2017 World Bowling Championships
Indonesia takes over Women's lead
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29th November, Las Vegas: Indonesia's second trio of Sharon Limansantoso, Tannya Roumimper and Putty Armein took over the overall lead of the Women's Trios first block at the 2017 World Bowling Championships after topping the third squad.

Armein, teaming up with 2017 South East Asian Games Doubles gold medallist, Limansantoso and Roumimper set a blistering pace with 665 in their opening game of the third squad to lead Chinese Taipei's second trio of Su Shu-Wen, Pan Yu-Fen and Chou Chia-Chen by 20 pins.

The Indonesian threesome continued with their strong pace downing 623 in the second game to stretch their lead to 31 pins. Germany's second trio of Nadine Geissler, Janin Ribguth and Birgit Poeppler added a splendid 652 to their first game of 615 to move into second spot.

Ending with another stunning 668 in the third game, Indonesia topped the squad with 1963 with a comfortable margin of 70 pins and overhauling Squad 1 leader, Team USA's Shannon O'Keefe, Danielle McEwan and Kelly Kulick by 53 pins to become the new overall leader.

Sharon Limansantoso, Tannya Roumimper and Putty Armein taking over the overall lead

Singapore's second trio of Cherie Tan, Daphne Tan and Shayna Ng finished second in this squad with 1893 and was good enough to take up fourth overall, 11 pins behind Germany's first trio of Janine Gabel, Tina Hulsch and Patricia Luoto, who remained in third overall on 1904.

Doubles silver medallist of Sin Li Jane and Shalin Zulkifli combined with Esther Cheah to finished fourth in this squad with 1877 but ended up in seventh overall behind their compatriots and Squad 2 leader, Malaysia 1 in sixth position on 1877.

Meanwhile, Singapore's second trio of Basil Ng, Darren Ong and Muhd Jaris Goh set the early pace in the men's third squad with 684 to lead the fancied second Korean trio of Choi Bokeum, Hong Haesol and Park Jongwoo by 62 pins.

But their lead did not last long as the Koreans quickly moved into the lead after a big game of 694 in the second game. Doubles silver medallist, Eric Tseng teamed up with 2015 QubicaAMF World Cup champion, Wu Siu Hong and Michael Mak moved into second to trail the Koreans by 22 pins.

A poor 572 in the third game from Korea saw Netherland's second trio of Johnny Spil, Yorick van Deutekom and Jeffrey van de Wakker topping the squad with 1904. Korea settled for second with 1892 while Hong Kong finished third with 1878.

The Dutch's fine effort only netted them sixth in the combined overall standings. The top four trios before the third squad remained unchallenged.

The Dutch trio topping the men's third squad to finish sixth overall

Squad 2 leader of Daisuke Yoshida, Shogo Wada and Shusaku Asato of Japan remained the overall leader with 2018. Squad 2 leader and the first Korean trio occupied second spot with 1957 ahead of the first Swedish trio in third with 1946 and Germany taking up fourth position with 1919. The bowlers will resume their second block of three games tomorrow.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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