for his next four-year term which was to offer more transparencies in IBF's affairs.

Following his re-election, Sheikh Talal said, "I thank those who voted for me and I thank those who did not vote for me. All I ask is that we work together for the future of the sport of bowling."

Sheikh Talal serving his third four-year term as President

Fourty-three members with proxies, attended the Congress where a total of 15 items was in the agenda released well ahead were tabled. Mr Martin Faba, 1st Vice President of IBF was appointed as Chairman and Ms Vivien Lau as Secretary of the meeting by the President. Mr Michael Seymour was appointed Chairman of the election process.

This followed memorials calling for one minute silence in respect of the passing of the late, Mr Bill Chrisman, CEO of Storm Bowling.

Roll calls were made and the number of votes and proxies were verified. With the legistlative session, including financials out of the way, It was time for voting process for the post of President with two candidates, incumbent Sheikh Talal and challenger, Ms Cathy Inns.

Sheikh received a total 87 votes against Ms Cathy Inns' 17 hence Sheikh was re-elected as President. The second voting process was for the two Vice Presidents. They were incumbent 1st Vice President, Mr Martin Faba, Ms Shalin Zulkifli, nominated by Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress, incumbent 2nd Vice President, Mr Marios Nicolaides and Mr Ron Griffin of England.

Mr Michael Seymour withdrew his candidacy for Vice President post. Mr Faba received 81 votes to the Malaysian's 23 hence he was re-elected. Mr Nicolaides received 87 votes to the British's 17 and was also re-elected. There being no other matters, the Congress was called to a close at 2.00pm

Photos by Terence Yaw in Kuwait.

Group photo of the IBF Executive Board Members

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