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Hong Kong and Team USA wins Trios gold

3rd December, Las Vegas: Eric Tseng, Michael Mak and Wu Siu Hong defied all odds to win Hong Kong's first-ever historical Men's Trios gold medal at the 2017 World Bowling Championships while Team USA clinched the Women's Trios gold medal.

It has already been a great achievement for Hong Kong when Tseng partnered Lau Kwun Ho in picking up a silver medal in the Men's Doubles final three days ago and Chan Shuk Han winning the Women's Singles bronze medal. And for Hong Kong to go one up by winning their first-ever gold medal in the world championships is beyond expectations.

Tseng, Mak and Wu between them, only had two opened frames as a result of splits while their Taiwanese opponent stumbled to four unwanted splits in the final match. Tseng downed 237, Mak 222 and Wu stuck on well with 200 for a 659 total.

Chinese Taipei's Chen Wu-Chi had a split in his final frame for a score of 221, Xu Zhe-Jia had a split in the fifth frame to finish with 212 as All Events gold medallist, Wu Hao-Ming struggled with two opened frames for 180 and a total of 610 to settle for the silver medal.

Eric Tseng, Michael Mak and Wu Siu Hong with their first-ever gold

Hong Kong had edged third-seed, Finland 616-613 in a thrilling close semi-final encounter earlier while Chinese Taipei swept past topseed, Japan 613-559 in the other semi to set up the finale with Hong Kong in the title match. Finland and Japan took home a braonce medal each.

"We have surpassed all our expectations by winning our first-ever gold medal here in Las Vegas," said anchorman, Wu. "I've to thank my team-mates for their part in returning the help needed in the final match after my better effort in the semi-finals."

"I had no good line to play in the semi-finals and thanks to my team-mates, Eric and Wu, we managed to get past the semi-finals to make the final," said Mak. "I had struggled much in the other events and all my team-mates stuck with me and helped me to come this far.

"We also have to thank our coaches and supporting staffs, who have to put in long hours and helped us to get by in every events. We've still have Wu in the Masters finals and we hope he can add to our 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal we've won so far."

In the women's division, Doubles bronze medallist, Shannon O'Keefe, All Events gold medallist, Danielle McEwan and world championships multiple gold medallist, Kelly Kulick defeated second-seed, Germany by the slendest of margin to win the Women's Trios gold medal, 611-610 in the final.

O'Keefe, who has just turned up for the semi-finals from the hospital with a gall-bladder infection, laboured on to shoot 238 and carrying her team-mates, McEwan (182) and Kulick (191) for a well-deserved victory.

Janine Gabel (180), Tuna Hulsch (235) and Patricia Luoto (195) were devasted to have lost by such a small margin and had to settle for the silver. The German trio had earlier edged third-seed, Chinese Taipei, 582-560 in the semi-finals to advance to the final. Team USA ousted fourth-seed, Indonesia 663-610 in the other semi-finals to face Germany.

Women's Trios gold medallist, Kelly Kulick, Shannon O'Keefe and Danielle McEwan

The victory for Team USA brought some consolation to the women after missing the fourth position in Saturday's 5-player team event second block by just two pins and failed to qualify for the semi-finals. The 5-player Team medal round will be held later today.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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