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40th AMF Bowling World Cup Page 1 | 2
Previous Winners
Year Men Women
Pos  Bowler  Ctry Pos  Bowler  Ctry
1965 1st  Lauri Ajanto  Finland      
2nd  Tom Hathaway  USA      
3rd  Vittorio Noveletto  Italy      
1966 1st  John Wilcox  USA      
2nd  Vittorio Noveletto  Italy      
3rd  Roberto Ocampo  Mexico      
1967 1st  Jack Connaughton  USA      
2nd  Kazuo Hayashi  Japan      
3rd  Lino Bragieri  Italy      
1968 1st  Fritz Blum  West Germany      
2nd  Jim Kramer  Canada      
3rd  Benny Corona  Mexico      
1969 1st  Graydon Robinson  Canada      
2nd  Ut Lenevat  Thailand      
3rd  Jose Damian  Panama      
1970 1st  Klaus Mueller  West Germany      
2nd  Henry Tan  Singapore      
3rd  Frank Lu  Chinese Taipei      
1971 1st  Roger Dalkin  USA      
2nd  Benny Corona  Mexico      
3rd  Rene Reyes  Philippines      
1972 1st  Ray Mitchell  Canada 1st  Irma Urrea  Mexico
2nd  Loreto Maranan  Philippines 2nd  Oy Sri-Saard  Thailand
3rd  Kambiz Kiani  Iran 3rd  Anne Bailey  Hong Kong
1973 1st  Bernie Caterer  Great Britain 1st  Kesinee Srivises  Thailand
2nd  Glen Watson  Canada 2nd  Mele Anaya  Mexico
3rd  Migual Baights  Mexico 3rd  Eileen Cunningham  Northern Ireland
1974 1st  Jairo Ocampo  Colombia 1st  Birgitte Lund  Denmark
2nd  Louis Wildermeersch  Belgium 2nd  Dale Gray  Australia
3rd  Jose Mariano Arrzu  Guatemala 3rd  Marjaterttu Lahti  Finland
1975 1st  Lorenzo Monti  Italy 1st  Cathy Townsend  Canada
2nd  Carlos Lovera  Venezuela 2nd  Hattieanne Morrissette  Bermuda
3rd  Kurt Lundquist  Sweden 3rd  Lesley Potter  Great Britain
1976 1st  Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines 1st  Lucy Giovinco  USA
2nd  Carlos Lovera  Venezuela 2nd  Doris Gradin  Sweden
3rd  Minalai Kasem  Thailand 3rd  Claudette Santiago  Virgin Islands
1977 1st  Arne Stroem  Norway 1st  Rea Rennox  Canada
2nd  Philippe Dubois  France 2nd  Lauren LaCost  USA
3rd  Minalai Kasem  Thailand 3rd  Claudette Santiago  Virgin Islands
1978 1st  Samran Banyen  Thailand 1st  Lita de la Rosa  Philippines
2nd  Philippe Dubois  France 2nd  Pauline Cafolla  Ireland
3rd  Fico Perez  Puerto Rico 3rd  Ruth Guerster  Australia
1979 1st  Philippe Dubois  France 1st  Bong Coo  Philippines
2nd  Montree Vipitsini  Thailand 2nd  Hattieanne Morrissette  Bermuda
3rd  Chris Batson  Australia 3rd  Lucy Low  Singapore
1980 1st  Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines 1st  Jean Gordon  Canada
2nd  Alfonso Rodriguez  Mexico 2nd  Hannelore Hoplitschek  West Germany
3rd  Johnny Christiansen  Denmark 3rd  Liliane Gregori  France
1981 1st  Bob Worrall  USA 1st  Pauline Smith  Great Britain
2nd  Manny Magno  Philippines 2nd  Miyuki Motoi  Japan
3rd  Glenroy Saunders  Bahamas 3rd  Anna Greta  Sweden
1982 1st  Arne Stroem  Norway 1st  Jeanette Baker  Australia
2nd  Kru Somsak  Thailand 2nd  Inger Levhorn  Sweden
3rd  Tsung-Cheng Cheng  Chinese Taipei 3rd  Pauline Smith  Great Britain
1983 1st  Yu-Tien Chu  Chinese Taipei 1st  Jeanette Baker  Australia
2nd  Michael Chuah  Malaysia 2nd  Gisela Lins  West Germany
3rd  Enrico Maddaloni  Italy 3rd  Kitti Pranee  Thailand
1984 1st  Jack Jurek  USA 1st  Eliana Rigato  Italy
2nd  Nakeesatit Katha  Thailand 2nd  Annie Francois  France
3rd  Teruo Kawabata  Japan 3rd  Ursula Eckcart  West Germany
1985 1st  Alfonso Rodriguez  Mexico 1st  Marjorie McEntee  Ireland
2nd  Eric Kok  Netherlands 2nd  Judy Howlett  Great Britain
