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8th WTBA World Youth Bowling Championship
Girl's Masters Long Oil
Pos  Bowler/Ctry Short G9 G10 G11 G12 G13 G14 G15 G16 Long Score Total Ave
1 JENNIFER PETRICK1706175209169225234223181181159733033423206.44
2 STEPHANIE L NATION1631202193171214214215244209166232933383205.81
3 HYUN-JIN KANG1687210206169236237149208180159532823372205.13
 Top 3 makes the cut for the Stepladder Finals
4 MINNA MAKELA1630205186198233192165190194156331933313199.56
5 ANITA MANNS1565237203243201170164191234164332083298200.50
6 SUN-OK HWANG1636187217221201171185187169153831743254198.38
7 OLIVIA D. SANDHAM1500226181215221193194204190162431243234195.25
8 MIHORO KAWAMURA1613205202190144190202187204152431373217196.06
9 CAROLINE LAGRANGE1575228223213183213165165181157131463216196.63
10 CHECHE ABRANTES1500176201194200193207216193158030803170192.50
11 JAYDE FLANAGAN1466210171179168215190195217154530113081188.19
12 ILIANA LOMELI1449212204221212178185175158154529943074187.13
13 SANDRA GONGORA1442201210203202173189185199156230043044187.75
14 FELYMAR MANDAPAT1442189200203204168225180168153729793039186.19
15 TAY HUI YIANG1488183181166194223191179173149029783028186.13
16 APPLE POSADAS1418145202156198152214207190146428822922180.13
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