2018 CGSE Million Tinkle World Men Championships
Germany leads 5-Player opening squad
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1st December, Hong Kong: Germany led from start to finish in the 5-Player Team first block preliminaries of the 2018 CGSE • Million Tinkle World Men Championships and topped the squad ahead of Sweden and Singapore in second and third.

First perfect gamer, Fabian Kloos led his team-mates, Pascal Winternheimer, Oliver Morig, Tobias Bording and Frank Drevenstedt with a superb 1065 in their first game to set the pace of the first block of three games.

Trios Semi-finalists of Mattias Wetterberg, Jesper Svensson, Martin Larsen teamed up with Pontus Andersson and Peter Hellstrom to post a respectable 1012 to trail the German team by 53 pins. China's Du Jianchao, Wang Hongbo, Qi Wankang, Deng Heng and Mi Zhongli followed in third with a promising 1008.

Costa Rica's Marcon Moretti, Erik Roy, Jonaykel Conejo, Juan Rodriguez and Rodolfo Madriz was third with 994. 2017 South-East Asian Games Team gold medallist of Basil Ng, Jonovan Neo, Joel Tan, Darren Ong and Muhd Jaris Goh of Singapore followed in fourth, just one pin adrift.

Germany leading from start to finish to take pole position in Squad 1

Germany added another good second game of 1061 but their gap was reduced to just 28 pins after Sweden knocked down a stronger 1086 and remained in second. Singapore moved up to third with 1052 while England took fourth with 1018.

The Germans went on to take the squad with 3200 after a 1074 in their third game. Sweden ended with 970 to claim second spot with a total of 3068. Singapore came home for third with 3035 while England rounded out the top four with 3022.

Squad 2 will contest their first block of three games after lane maintenance and the top 26 will be assigned to Squad A and the rest to Squad B. The Singles Semi-finals match play will be held immediately after the the second squad completed their preliminaries.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Hong Kong, China.

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