2019 World Bowling Women's Championships
Team USA bags second gold
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29th August, Las Vegas: Missy Parkin led debutants, Jordan Richard and Liz Kuhlkin to a memorable 655-631 victory over topseed and favourite, Colombia to give Team USA their second gold medal of the 2019 WOrld Bowling Women's Championships.

The final got off to a fiery start for Colombia. Juliana Franco rolled a double in the first two frame, Clara Guerrero, a spare and a strike as All Events gold medallist, Maria Rodriguez also rolled a double.

Parkin did well with a double, Richard a spare and a strike but Kuhlkin was unlucky with a big 7-10 split despite hitting the pocket. Franco added another strike in the third frame while it was Richard's trun to suffered a split in her third frame.

And when Guerrero rolled a double in the fourth and fifth frames and Rodriguez added another double in in fifth and sixth frames, the Colombians could not pull away after Kuhlkin recovered with three strikes-in-a-row to keep Team USA in the match.

Liz Kuhlkin, Missy Parkin and Jordan Richard proudly displaying their gold medals

After a split in the fifth frame from Parkin, the Team USA veteran knocked down a crucial three bagger from frame sixth. Richard picked up her pace with a double in the seventh and eighth frames, so did Kuhlkin rollig a double in the same frames putting themselved back into the match.

There was literally nothing separating the gold medal contenders. There was a slight hope for Colombia to win when Parkin suffered a split in her last frame to end with 194. But Richard boosted Team USA chances by striking out for 228.

Franco ended with 202 and Guerrero could not respond to the Americans finishing with 214. Kuhlkin doubled again in the ninth and tenth frames to seal the match with 233. Rodriguez was also unable to respond and ending with 214.

Team USA defeated second-seed Adriana Perez, Paola Limom and Sandra Gongora of Mexico, 669-628 in the first semi-final match to advance to the final while the silver medallist, Colombia brushed aside fourth-seed Kim Moonjeong, Baek Seungja and Jung Dawun of Korea, 694-620 in the other semi.

Mr Martin Faba, Tournament Director gave away the medals to the winners. The Team of 5 semi-finals and final, played in a best-of-3 Baker's format style will be held at noon tomorrow. This will be followed by the semi-finals and final matches of the Masters event.

Photos by Terence Yaw in Las Vegas, USA.

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