Jaya Ancol Singles Championships 2018
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On behalf of the Jaya Ancol Bowling Center, it is with great pleasure that we invite you and the members of your respective Federation/ Association/ Bowling Clubs/ Affiliates to participate in the inaugural "Jaya Ancol Singles Championship 2018" which will be held at the Jaya Ancol Bowling Center in Jakarta from April 29 to May 5, 2018.

This tournament is sanctioned by the Asian Bowling Federation and will be conducted under World Bowling Rules and Regulations. This championship is a classic format and participants will bowl three blocks of 5 games each over three days. The top 36 players based on 15 games total together with the top 4 Indonesian qualifiers outside the top 36 (positions 37 to 40), top female qualifier (position 41) and 4 from the desperado squad (positions 42 to 45) will bowl 10 games in the finals.

The top 6 plus the top Indonesian not in the top 6 will advance to the Stepladder shootout finals in four Steps. Finalists ranked 5, 6 and 7 will play one match from scratch in Step I Finals. The winner of Step I will meet finalists ranked 3 and 4 in Step II Finals over one match from scratch. The winner of Step II will meet finalist ranked 2 in Step III Finals over one match from scratch. The winner of Step III will challenge finalist ranked 1 for the title on a beat twice format.

The official hotel is:

 Room for 2 person  Rp. 758,000 - US$56.75 (approx.)
 Room for 4 person  Rp. 1,233,000 - US$92.30 (approx.)
 Marina Mediterania, Tower A, Jl. Lodan Raya No. 2A,
 Jakarta 14430, Indonesia
 Tel: +62 21 698 37120
 Fax: +62 21 698 37240
 Website: www.astonmarinaancol.com/

 All rooms are including breakfast and tax.

The Jaya Ancol SIngles Championships 2018 Rules, Regulations and Prize Funds and Squad Schedule are available. Presently, we have given priorities to overseas on the selection of squads. However, to ensure your preferred squad schedules, we encourage that you send your confirmations at your earliest convenience.

Handicap: (Revised December 10, 2017)

 Open Division  Classified Division
 Male Average  Handicap  Female Average  Handicap  Male Average  Handicap  Female Average  Handicap
 201 & above  0  191 & above  6  186 - 200  0  176 - 190  8
 186 - 200  8  176 - 190  16  185 & below  8  175 & below  16
 185 & below  16  175 & below  24  

All male & female bowlers aged 50 and over (born in 1968 or before). Bowler aged 51 (born in 1967) will be given a handicap of 1 pin, and an additional 1 pin for each year from age 51 onwards with a maximum handicap 10 pins. Bowler aged 65 will be given a handicap of 10 pins. Senior bowlers will still eligible to have an additional handicap (according to their average) on top of the above.

Thank you for your kind attention and support of the Jaya Ancol Singles Championship 2018. We look forward to see you in Jakarta come May 2018!

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Lalisang
Organising Chairman

Christina Koo
Tournament Director


Jaya Ancol Bowling Centre
Jl. Lodan Timur No. 1,
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Tel: +(62)21 6471.0894
Fax: +(62)21 640.5291
E-mail: ancolbowl@yahoo.com

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