2023 IBF World Bowling Championships
Twenty-three countries set for battle
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3rd October, Kuwait: A total of 138 men and 72 women from twenty-three have converged in the city of Kuwait for the 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships hosted at 48-lane Kuwait Bowling Sporting Club.

The World Bowling Championships, the most prestigious event of the 2023 bowling calendar, is hosted by Kuwait for the first time ever.

One member of the International Bowling Federation (IBF) from the newly-formed Bowling Federation of African, 16 member federations from the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF), four member federation from the European Bowling Federation (EBF) and two member from the Pan-American Bowling Confederation making up the total of twenty-three.

Team official attended the managers' meeting, chaired by Mr Mike Seymour, Tournament Director with His Excellency, Sheikh Talal Mohammed Al-Sabah, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and President of IBF, Mr John Jnawicz, Technical Delegate and Dr Danny Santos, Host Tournament Manager.

Members of the tournament committee along with Sheikh Talam Mohammed Al-Sabah, President of IBF, ABF and Kuwaing Bowling

Mr Seymour kicked off the meeting with a roll-call before introducing members of the head table, which is also the tournament committee of the championships. The meeting went through some of the various aspects of the competion, highlighting important issues to the rules and regulations, ball registration, format of play, official practice and lane draws.

The Jury of Appeal, appointed by Sheikh Talal, comprise of Mr Maradona Chok (from Asia), Mr Marios Nicolaides, second Vice President of IBF (from Europe) and Mr Jorge A. Framco, Executive Board member of IBF (from PanAm).

The tournament director briefed on the format being used for this championships and how each event - Singles, Doubles, Trios and Team will be contested. He also explained on how the lane draws were conducted based on individual country's rankings from past championships in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Mr Seymour then handed the meeting to Mr Janawicz, who went through aspects of the oiling pattern being used as well as the precedures of the ball registration for all competitors. The 11-day event, which will begin on October 5, will showcase 138 men and 72 women from twenty-three countries.

Fans will also be able to watch the actions via live video streaming services and live scoring, available courtesy of QuabicaAMF Online portal. Competition will kick off with the Singles Round 1, 2 group stages followed by the semi-finals and final on October 6 to 9,

Tournament Director, Mike Seymour chairing the team mamagers' meeting

The Doubles event will be held from October 10 to 12,the Trios event fron October 13 to 14 and the Team event on October 15. The official practice will be held tomorrow at 9.00am local time follwed by the official opening ceremony at 7.00pm.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Kuwait.

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