28th East Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships

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Women Dbl China A1

Women Dbl China A2

Women Dbl China A3

Women Dbl Hong Kong 1

Women Dbl Hong Kong 2

Women Dbl Korea 1

Women Dbl Korea 2

Women Dbl Korea 3

Women Dbl C.Taipei 1

Women Dbl C.Taipei 2

Women Dbl C.Taipei 3

Women Dbl Top 4

Women Dbl 3rd and 4th-seeds

Women Dbl 2nd-seed

Women Dbl 3rd and Topseed

Men Dbl China A1

Men Dbl China A2

Men Dbl China B1

Men Dbl China B2

Men Dbl China C1

Men Dbl Hong Kong 1

Men Dbl Korea 1

Men Dbl Korea 2

Men Dbl DPR Korea 1

Men Dbl DPR Korea 2

Men Dbl C.Taipei 1

Men Dbl SqA Top 4

Men Dbl SqA 1st and 3rd

Men Dbl China A3

Men Dbl China B3

Men Dbl China C2

Men Dbl China C3

Men Dbl Hong Kong 2

Men Dbl Hong Kong 3

Men Dbl Korea 3

Men Dbl DPR Korea 3

Men Dbl C.Taipei 2

Men Dbl C.Taipei 3

Men Dbl Top 4

Women Dbl Bronze C.Taipei

Women Dbl Bronze Korea

Women Dbl Silver

Women Dbl Korean Medallists

Women Dbl Gold

Men Dbl Bronze Hong Kong

Men Dbl Silver

Men Dbl Gold

Men Dbl Korean Medallists

China A Dbl Medallists

Korea Dbl Medallists

Doubles Gold Medallists

Photos by Terence Yaw in Yancheng, China.

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