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8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic | 2003 Results |
Chinese Taipei bowlers finishes 1-2 for Junior title

18th December, Singapore: Ernie Cheng defeated fellow-countryman, Chen Wu Chi to give Chinese Taipei a 1-2 finish in the 8th Cathay Bowl Junor Classic which concluded at Cathay Bowl SAFRA Yishun.

8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic logo

Top-seed Cheng outclassed his challenger, Chen Wu Chi 239-181 in the deciding stepladder final match for the well deserved win while Chen, who ousted Singapore's Lim Zhong in the earlier match, settled for second.

Fifth-seed, Lim Zhong almost had a chance to face up to the eventual champion but was edged out by Chen in the earier match, 191-206 despite knocking out third-seed Wong Yi Quan and fourth-seed, Jasmine Yeong Nathan in the first stepladder match, 213-203-195.

The finalist made the stepladder finals after finishing in the top 5 after the 8-game semifinal roll-off earlier. Ernie Cheng of Chinese Taipei topped the field of 20 finalist with a score of 1741 ahead of compatriat, Chen Wu Chi in second with 1726.

Ernie Cheng
Ernie Cheng emerging as this year's champion

Singapore's Wong Yi Quan, Jasmine Yeong Nathan and Lim Zhong finished third to fifth with 1632, 1629 and 1628 to join the two Taiwanese.

Prior to the semifinals, the top 40 who qualified for the quaterfinals from the three day preliminary rounds, contested for the top 20 spots for the semifinals. Chen Wu Chi topped the quarter finals with 1719 with Vicent Lim of Singapore in second with 1648 while the champion finished third with 1635.

Round 1 leader, Choy Poh Lai made the cut in second, behind other top 5 female bowlers, Sabrina Lim but ahead of Jasmine Yeong Nathan, Amanda Ng and Glenda Quek.

Scores provided by Ms Jeslyn Lim, Operations Administrator, Cathay Bowl.

Choy Poh Lai ends third block in pole

17th December, Singapore: Second block leader, Choy Poh Lai outclassed her male counterparts when she ended the third block of the 8th Cathay Bowl Junor Classic this evening at Cathay Bowl SAFRA Yishun.

8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic logo

Malaysia's Choy lead the field of 40 bowlers for tomorrow's semifinals after posting 1588 in her third block of 8 games for 3-block total of 4922. The 23-year-old 2003 World Tenpin Team Cup Gold medalist had lines of 212, 193, 153, 181, 189, 214, 209 and 181 to lead Chinese Taipei's Ben Hung Kun Yi in second with 4858.

Singapore's Broncson Tan, who recorded the highest 8-game series of 1714, jumped from 18th in yesterday's second block to finished a superb third on a total of 4779

Chen Wu Chi of Chinese Taipei also made progress from sixth to joint-fourth with Singapore's Joshua Li Jin on 4758. Wong Yi Quan took up sixth with 4755 while Jamie Liew ended up in seventh with 4727.

Choy Poh Lai
Choy Poh Lai ending third block in pole

Two female bowlers, Gelnda Quek and National youth, Jasmine Yeong Nathan did well to take up eighth and ninth with 4708 and 4703 followed by Commonwealth Youth Games Gold medalist, Stanley Ong rounding up the top 10 with 4687.

The top 40 finishers from the 24-games preliminary rounds made the cut for tomorrow's (December 18th) 10-game semifinals. The top 3 at the end of the semifinals will proceed to the stepladder finals to determine this year's champion.

Scores provided by Ms Shirley Wong, Tournament Logistic Manager.

Choy Poh Lai snatches lead after second block

16th December, Singapore: Malaysia's Choy Poh Lai showed a pair of clean heels to her male counterpart to snatch the lead in the 8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic at Cathay Bowl SAFRA Yishun at the end of the second block.

8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic logo

Singapore's National youth, Jasmine Yeong Nathan impressed with another fine performance when she came home fourth behind overnight leader, Ben Hung Kun Yi of Chinese Taipei in second and Singapore's Jamie Liew in third.

Choy, who was trailing Ben Hung in yesterday's first block, posted 1611 in the second block to give her a 16-game total of 3334 to lead by 36 pins from the Taiwanese. Hung settled for second with 3298, 38 pins ahead of third-placed, Jamie Liew on 3260.

Like Choy, Jasmine Yeong Nathan also outclassed her male counterpart to take up fourth spot with 3257. Jasmine, who was ninth yesterday recorded the second highest 8-game series on 1677 to move up to fourth. The 16-year-old National youth's decision to stay back in Singapore and not join her teammates for the Penang Pesta Open nut to compete in the Junior Classic appears to pay off.

Choy Poh Lai
Choy Poh Lai leading the field by 36 pins

Joshua Li Jin of Singapore, who was 18th yesterday, led Squad B second block with 3218 and finished fifth overall when Squad A and C completed their 8 games. Chen Wu Chi (TPE-3187), Wong Yi Quan (SIN-3164), Ernie Cheng (TPE-3159), defending champion, Oku Keita (SIN-3146) and Jeremy Goh (SIN-3144) made up the top 10 from sixth to tenth positions.

The field of 124 competitors will finish their 24-game qualifying round with another 8 games tomorrow (December 17th) where the top 40 will make the cut for the semifianls on Sunday, December 18th.

Scores provided by Ms Shirley Wong, Tournament Logistic Manager.

Jasmine Yeong Nathan
Jasmine keeping in contact with the leaders
Chinese Taipei's Ben Hung leads first block

15th December, Singapore: Ben Hung Kun Yi of Chinese Taipei topped a field of 124 youths after the first block of 8 games in the 8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic at Cathay Bowl SAFRA Yishun this evening from Malaysia's Choy Poh Lai in second and PBC's Ace Chen in third.

8th Cathay Bowl Junior Classic logo

The Chinese Taipei youth, who also posted the highest game of 265, snatched the lead in Squad C with a total pinfall of 1749 and an average of 218.6, with the highest female finisher, Choy Poh Lai in second with 1723 while Ace Chen came home third with 1637.

Hung posted lines of 183, 223, 233, 265, 215, 225, 202 and 203 to lead by 26 pins from Choy. A further 86 pins came PBC's Ace Chen, who almost won the high game award of the day when he knocked down 257 in his seventh game, only to see his score eclipsed by the leader.

Another Taipei bowler, Chen Wu Chi finished fourth, 9 pins adrift with 1628 followed by defending champion and Squad A leader, Oku Keita in fifth spot with 1610 and Wong Yi Quan in sixth position with 1609.

Ace Chen
Singapore's Ace Chen almost getting the highest game

Defending champion, Oku Keita of Singapore got this year's Junior Classic underway this morning with a superb 1610 to take the lead another Singapore youngster, Wong Yi Quan in second and Glenda Quek third with 1609 and 1580 respectively.

Keita held the lead after Squad B completed their first block of 8 games but by the time Squad C ended their block, the lead was handed to Ben Hung.

Jamie Quek finished seventh with 1594 while Genda Quek and National youth, Jasmine Yeong Nathan tied in eight positions with 1580. Two Taipei bowlers, Ernie Cheng and Ryan Yang Shih Chieh also tied tenth position with 1579.

Choy Poh Lai
Highest female finisher, Choy Poh Lai of Malaysia

The 124 participants divided into three squads will continue their second block of 8 games and a further 8 games in the third block on Friday, December 17th. The field will be cut off to 30 qualifiers who will proceed to the semifinals on Saturday, December 18th for the final 10 games to determine the champion.

Scores provided by Ms Shirley Wong, Tournament Logistic Manager.

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