3rd  Fico Perez  Puerto Rico 3rd  Annette Hagre  Sweden
1986 1st  Peter Ljung  Sweden 1st  Annette Hagre  Sweden
2nd  Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines 2nd  Rebecca Watanabe  Philippines
3rd  Chien-Fu Chen  Chinese Taipei 3rd  Edda Piccini  Mexico
1987 1st  Remo Fornasari  Italy 1st  Irene Gronert  Netherlands
2nd  Wu Shin-Bin  Chinese Taipei 2nd  Heidi Lind  Finland
3rd  Maneerat Saravut  Thailand 3rd  Martina Beckel  West Germany
1988 1st  Mohd Khalifa Al-Qubaisi  UAE 1st  Linda Kelly  USA
2nd  Ian Bradford  Australia 2nd  Diana Uly Tanlimco  Philippines
3rd  Pedro Carreyo  Venezuela 3rd  Gaby Bigai  Venezuela
1989 1st  Salem Al-Monsuri  Qatar 1st  Patty Ann  USA
2nd  Kenneth Andersson  Sweden 2nd  Martina Beckel  West Germany
3rd  Bernd Bauhofer  West Germany 3rd  Jenni Hertrick  Australia
1990 1st  Tom Hahl  Finland 1st  Linda Graham  USA
2nd  Adam Apo  USA 2nd  Marie Holmqvist  Sweden
3rd  Tsuneo Hamada  Japan 3rd  Sandra Shott  Canada
1991 1st  Jon Juneau  USA 1st  Asa Larsson  Sweden
2nd  Ulf Hamnas  Sweden 2nd  Pauline Smith  Great Britain
3rd  Gery Verbruggen  Belgium 3rd  Noriko Inauchi  Japan
1992 1st  Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines 1st  Martina Beckel  Germany
2nd  Achim Grabowski  Germany 2nd  Maria Laura Lanzaecchia  Argentina
3rd  Par Svensson  Sweden 3rd  Cathy Dorin  USA
1993 1st  Rainer Puisis  Germany 1st  Pauline Smith  Great Britain
2nd  Tomas Leandersson  Sweden 2nd  Rosalind Greiner  Netherlands
3rd  Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines 3rd  Arianne Cerdena  Philippines
1994 1st  Tore Torgersen  Norway 1st  Anne Jacobs  South Africa
2nd  Mohd Khalifa Al-Qubaisi  UAE 2nd  Lucy Giovinco  USA
3rd  Cheng-Ming Yang  Chinese Taipei 3rd  Cara Honechurch  Australia
1995 1st  Patrick Healey, Jr.  USA 1st  Gemma Burden  England
2nd  Nobuyuki Takahama  Japan 2nd  Kendra Cameron  USA
3rd  Daniel Falconi  Mexico 3rd  Jeanette Baker  Australia
1996 1st  Paeng Nepomuceno  Philippines 1st  Cara Honeychurch  Australia
2nd  Drew Hylen  USA 2nd  Shalin Zulkifli  Malaysia
3rd  Carl Bottomley  Australia 3rd  Martina Beckel  Germany
1997 1st  Christian Nokel  Germany 1st  Su-Fen Tseng  Chinese Taipei
2nd  Yung-Nein Peng  Chinese Taipei 2nd  Lee Ji-Soon  Korea
3rd  Gery Verbruggen  Belgium 3rd  Shalin Zulkifli  Malaysia
1998 1st  Cheng-Ming Yang  Chinese Taipei 1st  Maxine Nable  Australia
2nd  Mario Quintero  Mexico 2nd  Su-Fen Tseng  Chinese Taipei
3rd  Koichi Takahashi  Japan 3rd  Shalin Zulkifli  Malaysia
1999 1st  Ahmed Shaheen  Qatar 1st  Amanda Bradley  Australia
2nd  Frank Boerner  Germany 2nd  Su-Fen Tseng  Chinese Taipei
3rd  Shigeo Saito  Japan 3rd  Sarah Yap  Malaysia
2000 1st  Tomas Leandersson  Sweden 1st  Mel Isaac  Wales
2nd  Tore Torgersen  Norway 2nd  Clara Juliana Guerrero  Colombia
3rd  Chris Van Damme  Belgium 3rd  Kirsten Penny  England
2001 1st  Kim Haugen  Norway 1st  Nachini Itakura  Japan
2nd  Ahmed Shaheen  Qatar 2nd  Liza del Rosario  Philippines
3rd  Daniel Falconi  Mexico 3rd  Ross Greiner  Netherlands
2002 1st  Mika Luoto  Finland 1st  Shannon Pluhowsky  USA
2nd  Remy Ong  Singapore 2nd  Nikki Harvey  England
3rd  Andrew Cain  Canada 3rd  Pascale Moynot  France
2003 1st  C.J. Suarez  Philippines 1st  Kerrie Ryan-Ciach  Canada
2nd  Marcel van den Bosch  Netherlands 2nd  Shannon Pluhowsky  USA
3rd  Bill Hoffman  USA 3rd  Marie Ramirez  Costa Rica
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