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17th Cathay Super Classic 2005
Pos  Bowler Ctry Sq Hcp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Score Ave Diff
1 CHEN XIAO HUCHNC02242362252262462012151931766220.800
2 CHENG CHAO-SHENGTPEC01771772472682162162142471762220.304
3 TSAI TING-YUNTPEC02122112272291912252262341755219.407
4 ONG SHE NASINA72471871941722252152172251738210.3017
5 JACK WONGSINB02122262142471722122471991729216.109
6 CHEN WU-CHITPEC02102131982462361832172251728216.001
 Top 6 advance to Stepladder Finals
7 LEE EUN OCKKORA71891932321971762521882451728209.000
8 KIM YEAU JINKORB71892231922301922212142021719207.909
9 JASON BELMONTEAUSC01981982042242022112392331709213.6010
10 LIM ZHONGSINB02422171712111612152352231675209.4034
11 CHEN HUNG-CHUTPEC02312231941812022042142261675209.400
12 DAVID WONGSINB01902082352351822151921971654206.8021
13 NAM BO RAKORA71892151722032012341632211654199.800
14 WU HAO-MINGTPEC02582151652032151852032061650206.304
15 ANDREW FRAWLEYAUSC02631911682052092202251681649206.101
16 KIRSTEN PENNYENGC71781752152012241851712031608194.0041
17 GEORGE FRILINGOAUSC01992031542052122342251731605200.603
18 MOHAMED NADRIMASC01552032211751891912112431588198.5017
19 TOMAS LEANDERSSONSWEC02042231702041961561622211536192.0052
20 REMY ONGSINB01941801841962111761712241536192.000
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