2023 IBF World Bowling Championships
Singapore, Korea shares Doubles glory
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12th October, Kuwait: Singapore's pairs of Daphne Tan-Cherie Tan and Colleen Pee-New Hui Fen captured the Women's Doubles gold and silver medals at the 2023 INF World Bowling Championships while Korea's Kim Kyung Min-Kim Dong Hyeon and Won Jong Hyeok-Oh Byun Jun won the Men's Doubles gold and silver medals.

The Tan siblings easily defeated topseed, Mika Glud Guldbaek and Mai Ginge Jensen, 2-0 (218-205, 193-166) in the first of two semi-finals matches to advance to the title match. Pee and New also needed two games to beat second-seed, Grace Gella and Krizziah Matacula of hilippines in the best-of-3 semi-finals, 2-0 (236-149, 250-182) to face their compatriots in the final.

Daphne and Cherie easily took the first match 226-199 and then went on to edge Pee and New, 218-192 to win the gold, 2-0. The champion had to beat Birgit Norreiks and Laura Beuthner of Germany in the 9th and 10th frame roll-off to break the tie when both totaled 12 points each in the earlier Round 2 to take spot spot in Group 1 and make the semi-finals.

Pee and New had to endure a 9th and 10th frame tie-breaker when they tie with Hong Hae Ni and Jung Da Wun of Korea 12 points each. The Singapore pair beat the Germans 59-49 to win Group 1 and advance to the semi-finals.

Colleen Pee-New Hui Fen and Cherie Tan-Daphne Tan sweeping the Women's Doubles silver and gold medals

Guldbaek and Jensen took maximum 15 points by winning all their matches to win Group 2 and made the semi-finals. Gella and Matacula beat a third Singapore pair of Charmaine Chang and Shayna Ng, 40-28 in another tie-breaker when both tie on 12 points a piece in Group 3 in Round 2.

The champion also needed a 9th and 10th frame roll-off to break the tie with Germany's Birgit Noreiks and Laura Beuthner and Korea's Ka Yun Mi and Son Hye Rin where the Singaporean edged their opponent, 39-37-37 to make the semis.

While Singapore swept the gold and silver medals in the women's division, Korea also swept the gold and silver medals in the Men's division..

Second-seed, Kim Kyung Min and Kim Dong Hyeon sailed past topseed, Won Jong Hyeok and Oh Byung Jun, 2-0 (244-235, 201-176) to win the gold medal in the Men's Doubles final. Kyung Min and Dong Hyeon defeated third-seed Muhd Syafiq Ridhwan and Ahmad Muaz of Malaysia, 2-0 (233-222, 238-207) in the second semi-final match..

Won Jong Hyeok and Oh Byung Jun ousted Singles gold and silver medallists, Darren Ong and Muhd Jaris Goh, 2-0 (237-205, 222-194) to set up the all-Singapore title match. Kyung Min and Dong Hyeon narrowly beat their compatriot, 244-235 in the first match..

The champion defeated Won and Oh, 201-176 to bag Korea's first gold medal at the championships and added a silver medal. Singapore and Malaysia settled for the braonze medal. Competition will shift to the Trios event, again contested in Bakers' format.

Oh Byung Jun-Won Jong Hyeok and Kim Kyung Min-Kim Dong Hyeon sweeping the Men's Doubles silver and gold medals

The men will be divided into two groups of four pools each. The top 2 finishers in each of the four pool will make up the 16 Trios for the next round before cutting the field to just the four semi-finalists.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Kuwait.

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